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Meet the Nacino's, Actor Rocco and Volleybelle Melissa

 I've been really looking forward seeing Rocco Nacino and his wife Melissa Gohing-Nacino all these months since they've announced that they're having a baby. Recently, they divulged it's going to be a baby boy, and have yet to choose a name and settled for a temporary one called Baby N. Rocco just finished building his dream home, and are making headway finishing the baby room in the next few weeks. He also is a bit busy with a few acting projects and shared an international one which he hopes would bear fruit soon. Aside from that, Rocco and Melissa were busy with this brand they're working on with popular Direct Selling company Orabella. It's a family line called Mama Luna.

Anne Acuna VP for External Marketing of Orabella says "This was developed with Rocco and Melissa, and is part of our Mama Luna series. They have been heavily involved in developing this product. Orabella is one of the fast growing direct selling companies in the Philippines. We made sure this new line called Mama Luna is safe for babies and children. This rejuvenates, moisturize, affordable and is easy to use. Orabella also is in the business of helping others, a brand that you can trust. We've been  producing sustainable products for the whole family."

Melissa and Rocco Nacino says "We are for family care, for mommies, for daddies, it's been hard to keep it a secret but we've gone through a lot launching this product. Thank you to GMA for setting this up especially Sparkle. We got this idea when we got pregnant, we didn't know that there are products that we're not really allowed to use. We need something that would be safe for the family. Orabella has access online and through shopping apps. We experienced that there are products out there, but they're usually too expensive, Filipinos need access to it so we worked with Orabella to make sure Filipino moms are at their best in their pregnancy."

Phytosense Conditioning Shampoo has coconut based ingredients, crecatin, helps hairfall defense, chamomile so we don't get stressed. Melissa had to use it to check the smell, texture, especially at the first trimester. Hair feels either thicker or thinner because of the hormonal changes, and this prolongs the growth of hair.

Phytosense Bath Gel - There are a lot of chemicals that are not good for pregnant women, this is part of Mama Luna line. For those who have skin that tend to dry out right after a shower, this would be good for your skin. If you have dry skin, hypersensitive, and have textural changes, this would take care of you. This has AmiSoft that's got nourishing amino acids that repairs, replenishes and boosts moisture on the skin. This would hasten skin elasticity so you don't have much stretchmarks.

Phytosense Body Lotion is safe to use for pregnant women. This has sunflower oil, vitamins A C and D, Aloe Vera Juice to prevent hyper-pigmentation, and organic Chamomile Essense to reduce redness and relieve inflammation. This is best for body acne so you get less over production of oil, clogged pores. People can now have income selling this, and it is also environmentally friendly. This is very competitive, locally made, very affordable. The wheat straw packaging is renewable, a good alternative to plastic, FDA approved, is hypoallergenic, biodegradable in 3 to 6 months, very recyclable and re-moldable.

Resellers, and dealers especially in Antipolo will be handled personally by the couple. They have partnered with Orabella for this.


Rocco mentions "We went with Orabella because of their huge online presence, we were fans of lotions for working out. We were happy customers on day 1. When they do product development, they know how to work with everyone. They are for the people, and they think out of the box. They have expertise in developing products, they are our partners. It was months of planning, lots of yes and no, nights of thinking about it. This is now a fruitful partnership."
He adds "It was very exciting for us, but I was in locked in taping. We were trying a lot before that, we went on a vacation, we were relaxed and spent time. Mel knew about it while I was away, she surprised me. I got anxious, I did overthink a lot but we talked to our OB. Being a nurse, I had difficulty talking to people. Mel is blooming, we're officially having a boy!"

Rocco and Melissa are expecting a Boy <3

Melissa says "We tested our relationship early on because we couldn't agree on the name yet. I handle pedia wards and knew what Mommies go through especially with their skin. I went out and asked what their problems were while they are pregnant. It made us stronger, I realized that he's the best partner in any business. I became a lot clingy, I really needed to see him by video calling him every time he had a locked in taping. Adjusting to not being active after being an athlete was really hard, it made me anxious. I'm  thankful that Rocco was there, he's very helpful whenever I'm sad or just at home. I cried once because I was just there, but he took me to IKEA in a wheelchair and that made me happy! Mentally I'm in information overload, but we're going to be in a class for this by the end of the month, we'll attend that physically, but we have already made arrangements online. We have the same mantra, very workaholic, but we support each other. A supportive partner is very important. When we got married, we checked a lot of things in our bucket list first. When we establish these three products, we'll be coming out with more especially the Antipolo franchise to support resellers, distributors of Orabella in our own locale. We want to be a one stop shop for families, they don't have to look anywhere else if they need product for parents."

Rocco told us "I have ventured into businesses before, with restaurants, boxing gyms, and this is our new baby. We know that Moms need these products, Orabella knew how important this is for them. I'm always for experience, and will be dedicating with Mel on this business. I'm taping for another show, this will be multi-tasked. We are preparing the Baby Room, we are watching our weight, the next few months will be busy as we wait for Baby N to come. Every time he kicks, I watch her tummy. He likes rock music and we are excited for him. She is at her third trimester, and it's just gonna be a few weeks more to see him. We have different lifestyles, Mel misses volleyball, I'll be very supportive of her. I wanted to act on things while the idea was fresh, Mel's pregnancy was really attracting brands as an influencer. This is the time to grow with our brand as a family, we saw the demand for products like these and Mel tried all of it. It passed her standards which is why we went for it. These will be accessible through Shopee and Lazada."

This is not just good news for the couple, but for every Filipino Mom, Dad and Baby who's now got choices when it comes to safe products pre and post pregnancy. It doesn't have to be expensive when you're bringing a child into this world, and if you are thinking of gifting someone, this would be a good place to start. Congratulations Rocco and Melissa on your new venture with Orabella! Can't wait to see Baby N soon!


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