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Monday, May 24, 2021

I'm sure you've been cooking so much these days at home, it's beginning to be enjoyable. The pandemic got us all confined in our homes and whip up generations of the best dishes your family has been doing for years now. Together with that, it's quite important to have Liquefied Petroleum Gas tanks available all the time so you can make meals available when needed, no matter how tough it gets everyday.

 Not all LPG tanks are created equal. Some come from unscrupulous individuals whom you sometimes don't even know where they source their tanks, if they do the needed upkeep to make sure what's refilled and being used in your homes isn't a ticking time bomb and fire hazard waiting to happen. If it's too rusty, with holes, leaking, or just about anybody's nightmare can happen, we're not sure we're getting the right one for the job because we're all clueless where it came from (especially if you're buying it from some weird place of course!). Unfortunately, there exist FAKE ones out there and if you're not careful, you might fall victim to these people who don't know how dangerous it is to handle. Til today, unattended stoves have been in the top causes of fire in the country and that accounts for a lot of homes and lives lost, brought out by illegal re-fillers who earn from it too. That's just not right.

Good LPG's like Verified Solane makes sure the process is documented, from production, refill, to delivery, everything that makes sure what you use at home is safe as it is inspected thoroughly. They also make sure that you get what you pay for in terms of weight indicated on the tank and not cheat you for what it's really worth. Verified Solane can now be ordered through or their phone numbers 8887-5555 for those who live in Metro Manila or their mobile number 0918-887-5555 which can service people who need it nationwide! It's delivered too by trusted drivers whom are trained to also make sure it is checked and installed properly. 

It would be lovely to have them especially if they're thinking about doing right, every time. 

It just makes sense.



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