Glow Any Season with Rosy Peel Plus

Sunday, July 31, 2022

It's raining a lot these days and for sure, some of you are struggling about what to do with your skin. For me, it's a time for nourishment and things that could make father time a little slower than usual, that's where Rosy Peel Plus comes in.

This one harnesses the power of collagen and a lot of other things like Strawberry extract, Vitamin C, Folic Acid that has a lot of anti-aging properties and help your skin hasten collagen production. It also has guava extract so you can take out some of the wrinkles and dark spots. It also has anti fungal properties so you get less of that. This also has Kamias and Bignay, which has anti inflammatory effects and is rich in anti oxidants, to help with that glow you've been working on for so long.

You can get Rosy Peel Plus from Mercury Drug stores nationwide and online stores like Shopee or Lazada, they've been also active on Facebook and IG, so search Rosy Peel Plus on these channels to get more information about it. Take it easy, stay beautiful!



Saturday, July 30, 2022

If you"re a fan of Rico Blanco and his brand of music, you're in for a treat as he's slated to have a concert this September 11th at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City.

It's been a while since he"s done this, but he's so excited to perform some of his greatest hits like "Umaaraw, Umuulan", "Your Universe", "Yugto" and those he did while he was still with Rivernaya. His iconic songs have been adored by generations of music lovers and he is still advocating love for Original Filipino Music (OPM) and Filipino musicians til now.

During this press conference, we asked him about what changes he's undergone since having a relationship with Star Magic artist Mariz Racal, and he says "Nothing really, it's not change that happened to us, it's like our personalities really complemented each other. We're just good together, romantically and artistry wise."

Asked if she's going to be at his concert, Rico says "She's probably going to try but I know she has work during those days and will be under locked in taping. She supports me 100%".

Rico is also busy managing artists via his own entertainment label called Balcony. It's his way of paying forward to the industry after a highly successful career in music. Among the artists he's managing is Ebe Dancel and Zild which a lot of people liken to his brand of music. He also laments how the generation now is discovering that he's got his own band, as most of the young kids probably have seen him in different shows on ABSCBN.

Here's a part of the press conference yesterday.

The concert again will be slated on September 11th, 2022. Tickets will be sold on July 1st at Ticketnet so go get them soon. This is produced by KDR Music and they also announced that there will be other artists lined up which they will also be putting up concerts soon. I'm excited about that!


Arra San Agustin Releases "Hanggang Dito Na Lang"

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

 Versatile actress, singer and Starstruck alumnus Arra San Agustin just released a new single under GMA Playlist called "Hanggang Dito Na Lang". It's a very emotional song that discusses how to deal with a heartbreak, not just from love and relationships, but also friendships. She wants to delve into this genre a little bit more than usual as she just got off from a long term relationship, it was apt, sort of perfect timing. She's in a different place now, very much in love. She tells us a little bit more about it during a blogcon this morning.

Arra says "The genre and emotions of the song was talked between us and the team, I wanted something that was a little hurtful, emotional, I've sung several songs for The Lost Recipe and Madrasta. I thought about sad songs, I want it melancholic, not just romantic relationships, but friendships. If things doesn't go the way we planned, this song personifies that. I personally don't just look at words or music, I want something that I can feel, something that can make us feel alive. I've been in relationships, this was apt for that. But now, I'm happily in love. I was doing voice lessons when I was a kid, it was really something I wanted to do since then. I think I've been influenced by Avril Lavigne, a lot of early 2000 artists, and indie too." 


She adds "I would want to learn more, to enhance and improve myself more in creating music, I have more room for improvement and I'm willing to commit for that. I want to explore this genre I'm doing, I want to also do more emotional ones, but focus on this one so we can master it. The GMA Playlist team was very open to suggestions, I'm grateful because singers get pushed from their boundaries, they really get us involved a lot with that. They want us to do that. I really didn't expect to sing teleserye songs, when I was starting it really wasn't in the bucket list, but anything I do was because I had a lot of people who believe in me. They put us into that milestone, I used to freak out knowing that I'd be doing it here, or if I deserve it, and get it published on streaming platforms, but it is so worth it. The difference now with this single is that I'm more confident, I am also supported by my team, who want to listen, help me achieve more. Singing is something I love, I have to practice more so I plan to have voice lessons still. GMA offers that, and I'm glad they do that in preparation for other things we can do. For now I want to perform live, in an intimate setting. I want to feel how it is to do that in a small gathering."

If you're in love and want something that pulls heartstrings, go stream her song on streaming platforms. You can pre-order now and stream it on Friday, see why she's doing great in teleseryes and now, a whole new singing career in front of her. Congratulations Arra!


Questions Hound PH Executive Secretary Post: Strategist Reacts

Sunday, July 24, 2022

I've always heard the saying "Experience is the best teacher" when it comes to hiring people for a specific position. This is true in a corporate setting, also in government positions that hold a lot of responsibilities. After all, it's the people that you serve, and salaries come from the taxes they pay. 

While browsing YouTube this afternoon, I caught a portion of UNTV Director for News and Current Affairs Michael Fajatin and Ina Andolong's show at POLITIKOTV called Politiskoop where they were interviewing Ma. Lourdes Tiquia, a political strategist and founder of PUBLiCUS Asia Inc.

She was reiterating the importance of the Executive Secretary position and tells how the mandate is huge as it includes decision  making on a national level. She says "It is a powerful position and it isn't a post for pushing papers. It's not a glorified clerk. It really is a little President." She adds "I don't think the current Executive Secretary (pertaining to Vic Rodriguez) has the experience for the work to be done considering the style of the President. You need someone who had years of experience both in the national and local as well as the "can do" policy. Yes, there is a whole bureaucracy under the office of the Executive Secretary, but at the end of the day, the decision maker is the Executive Secretary."  

She certainly made valid points on the her interview that afternoon as executive posts like these are offered to experienced statesmen and political figures in the past; whom mostly have years of practice in the industry. Imagine, names include Ernesto Maceda, Joker Arroyo, Oscar Orbos, Franklin Drilon, Teofisto Guingona, Alberto Romulo have all held this position in the previous years. This is, among other names on the same list that also have related work prior to becoming part of the office. 

That's quite interesting. Questions are being asked and certainly, deserve answers.


LG RECONNECT 2022: Experiencing New LG Monitors in Real Life

Saturday, July 23, 2022

You can't say it's immersive without experiencing it all so the folks at LG Philippines got us all to see it in action with the latest models of monitors, TV sets and even a real deal transparent monitor at the recent LG RECONNECT 2022 event at the Podium Mall in Pasig City.

They also worked with the largest distributor of IT brands in the country VST-ECS Phils. to see how much of the international companies work with the best monitors LG has and use it for different scenarios. For starters, gaming, office work, presentations, photo and video editing, telephony, video conferencing (yes I see you Cisco, the Meraki setups were sick!), having it with different accessories (Logitech), and working in different environments (again with different brands), still LG fits the bill.

Thank you for the fun afternoon, the entertainment and the experience of having these LG Monitors used in different scenarios. I am eyeing that monitor that Magic Liwanag is using for photo and video editing, I just have to look at some of the great things that LG offers. And I bet, I'll be sharing the experience of doing that in a few days. Stay tuned!


MARIANE OSABEL (The CLASH Season 4 Champ) Releases New Single "Pira Piraso"

Friday, July 22, 2022

Grand Champion of The Clash Season 4 Marian Osabel just released her new single "Pira Piraso" under GMA Music.

Mariane says "This is worth the wait, I am glad that my supporters are happy about the single, and now, it's on number 3 on iTunes. Hopefully I'd be able to release another one this year. This song is about when a person gets a bad day, I reflect on the lyrics of my song "Pira Piraso" at the part where it says "Kaunti pang pasensys, kaunti pang panahon". I really enjoy music, I go to different places in the country now because of it, this is what I enjoy, music and travel. I am open to the thought of doing acting gigs, I did a workshop last March, hopefully I'd be able to do it soon because it is exciting and challenging. This song is also about loving someone fully, not in pieces. A thing I would advise newcomers, aspiring singers, is to TRY, don't second guess, because even if you lose, you learn something from it. I did that until I did succeed. As an artist, I put out my feelings in my music. It's a place to vent out, I write and sing that way. I am really happy now, I'm with someone that I could give my 100%, my capacity to love." 

 Mariane admits, this is about a failed love which she personally has experienced. I'm glad she got over it and is having the time of her life with someone special.

This single is now out on iTunes, Spotify and other streaming platforms so if you love hear dearly, show your support by downloading or streaming copies of it legally. Congratulations Mariane! You deserve all the success!


Entertainment and Emergency App JUANETWORX Launched!

It was a fun and festive afternoon as we celebrated the launch of emergency rapid response app JUANETWORX. It was set at the historical Club Filipino in Greenhills San Juan and everyone was clad in terno and barong tagalog, which fits the apps reason for existing, to entertain and help Filipinos wherever you are and whenever.  Imagine a button which when you press, starts a process to act on your emergency til it gets resolved, something OFW's can benefit from especially if they're working outside the country.

Film Producer and app stalwart and head Ms. Edith Fider says "We started in production with the help of Father Suarez. His prophecies all came true, with the help of the right people, the right experts, JUANETWORX was built. We want to help Filipinos here and abroad, and this digital entertainment hub is an app that can do that. I am not alone in this project but it’s been a journey. I am proud of what we have accomplished, all for the love of Juan. When you are here, you are a friend, this is for all of us!"

Mr. Tony Adriano explains "Thank you to Edith for including me in Juanetworx. If you don’t know, 8.9 percent of our GDP is brought by OFW’s who are the intended users of this app. Now there is a system of it being an entertainment hub and a place to help OFW’s when they need it the most. Juanetworx started with Father Fernando Suarez, proven healer, and we are continuing his ministry. He is continuing his miracle through intercessions, and champions every Juan. This is for the underprivileged, with our efforts and our church base, this will help more people in and outside the country, especially the poor. We appreciate your support, and thank you!"

Celebrities like Joaquin Domagoso, Arnel Ignacio, Manila Vice Mayor Yul Servo were also there to join the festivities!

Shows like Ang Katiwala, Dyesibilbil, Doc Willie Ong, The Sari Sari Show, Ed Caluag, The Soulful Kitchen Diva, Ang Huling Burlesk Queen, Pung! (A horror show), Erotixa (with Christian Bables and Ali Forbes), and more shows will be seen at the Juanetworx app. For as low as Php 100 membership fee (follow instructions on the site), you gain access to their library of shows, films, documentaries and service. You can download the app via (via downloadable apk file).

Soon, they say there will be Korean Dramas, concerts, collaboration with international and local content creators so folks remain entertained while using it. Surely, they are trailblazers in safety and thought about members on how they won't be just remaining as an emergency notice app, but something they could use the whole day. Peace of mind, that is priceless!



his nice afternoon was equally hot as we got to talk to Sanya Lopez, star of hit show First Yaya. As the show ended, Sanya is now promoting her first single called HOT MARIA CLARA. It fits the bill and clearly, she embodies someone like that. First Yaya also by the way will be included in Netflix this coming July 22, something people who adore her should take note of.
Sanya says “I get inspired listening to music of BlackPink, Ariana Grande, and other pop artitsts. I’m very happy that Direk was the one who executed this. I want everyone to feel like you’re the hot Maria Clara while listening to this. Being hot is objective, you can be anyone you want to be and in any clothes and still feel like you are sexy. Suitors? I don’t know, I don’t really entertain guests at home, I’ll fix my house first before doing that. Let’s also not forget being conservative at times because it’s still what identifies us as Filipinas." 
She adds "Singing is really something I really wanted to do, if GMA thinks I would fit having another song in the future, I’ll gladly accept it. These days I spend a lot of time with my dogs, that’s what keeping me busy after the shoot of First Lady. I consider a lot of people hot maria claras, like a lot of achievers, the modern feisty Filipina. One that uses their voice, it’s what the song actually means. This is about knowing your worth as a woman.”  
She says “My Mom actually egged me a lot to sing in the past, I also sing at home for my folks, and Kuya Germs also wanted me to sing in his shows and wants me to collaborate with other singers. I think I’ve told my friends about my dreams of having a concert but I think I should start making lots of songs first so I have something to perform there. I know there were a lot who questioned me when I joined Encantadia. Now they’re the ones supporting me, they motivated me to do even better in shows. My Mom wasn’t worried about me, my motivation is my career, it’s a priority. I’ve had a hard life and seeing people marrying early wasn’t a choice because I want a good life for my family".
Sanya will also have a new show but they’re keeping it mum for the meantime. It’ll come out around last quarter of 2022 and she is excited about it. You can now check the music video on YouTube and stream the single on Spotify and other digital platforms. She deserves the success she’s getting because she’s a hard worker. 


The Tale of the 100 Million Man

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Looks like noise is coming from the palace as details of apparent influential official from the administration that's doing monkey business to the tune of an apparent huge sum: 100 million pesos?

According to several blind items from DZBB, DZXL and other writeups, this guy started getting in between affairs of collecting campaign funds (which apparently never reached the recipient), and now offering juicy government positions to be sold to the highest bidder? 
Imagine that amount and how huge this would be of a disservice to the people of the PH and the people inside the palace itself. It's just scary to think about how money is being thrown around including posts that could have helped millions of our countrymen, but instead of choosing the right one, becomes a place for the highest bidder. That in itself is a slap in the face!

This is not funny and at the same time not something you would like to hear in just a little less than 100 days of the man in the palace. Who do you think this guy is? Where do you think these funds come from and where do you think he's going to use it for? Are these and recent events in the palace connected? We don't know. We just hope this gets identified, sent to justice and resolved. It's a scary thought that it's even being done in broad daylight!


A Selfless Act: CEO Uses Wedding Fund To Save Employees Work During Pandemic

Everybody wishes a grand wedding. It's a celebration of love, and couples really spend a lot for it in the Philippines because it's a union. It's when both your families, your closest friends and loved ones and well wishers come celebrate with you. It's also expected to be a feast as lunch/dinners are time for bonding for both families, it's a huge expense by any standard as it includes a lot of people. Still, it's something worth every cent because nothing beats a memorable wedding day.

The pandemic has all caught us unaware and nobody predicted the casualties to the economy. Business were hit hard, some fell on bent knees, closed, and thousands lost their livelihood. Health and beauty brand Aqua Skin's CEO Jeff Geronimo almost became a part of that statistic. He was supposed to get married to Trish on March 18, 2020 when the worldwide health crisis hit the Philippines. Both decided to postpone their wedding at a later date as it became a struggle to do so at that time. Needless to say, they also found themselves in the midst of slump. Their sales was at an all time low, they couldn't source materials for their products as ports and businesses (their suppliers) closed. It was a sure test of his leadership, as funds from the business became scarce, and later depleted. With negative figures in his account, Jeff thought more about his employees and their families. He knew they needed to still provide for their household, put food on the table while the world was healing.  


Jeff says "I know nobody wanted this pandemic to happen, I need to make sure that they're all well and safe. I used my own savings (money he had to finance their wedding and dream home) to help them first, then create more SKU's for Aqua Skin products to get the business running.  I wouldn't want to see them become unemployed/retrenched at the most difficult time. We had to start from scratch, I couldn't give up because I felt responsible, they and their families were counting on me."

From a small office for 5 people, they now have a big one and more employees!

True enough, they were able to survive that stage and started growing even more.  His employees showcased hard work, dedication and trust with the brand, him and the company. He felt it was all well worth the sacrifices they made in the past few years. He says "The pandemic taught us a lot, I owe it all to our employees. This has also made us focus more on solutions and become pro active in addressing business problems."

Today, they have been able to start building their new home, a new office and fulfill the dream wedding they've wanted all these years. His awe inspiring story is just one of many success stories in his company today, and in our books, well deserved. Someone should pat him in the back right now, cheers to more successful years!


BRIA Homes Display Top Designs at 26th NREA-DHSUD Housing Trade Exhibit

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Taking some of their greatest work on display at the Glorietta Activity Center was award winning housing brand BRIA Homes. This was part of the recent 26th Housing Trade Exhibit hosted by the National Real Estate Association and the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development. This was the fruitition of efforts by the two agencies after they held an online convention with developers and stakeholders mid June and held this physical event last July 1st to 3rd in Makati City.

The online event talked much about the effects of the pandemic, inflation, laws with regards to the conditions in the industry. The physical event this July was a golden opportunity to showcase their best work to prospective home buyers and investors. Lots of people had queries and the friendly BRIA Sales Team were at the venue to answer them on the spot. BRIA took time to curate their most in demand house models, a tall tale indication of how they remain bullish in the market despite circumstances beyond their control. Making sure people get quality but value for money homes were a sure crowd pleaser and deals were made too right then and there.

The event was graced by Makati Mayor Abby Binay, Vice Mayor Monique Yazmin Lagdameo, Senior Vice President Benjamin Felix, Jr. of the Pag-IBIG Fund, NREA's Marcelino Mendoza and Glorietta GM Katipunan.

If you're looking for affordable homes in different cities nationwide, check out the BRIA website or their other channels online. If you are seriously considering a property already, they've got ways to reserve a BRIA Home on their website too so you don't have to go to their offices physically and keep yourself safe at home.


VIVAMAX: "TAHAN" When Things Take A Dark Turn

Sunday, July 17, 2022

We went in the cinema of Gateway Mall for the screening of the film TAHAN, a movie which will be shown solely on streaming platform VIVAMAX. Cloe Barreto plays the role of Elise, a woman who was forced to work in the high end escort industry; she started at a very young age. To provide for herself and her Mother, she had to seek clients for pay to do all their wishes. She falls prey to different kinds of folks, some kind, some abusive, which puts her in the brink of losing hope.

Her relationships are all complicated, but it pays the bill. Although in a rut, she does several encounters to feel she's the dominant one, being served as she doesn't have that on normal days. She also got into vices, so she could forget about what’s happening. She also gets involved with a guy (a former high school fling) played by JC Santos (also multi awarded actor). He represents her way out, her wishing to change ways, but all fails as she gets sold and forced by her Mom; depicted by 2016 Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Ms. Jaclyn Jose. The film also stars Mercedes Cabral, Karl Medina, EJ Salamante, AJ Oteyza and Jet Delgado. Quinn Carillo wrote this film, but also stars in it as the protagonist's best friend. 


Talented writer and actress Quinn Carillo who slayed the script!

Cloe Barreto plays Elise


AJ Oteyza, Quinn Carillo plays interesting characters

JC Santos plays Cloe's high school sweetheart. What will become of him when things go south?

Not to patronize her, but Quinn really put the needed shocking twists in the script of this film. Although it delved on content appealing to men, Director Bobby Bonifacio, Jr. made risky creative interpretation to make Quinn's script come alive. It felt like a long dream sequence, one that takes all the things she probably feared the most to happen on screen. If you think about it, this movie is matriarchal in nature, on how their relationships and dynamics work... until things take a dark, dark turn.

All in all, this is a showcase of talented actors. Cloe Barreto has really leveled up her acting chops straight from her other projects like "Silab". Aside from that, JC Santos presents a different persona who still has to tell their story. They were high school sweethearts who lost touch. This may also open up a lot of possibilities, a prequel, another installment, which can be possible since the story asks for it. As expected, Madame Jaclyn Jose proved why she's world class. She's very generous, and let Cloe shine when she needs to in the film. I'd be really surprised if this didn't snatch an award from different festivals which they plan to do soon. Here's some videos I made of the presscon which happened after the screening:

You can watch this movie solely on the VIVAMAX app, you can download it off, Google Play or the App Store. Payment is a monthly subscription which you can do on the website, or various digital wallets. It can also be accessed in countries like UAE (Dubai), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar or elsewhere in Europe where available. You can also download it on East and Southeast Asian countries, New Zealand, Australia, the US and Canada. Having this be accessed worldwide, it's already doing the deed of introducing Filipino films worldwide. Congratulations to the cast and production of TAHAN and I'm glad plans for another film from the same production will be in the works soon.

 This film is sick, and I LOVE IT!

Well Known PC Builders Join NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series Launch

Saturday, July 16, 2022

If you want something done, you've got to build it. And with the eve of Desktop Computers being built not just for work, but gaming and content creation, the need for more powerful graphics cards are becoming a reality. A few days ago, several PC builders in the country joined NVIDIA in launching GeForce RTX PC's and GeForce Esport PC's. If there's anyone that knows how to do it right, it's these people.

Jerome Matti NVIDIA Consumer Business Lead says "These days, almost everyone is a gamer and creator. People also stream, view on various platforms, and we are experiencing VR growth, plus a lot of creators that need RTX platform, DLSS that provide real good gaming quality. There are also good drivers for creators so you can have quiet but powerful machines all around. People still need high refresh rates, fast reactions during games, better broadcast capability and we have the best of that NVIDIA."

Arnold Padilla the NVIDIA iCafe and E-Sports and System Builds adds "Game revenues are at an all time high. We have RTX for gamers and creators for Ray Tracing, DLSS, Reflex and AI. To maintain solid frame rates, lesser latency, for over 250 games that support NVIDIA, we need to step up from GTX to RTX. We are introducing 2 categories today, the GEFORCE RTX PC's for Gaming Enthusiasts, plus the GEFORCE ESPORTS PC"s."

The goal is to get all users have the best experience with their PC's especially those with special requirements for creating videos, 3D graphics, all tailored to their needs. Gamers also need a powerful machine that can handle every kind of game out there, and not cause and hassle when it comes to winning those third person shooting games, important tournaments when it matters most.

PC distributors will continue to be a big part of the solution so they could recommend the best one for the budget and requirements people need at home, the office, or even outdoors. NVIDIA GeForce as they've got official stores there. If you need the GeForce RTX 30 Series, GeForce RTX 2060, GeForce RTX 3060 or their other products, it's available in Lazada, or Shopee here


MAYA Makes July Easy to Handle with "Tipid" Hits

This July has certainly been a lot busy. With restrictions easing, my time in coffee shops to work, shopping, and events, is getting helluv a lot expensive. That's beside the fact that inflation is at an all time high and rice isn't 20 bucks. Now that's not all bad news this July because the good people from MAYA is making your digital wallet even more powerful with their Tipid Hits all this month.

Just a few minutes ago, I paid for shoe purchases on TikTok shops and got the surprise of my life when I received a Php 20 cashback in minutes. Claiming it in the Voucher part of the app is also easy, I can immediately use it for other things like purchasing load or sending money to loved ones. It all starts here in the Maya app.

Imagine, you're just spending money normally for paying bills, things you buy in physical stores and online, then you get cashbacks for it. It's like them giving away free money if you think about it. If you haven't had the chance to try the Maya app yet, go download it off Google Play or the App Store because you're cash back chances, is happening all this July! Don't take our word for it, try it out now!


AGA MULACH, ELIJAH CANLAS on Father and Son Film Series "Suntok Sa Buwan"

It's been a while since we've had the pleasure of seeing Aga Mulach on television. The iconic leading man, 80's hearthrob and prime actor is now going to work with one of the most promising award winning actors in the country Elijah Canlas. The series is called "Suntok Sa Buwan", it's like a movie made for TV produced by Antonette Jadaone and Dan Villegas which will premiere in Cignal's channels and their other properties.

Robert P. Galang says "Aga, Elijah, Direk Antoinette, I'm glad to introduce to you Cignal's newest project. This is produced by Jadaone and Dan Villegas. High quality content and best talents in the business. Congrats on the cast and team, we can't wait for everyone to see this first of the kind Movie-Serye"

It's a father and son story, which you will see set in a rural area. With his love, he did crimes so he could be with his Dad inside the jail. It's all about doing the impossible things. Jimmy Boy is the Father of Dos, a yes man who was very popular in the valley of colors. Dos wants to continue what his Dad's dreams were, hence the boxing scenes and training in this film.

Aga says "Everyone had to shine, we have to think about our viewers. They are shooting this like a film. You do your best and leave the rest to them. I hope they love what they will see in this film serye. The best part is accepting the role, everything was nice from there. At first I was a little nervous because it's been a while but when you see this, you will be hooked. The best part is being offered the role, and being able to work with the cast. I also love how the training went and I'm excited to see this be shown on TV5. When they offered this to me, I wanted Baguio to be the location. I really was impressed how different this was and how it does fit me. It"s unbelievable that this is going to happen. I know people will love this."

About him working with Elijah, he says "I'm happy when I saw him during the look test, I find him really kind."

Elijah says "When I saw Kuya Aga, I felt relaxed and at ease with him. I admit I was very nervous at first but he got in touch prior to our first meet, this was before the screen test. I got a text from him calling me as his son, that made me really look forward working with him."

This is Directed by Geo Lomuntad and Produced by Project 8 Projects and Cignal Entertainment which I mentioned earlier. For those who would want to see it this month, it'll start on July 18 on TV5 at 7:15 PM. Then the next episodes on the same days after that.


Century Tuna Superbods 2022 Finals Night

Friday, July 15, 2022

It's been a while since we've last seen Century Tuna hold this event because of the pandemic, and this year, they're back with a bang with the Century Tuna Superbods 2022. Hundreds of Filipino health buffs, body positivity enthusiasts have lined up and auditioned for this and it.... was definitely a show.

Aside from the executives, the event was graced by Bea Alonzo and our boy Alden Richards. Judges had Anne Curtis and former Darna Nanette Medven-Po, it was a sight to behold before the event started. Needless to say, they all brought their A game and talked about their causes on video. They donned athleisure wear and walked the stage.

Here's a video compilation I did of what happened that evening!

Congratulations to the 32 finalists, it was a really hard battle to do since they're all in their best form. In the end, winners Kurt Bondad and Christelle Abello topped the competition. Runner ups were Michelle Arceo and Gee Plamenco Jr.. Mind you the prizes were huge, 500K and 200K respectively, plus, it's tax free!

I had fun this evening, congratulations to the finalists, you all did good!


Provincial Government Launches Oriental Mindoro Online Pasalubong and Booking Portal App

Thursday, July 14, 2022

While the world is slowly recovering from the pandemic, tavelers have been slowly coming back in different places in the country. For those who don't know, the local tourism industry has been greatly affected. To help with the situation, the Provincial Government of Oriental Mindoro has worked steadfastly worked on an something that would enhance ease of travel, buying products from towns very easy with the new LAKBAY ORIENTAL MINDORO: Buying Local, Byaheng Lokal app. 

As the name suggests, it's a one stop shop for everything that you would need to get when traveling the province of Oriental Mindoro. From purchasing your favorite pasalubongs, to booking tour services and packages, you can all do it now at the comforts of your home or hotel rooms. This is the handywork of the whole provincial government headed by Governor Humerlito "Bonz" Dolor together with the Department of Tourism and the Tourism Promotions Board. It was launched July 12th and promises hassle free transactions, while keeping you safe as it is all contactless too. This was witnessed by national, provincial and city government officials at the Riceland Garden in Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro.

The app has offers and promos of over 150 hotels, resorts, travel agencies, wellness centers, vehicles, tours, dive and souvenir shops which you can access ahead while you plan your itinerary or while you're in the province itself. With this as direct point of transaction for local and international travelers, balikbayans and their families, tour service providers can be accessed without you leaving your resort or hotels. That in itself is very convenient and you can download it now on the App Store or Google Play for FREE. You can also go to their website and use your email/FB account to log in. This means, you can choose services and products from the app and get the best rates. Products can be arranged for delivery at your hotel, while email confirmations can be sent if you're availing those rendered by providers which can make planning a breeze if you choose to come to the province.

You also get to earn loyalty points from your accommodation, which you can use to earn travel incentives in-app. It's easy, so you get to enjoy more time with your friends and family. Make sure you try and download the app today!