The 5th Ortigas ART Festival: A Spectacle of Expression and Creativity

Friday, July 08, 2022

The 5th Ortigas ART Festival just started at the Estancia Mall at Capitol Commons in Pasig City. This was attended by the who's who in the art scene, several art gallery personalities, those in fashion and the Ortigas family who's heavily involved in this movement. They want art to be accessible for Filipinos, and what better way to do that but now.

Architect Renee Bacani VP for Ortigas Malls says "We are grateful for you to join us on the 5th year of the Ortigas Art Festival. We were requested a space for artists to showcase their works, and this is how the event came about. We won 2 international awards for making Ortigas properties more accessible to people. We present to you a bigger and bolder Ortigas Art Festival with photography, film, Fashion, Music, artwork and more. We look forward to more years of this for more years to come. Thank you for sparking joy to our patrons."

This is a platform for artists to showcase their works, and have it be seen by people from all walks of life. They want art to become part of the daily lives of Filipinos. There were lots of art installations, sculptures, all free of charge to see at Estancia Mall in Pasig City. There are also seminars and workshops for collectors on how to take care of artworks, and hope you also get to know various Filipino artists from July 7 to August 7, 2022.

"The previous years were a challenge to Ortigas Malls, and the event concentrated on Filipino artists. At the height of the pandemic, we got help from participating galleries, FDCP. The best place is this mall, accessible to everyone. From performance art, art workshops, exhibition center, a whole art ecosystem is here. Art is a catalyst for enlightenment, and this is a good thing." says Renato Habulan, Ortigas Art Festival's Lead Curator

Liza Diño the Chair of FDCP says "It's an honor to celebrate with you face to face. For many of us who lived in lockdowns, we watched, we read and remained creative. Art protects us from harm, this is a noble cause for expressions of the human spirit. The vertical cinema contest is doing shorts asking "Kamusta Ka Na?" to incite hope, change, in this month long festival. Highly acclaimed titles will be seen and highlighted and we hope through Ortigas Art Festival, we show our love for films. We provide ways to educate, learn before artists make films and we will have several noted film makers, screenwriters to do seminars during the month. This will bring cinema much closer to the public."

Gil Granado of the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines says "We have come a long way in fashion . We appreciate art, the pandemic has slowed us down but we continue to strike back. Art and fashion is the lifeline of culture. We dedicate this event to the 40 years of FDAP, thank you to Ortigas Inc, and all our fashion patrons."

If you want to know more about the event, download the Ortigas Malls app and register to get their card to get perks from participating malls or visit Best of all, these activities are FREE so there's no reason for you not to come.


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