Entertainment and Emergency App JUANETWORX Launched!

Friday, July 22, 2022

It was a fun and festive afternoon as we celebrated the launch of emergency rapid response app JUANETWORX. It was set at the historical Club Filipino in Greenhills San Juan and everyone was clad in terno and barong tagalog, which fits the apps reason for existing, to entertain and help Filipinos wherever you are and whenever.  Imagine a button which when you press, starts a process to act on your emergency til it gets resolved, something OFW's can benefit from especially if they're working outside the country.

Film Producer and app stalwart and head Ms. Edith Fider says "We started in production with the help of Father Suarez. His prophecies all came true, with the help of the right people, the right experts, JUANETWORX was built. We want to help Filipinos here and abroad, and this digital entertainment hub is an app that can do that. I am not alone in this project but it’s been a journey. I am proud of what we have accomplished, all for the love of Juan. When you are here, you are a friend, this is for all of us!"

Mr. Tony Adriano explains "Thank you to Edith for including me in Juanetworx. If you don’t know, 8.9 percent of our GDP is brought by OFW’s who are the intended users of this app. Now there is a system of it being an entertainment hub and a place to help OFW’s when they need it the most. Juanetworx started with Father Fernando Suarez, proven healer, and we are continuing his ministry. He is continuing his miracle through intercessions, and champions every Juan. This is for the underprivileged, with our efforts and our church base, this will help more people in and outside the country, especially the poor. We appreciate your support, and thank you!"

Celebrities like Joaquin Domagoso, Arnel Ignacio, Manila Vice Mayor Yul Servo were also there to join the festivities!

Shows like Ang Katiwala, Dyesibilbil, Doc Willie Ong, The Sari Sari Show, Ed Caluag, The Soulful Kitchen Diva, Ang Huling Burlesk Queen, Pung! (A horror show), Erotixa (with Christian Bables and Ali Forbes), and more shows will be seen at the Juanetworx app. For as low as Php 100 membership fee (follow instructions on the site), you gain access to their library of shows, films, documentaries and service. You can download the app via juanetworx.com (via downloadable apk file).

Soon, they say there will be Korean Dramas, concerts, collaboration with international and local content creators so folks remain entertained while using it. Surely, they are trailblazers in safety and thought about members on how they won't be just remaining as an emergency notice app, but something they could use the whole day. Peace of mind, that is priceless!


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