Rising by Lifting Others: Pareto Consulting

Saturday, July 02, 2022

Just met the wonderful women behind digital marketing and growth firm called Pareto Consulting. Countless businesses in the US and elsewhere in the world are in need of talented individuals like them who provide unique ideas, of something different on the table, with gusto to reach one's company goals. The league of extraordinary women is headed by Bianca Laxamana Ulan, a young lass who's life continue to inspire others.

The business started when a client of hers availed market research and digital marketing services. She did remarkable work and got recommended to other startups and corporations that continuously grew her clientele over the years. She wanted a breed of individuals that have the same culture, and knack for little details. So she sought her team now as tasks come in from different multinational companies and startups. Albeit an accidental business, she believes her years of experience in the industry and Mom's guidance prepared her for what made Pareto Consulting is today.

Bianca says "I think I've been hyped today. They (her peers) are my pillars, they are very important for me. Pareto is an accidental business. I built this with Kaye in the beginning and grew it from scratch. It's been built over time and I just got referred to a lot of people. We cater to companies who need market research, ads, we do that the whole week. We also empower people in our organization. Resiliency and mental fortitude should be something that any successful business person should have. Things can break you especially during these times. You also have to influence your team, without them, you won't be able to do things and inspire them. We do market research and digital marketing, you have to make sure you are picking the right team member as you grow your business." 

She adds "You do usual HR stuff, but what I always look for is their enthusiasm to learn, we have the same values in servicing our clients. As much as possible I have to spot that, and also talent that I can compensate fairly, give them work life balance, and a no OT rule in our company. We are an all female team, the reason is because we are for women empowerment. I know there's a lot of stigma with women as employees, but I prioritize and see they are organized, the type that would be inspired too by women entrepreneur. We offer end to end solutions, if you're a startup and just starting, we offer marketing, branding and execution. It's also low cost, both locally and abroad. I was inspired by my Mom, at work, she's really good at it. She has a strong character, she was able to lead people and I'm very proud of her. Kay and I were college org mates, we made things happen and even then we were very active in organizations and I've been part of a startup and experienced a flat organization. We correct each other and learned modern management early on. I want to be an educator, and I've been doing that in CIIT today. I started when I was 22, I was only a freelancer and did really good work with clients and I got referrals here and there. That's how I started. The only hurdles I encounter now is taxation, and I had to study about it especially in BIR briefings. That's second to hiring talent. The silver lining is coming to realize that I could do it. I had to really work hard, some people would often say I'm too young to grow businesses. When we have the results to show, it's a new perspective and approach. My team is young too and only comprise of Gen Z's and Millenials."

Maxene Malvar the Project Manager of Pareto Consulting says "I do quality assurance, copywriting, proof reading and market research. I also coordinate graphic design, nice to meet you today. I was still a student and applied for the position on whim, when I came to the company and started right away, there were a lot of doubts at first. Bianca was the first to believe in my capability, it was humbling to hear that from her."

Kay Ocampo Senior Partner in Creative Marketing "I design, spearhead ad campaigns, make sure everything we do is aligned to our clients marketing goals. Especially here in Pareto, we're not over worked so I do a lot of things on our free time. We call each other friends, it's why she convinced me to build Pareto Consulting. I resigned from my corporate job to do this, I came here to do this with her. All our efforts have been well worth it."

With their affordable rates, collaborative culture in the work place, plus expertise in providing marketing and digital services, they can help new businesses flourish during these tough times. Their mantra to lift others in order to rise with you is ingenious and admirable. If you would like to seek their help, get in touch through their social channels @ParetoPH on FB and IG, their LinkedIN account at https://ph.linkedin.com/company/pareto-consulting-ph or their official website https://paretoconsulting.xyz/. 
They're ready to help you start, launch and grow your business with you.


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