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Tuesday, May 04, 2021


It's already summer and you've probably junked your vacation plans outside Manila/outside the country or your respective favorite cities, but don't fret because there's a lot of places you can still go to safely despite the pandemic. As long as you follow safety protocols, get yourself tested + vaccinated and choose the people who you'll be with, then you will be fine. 

Now aside from protecting yourself from the threats of COVID, you also have to protect yourself from the rays of the sun. Now I'm not just talking about your skin, but your eyes too. Ultraviolet Light or what is known as UV light is harmful to the eyes and prolonged exposure to it may damage your cornea. Even if it's cloudy or if you are under a shade, it still can reach you so having eye wear with UV400 protection can get block 99-100% of it. Aside from that, there are also blue light that can be found everywhere. It may come from the sun, your gadgets, TV's, computer screens, tablets and smartphones also emit it. This may cause macular degeneration and eyestrain so protecting the thing that you use to see the world is of course, indispensable. Investing in something like Peculiar eyewear for example would do good especially in a tropical country like ours. It's the only one in the Philippines that is for its UV400 and blue light blocking technology. What I like about it though is not just the function, but the different styles they have for men and women.


I'm a weirdo, so if I'd be in charge of what I wear everyday, I would kind of not conform to normal looks. I'd be adventurous at times, but if it would require something formal, I can do that too. It just depends on what I feel in a certain time of day, or what I feel when I wake up, when I work out, or just the occasion I need to go to. There may not be that much events nowadays, but that doesn't excuse anyone not to look good or presentable while in online meetings so make sure you're not part of that statistic. Their frames are well designed, they look good, and works as they even went the mile giving free kits to prove it blocks harmful blue light.

Some of their newest designs also look very classy like the Louise, the Clubmaster and the Hugo. If you already know what frames or shape looks good on you, you can get them this 5.5 Shopee Brands Festival wherein you can get different Peculiar Eyewear products for over 95% OFF its original price, no joke! The Louise has that preppy look which you can either pair with the same style of clothes, or pin striped suits or shirts. The Clubmaster on the other hand is more for those who would want something that's thicker on top to hide part of the eyebrows when ladies forget them or perhaps if you want to look more mature and serious for a little while then you can get that style. You can also opt for the Hugo if you prefer something more square or wide, a little fresher looking face as its frames are more out there and has less covering when you need to. Then if you would like something which you can use in different times of the day without changing lenses, then get the Huge Square Gold Photochromic Transition Pro Anti-radiation piece so you can have less fuss if you choose to use it the whole day whether you are indoor or outdoors. Now that's going to be very useful if you are running errands or doing business. That means no matter how light or dark situations are, you're still protected. Isn't that amazing?!


Function should never mean you would have to give up style. Now if you're up to it, you can visit the official Shopee store at You can get the Peculiar Eyewear LOUISE here, the CLUBMASTER here and the HUGO here. They're available in different colors, you can opt to choose different styles and use them to match what you're wearing in your next online meeting, event, office work or game. I'm doing that now and planning ahead, add to cart ha! Then make sure you also use your discount and free shipping vouchers to make the deal even sweeter!

Now you know where to get em, go get em now!


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