The ELITE... X Factor

Friday, July 30, 2010

Tomorrow is one heck of a nervous day for me. I am going to meet my idol in photography again. This time it's not just for the ordinary autograph but I'm going to be there shooting with him in a workshop. I hope I get to justify my photos and be at par with the best ones there. I think I can, I think I can ahaha!

The reason that I'm nervous is that I probably don't have the same cameras or lenses that they have. I have proven to some that its really not the camera but dang they probably have full framed ones and professional grade too. I probably will harness doing the shoot with my prime lens and the kit lens but I will ask how to do portraits with my long ziggy too. Ziggy btw is my tele lens which is a 70-300mm. It's last hundred is pretty good in bokeh or depth of field views. Though the drawback is the shake I will have to take a little more effort reminding myself how it would actually affect the image. I think I'd be better off with the prime lens. I'm charging my camera the whole night so I won't run out of batteries. I need this to last the whole day... and so does my flash. If my hunch is correct its quite near the Salcedo park where there is a whole eating extravaganza. I want to really do this and OMG please help me to do this right. I hope I won't be shy... I really want to learn. Tomorrow is going to be weird... I'm going to be a nervous wreck and I hope this doesn't jeopardize my chances of learning with the great Xander Angeles. I'm even nervous tweeting him hahahah!

I just hope this 18K worth of a workshop will be well worth it and get me to a level that I haven't been in before. =)


You Can Help!

I am a trained Red Cross volunteer and it has been a passion for me to be here since I was in 7th grade. Imagine the number of years I've spent with peers and medical professionals. I'm not in that field since I got a Computer Engineering degree in college instead. Although a geek, I never stopped going to various organizational causes that the PRC starts. If you know how it feels to help someone in need when disaster or calamities strike then you probably have a clue of what I'm talking about. The importance of disaster preparedness and providing health care to the less fortunate should be a priority of every public or private corporation. I always make it a point to do my share and help out. I also try and educate my friends by exposing them to activities like medical missions and relief operations. The local government and my own congressman are putting funds to make sure their constituents are well taken care of. This is one lesson we shouldn't forget because if you got healthy people, your workforce is also the same.

They also got me to take charge of the first aid supplies. In some instances we have to even travel 6 hours by foot in order to reach remote areas in the province since there are no formal roads built for them yet. It is a hard task but if there is no effort from the government and foundations that dedicate time and resources; they would not be able to survive. In times of natural disasters, calamities where lives are at stake we all need to help out each other. Getting them proper protective equipment and materials to save more lives is necessary to prevent the inevitable. I feel the need to get more people involved by sharing what I have and getting the information out. God made us human so we could think and fend for ourselves; and that includes getting the best supplies for these situations. Places like would be a great place to start! They've got one of the best sets I've ever seen so if you want to start and help please get us one of these!

Disclosure Policy

I Give My First Love to You

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sounds kinda confusing how this post ended up here huh?! Well let's say I've been watching something the past few days. A Japanese movie of the same title. I don't want to give away the plot of the story but it is kind of a drama where you first don't get it but glad you went through watching the whole thing. I'm not into these kind of movies but to tell you honestly I liked it a lot. If you are however going to watch this on youtube don't read the comments since they all want to be spoilers from the get go.

Try to start from this first episode. It all starts with the cute kids and their promises for each other. See how they get through life and love while facing the reality of death. I think that about sums it up but please do take some time to watch it. If this were a book I'm sure it would also be a hit. I've been watching Japanese movies from way back and I think this really is a good one. Rated PG though because there are some scenes not intended for children. It's for teens probably in Japan. If that was their target audience I'm sure a lot of them would have cried. I didn't but hey its still a good thing to watch!


Play Around in Memphis

This is a sponsored guest post written by Memphis Travel on behalf of Memphis CVB. Post powered by Sponzai.

More than just the home of the blues and barbeque, Memphis gives you plenty of ways to play around, with fun things to do no matter who you are or what you like. Of course, if you’re into Elvis, rock-and-roll and mouth-watering ribs, you’ve got to check out Graceland, Sun Studios, and the Rendezvous. But Memphis has much more to offer than this holy trinity of southern culture, with enough to see, do and eat to make it the perfect location for your next long weekend getaway.

The families out there (or the wild at heart) should be sure to check out the Memphis Zoo, one of only four U.S. zoos with giant pandas. Recently ranked the #1 zoo in the U.S. by, the Memphis Zoo lets you get up close and personal with the animal kingdom. And with the recent addition the Northwest Passage, home to Polar bears in a see-through underwater exhibit, and the zoo’s newest section, Teton Trek, kids and adults alike are certain to have a blast.

Don’t let your midtown experience stop at the zoo; the Cooper-Young and Overton Square neighborhoods are just down the street. Ask a local Memphian where to find a tasty bite to eat, great local music and ice cold beer, and they will probably direct you here. Speaking of beer … the environmentally conscious visitor can enjoy a locally brewed beer by Ghost River Brewing or walk through the natural landscape and educational facilities at the Lichterman Nature Center.

Memphis has museums for just about everything. From the Civil Rights Museum, Cotton Museum and Fire Museum in downtown to the Brooks Museum, Children’s Museum of Memphis and the Pink Palace Museum further east, the number of places to have fun while you learn are as bountiful as the barbeque restaurants. Families, friends, sports fans, history buffs, self-proclaimed food critics – Memphis has everything you need to keep everyone happy.

So when you visit Memphis, stay a few extra days. Even the locals don’t run out of things to do. And to make it easy, is launching a new travel guide to help you plan your next vacation. Simply choose from a list of interests and you’ll be given a sample itinerary with lots of great ideas. You can also register for a chance to win one of twelve trip packages that include tours, gift certificates to Memphis’ favorite restaurants, hotel stays and more. Go to to get started.


Management Notes

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today I think it is but a good thing to learn about what I do for a living. I need to analyze a few things before I start the whole work related subject I am going to discuss about on this post. I am in management so I'm going to try and discuss this without going overboard and the private details of where I work. Let's get the basics first:

Personal Needs

What are my personal needs?! What are the personal needs of my people?! It is going to be a balance between the salaries, perks and everything else they are going to get in exchange for the work they do. If these are reasonable enough and the projects are not having negative income then it would be okay. The problem areas would be the unaccounted over time pays and work rendered. Aside from that, it would be the adjustments for payment annually. Facilities like computers and resources like Internet are also volatile.

Practical Needs

From my point of view, the practical needs are also almost the same with personal needs. Since I have already made a point of streamlining operations, they almost come up to be the same as the resources indicated under that. Problem areas are natural disasters, operational expenses and holidays. Out of the budget allocations are there but out of the question usually.

Interaction Process
An open door policy is still in tact. Relationships and work related cooperation are highly suggested. Anything that would be able to get things rolling as far as execution is concerned should be relatively free. If the process in place concerns a positive revenue for the business then it is good. Personal interaction among co employees would be uncontrollable though.

Key Principles

Principles?! I ask myself that every now and then. I guess my principles change according to the situation at hand. Variable but not overboard. It is also within limits and achievable. If there is a time to be adventurous then it would also apply. It's not going to be that preposterous looking with other people but still impressive.

Process Skills

Skill set is upgraded every time there is a chance to do so. Expertise lie on training and resources that could go with that thought. There is an existing fraction of a cost in operation which goes to this particular segment. Although there are no externally hired individuals doing this as of now, management styles can be taught and done a certain way. It also differs from person to person. Problem areas would be how they are going to be accepted as internally learned concepts and if there is actual data or information sufficient enough to be considered as an area of expertise.

Discussion Planner

There are only a couple of areas that need to be inculcated with your peers and followers. There are only certain areas where they could all learn. Planning how to get the job done and achieve higher than expected output is tantamount to impress clients and get successful in any business. The more your client trusts you the more they will in turn have investments done.

Pretty impressive for a few minutes of brainstorming ha-ha!


A Look into David Yurman Jewelry

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Women love jewelry. The right piece of jewelry can turn any plain outfit into a fashion statement. Jewelry makes also a wonderful keepsake jewelry that can be transformed into a family heirloom passed on from mother to daughter. It is perhaps this reason why despite the crunching after-effects of the recent financial crisis, women would still find it worth it to purchase a piece of fine and expensive jewelry.

David Yurman rings and David Yurman earrings are a definite favorite among women of all ages. These finely crafted jewelry pieces have been designed by David Yurman, a successful jeweler who established his own jewelry line back in the 1960s. Today, there are 18 David Yurman jewelry establishments all over the United States. There are also a number of different stores and websites over the Internet serving as retailers of David Yurman Jewelry. His line of jewelry pieces have also become widely used and patronized by some of the top artists in Hollywood.

All of the jewelry pieces offered by David Yurman are crafted using only the finest sterling silver and 18k gold. Many of his jewelry pieces would often utilize these two metals combined together, usually in a twisted cable pattern, a designed that many have pointed to be responsible for Yurman’s secret to his success. In addition to this, David Yurman also utilized other precious metals and stones in the design and production of the different jewelry pieces that make up his product line. From simple, elegant pieces to bold accessories, you can be sure to find something that you will love here at David Yurman jewelry.

Aside from rings and earrings, David Yurman also carries a wide array of bracelets, necklaces, chokers, and watches. While the prices of these jewelry pieces do not come in cheap, they are, nevertheless, a great investment that you can not only enjoy, but pass it down for generations to come.


Happiness in Twitter!

Monday, July 26, 2010

I felt really good this evening even after that whole riot outside Eastwood because 4 Jeepneys full of SONA protesters were stopped by the police and decided not to let any vehicle pass at C5. I have composure... therefore I will try and shy away from all of that brouhaha with traffic and politics and talk about something that made me happy these past few months.

I know its kinda corny but I have been addicted to twitter. I mean who doesn't in this day and age. I admit I have this habit of being online 24/6... because that one day less is when I get some rest through photography.

I am so glad though that I've met such wonderful people in cyberspace. I'm going to tell you something about them and I hope you take time to understand why I follow them religiously.

If you watch TV and love local TV shows, you have to make sure you get to connect with @kbrosas. She's hilarious and over the top when it comes to making people laugh. She doesn't reply that much to people but I understand why, its because there are too many who follow her already and getting to do that would take weeks. Her everyday antics include a "Dear Teh" portion which could rival the giant TV network shows when it comes to love advises. Funny, Witty but very real... That is K Brosas for you. She's one fine woman too so if you single guys are planning to find one; try your best to impress her! PAK! and visit her site!

Of course! She does everything! An icon of Fashion, Print, and Multimedia; she does it all. She's got one of the most prettiest faces to ever grace the Philippine Movie Industry and I wasn't surprised why Hollywood also got her for several stints a few years back. Doting mother to Lorin and Venice she has been an image of strong, powerful womanhood bar none. If you follow @iloveruffag you'll understand why people adore her. Ms Ruffa as I call her always made time to answer tweets no matter how busy her schedules are. She's very articulate and down to earth. She shows how fabulous life could be and how to balance it with a glorious family life. She knows how to love... and I envy people who could do that despite of the hardships in life. She's an amazing woman and I'd marry her if Nigella Lawson doesn't accept my proposal! (just jokin! =) ) Find out the latest in Philippine show business from her too! Thanks for inspiring people and the DM's you sent Ms Ruffa! =)

Now what is this beautiful Italian lady doing in my list?! She quickly can crack a joke, she's a mermaid, a unicorn she's everything you want her to be. She's got no boyfriends but she's got a rap album. She's a jejemon and a classy sassy person all in one. She's a seasoned international actress and a multi awarded one at that fact but you can never ever take out her great personality. If you don't know what I mean, just go ahead and follow @msderossi and you'll constantly be amused by this gorgeous woman. I never knew she could be that funny the first time I saw her tweets; lo and behold... she does make me happy. She's really active and appreciates humor when she sees it. I think I did make her laugh a couple of times too. It shows how intelligent she is and I'm sure anyone would definitely consider this picturesque, modelesque lady to be a catch! I would want to have her shot too, no not with a gun but with my cam... She's a dream model... and why not?! She's after all Alessandra Derossi! You can also catch her at I'm sure you'll enjoy her company every bit of the way!

Now here goes the person I call habibi... for all the right reasons and all the great guys I get to still have that certain IQ or EQ equivalent he's certainly on that level. He's funny and straight to the point... he won't stop telling you a spade is a spade and I like people like that. Hence, here I am following @umakhouny on twitter. You should do the same if you dig people who are good but not over acting. He innocently is funny. I wonder sometimes if he was a long lost brother or something (but I'm probably just thinking too much hehe =) ). He's not like other artists who just because they are artistas already "had a license to become an airhead". He's really a good guy and he never wants to alienate you from the way he sees what the Philippines is. I often watch his show Trip na Trip and I must say he has definitely improved over the past few years since he's been here (from his stint with PBB and all!). He is so gracious and answers back on twitter which is so important to people that follow him. I think he takes time to do that because he knows how it is important talking to people. I personally want to thank him for the friendship, even if its just here. You'll go places Uma! I know you do! =)

Ms Daphne Osena Paez is one of the few people who I love so much in cyberspace. From her flickr photography stints from way back until she put up a blog and eventually this twitter account, I really love where she's heading. I think I joked about it once that she's a MOGUL already but I think things are definitely taking shape. She had the monumentally successful F lifestyle program with Cher Calvin and Angel Aquino then and today she's working with News and Current Affairs with UZ aka Urban Zone showing the greatest and grandest houses the Philippines has to offer. We are after all not behind design and architectural wise. I learned a lot from the few episodes I watch in the office because yeah I have to run and get break times allotted on her time slot since I work in the gravey. She is so sweet and endearing. She has so many causes up her sleeves and I applaud her for that. She has been so good to people who frequent her blog and twitter... minus some detractors as she says but it never even bothered her to still do good things. She's like a fresher, soooo much younger Martha Stewart and if you ask me why I follow her... I know a good person when I see one! Thank you Ms. Daphne for everything! I'll never forget the Olay package I won too! Teeeheee! Follow @DaphneOP!

Now guys, if that is not enough information on why you should follow these people I adore I don't know what else would convince you. They are the best ones so far in the Philippines, I'll let you know the international ones later on. Again thank you so much to these people that inspire me! =) I'll let you know a couple more soon!

Image credits go to them. (It's their Current Twitter Avatars)


Get Furniture and You Won't Regret It!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I often complain about how my life ended up like this but I'm not complaining why I'm currently single. There are a lot of things that I got to think about because of this situation and in retrospect one of them is how to keep a lasting relationship. I confuse myself most of the time but it all boils down to pleasing the woman in your life. This concept is simple yet complicated but I don't argue with what's natural. There might be a couple of exceptions here and there but if you think about it they are not that different at all. You have to get them flowers every once in a while and you have to treat them right. You also need to figure out how complicated their world is and squeeze in buying rustic bedroom furniture so you have that hint of a marrying type of person. I'm no relationship expert but when it comes to getting a point across I think I have so much experience in that department.

There is also certain nostalgia about giving people high ticket items such as furniture. It comes to them as a security blanket so you won't fear they would be just left hanging anytime. I usually buy them when the time comes to live together. You get to see how she is in her natural environment. I also get to see how different she is after the dating phase where you mostly see only the best foot forward. In hindsight, you get to have your apartment or house redecorated with the best natural wood which I love so much in that shabby chic feel I usually see in lifestyle channels. I love how my room ends up even after the relationship fails. I get to have what I need on investment furniture and have my partner happy at the same time. It's hitting two birds with one stone; who am I to complain?! So make sure you get them that bar or bed you love when the need arises. I got the best of both worlds and you should too!


Missing Their Music

Friday, July 23, 2010

I wonder what happened with these three artists. Good thing there is youtube otherwise I would have died boring my self to the amuse of a couple of my enemies. I love Macy Gray and her oh so husky voice. Where else could you see a woman like this kiss a dreadlocked guy on her MTV. When all the things I watch over channel V and MYX are all Korean you kinda sit back and wonder whatever happened to those artists you love so dearly from the US. MTV decided to cut back on costs because of the crisis and those regional MTV stations were all recalled. I hate that executive decision!

If you talk about easy listening and when you dream of that perfect summer - spring day while on a journey with your bike that has a lil bell on it, you have to think of her. Corrine Bailey Ray may not be that popular here but I've got a soft spot for British acts and she is one awesome lady. If you watch her acoustic sessions with other artists from that part of the globe, you'll understand why a lot of people like her. It's sheer feel good music!

No I don't miss timbaland since he just came over with Justin Timberlake and Jojo a couple of months ago. I'm not a fan of his work but I'm a fan of those who he collaborates with. Don't you ever wonder what happened to this lady?

I kinda miss her and her awesome music. Nelly Furtado had that genre of being so mad at everything else but still wishful. Her voice is distinct and I could never mistake her music for someone else since the time she broke Pop Music to pieces... remember she went out when Britney and the others were around so she was really unique at that time!

How about you guys?! Who do you miss most? Let me know!


Proud to have Yellow Cards

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I am so humbled to be of service in this government of President NOY and I will do my best to be a great part of this change he wants to inculcate to his countrymen. I also wanted to have my own yellow business cards so everything would jive to the symbolism of hope and change in his regime. I want to be a part of the solution by doing my job well and that requires so little effort since I have been doing that for the last 6 years of my professional life.

I remember the time when I met some of my former colleagues in Social Security and my former boss asked me if I had a business card so we can get together sometime soon. I immediately panicked and checked my wallet for some extras but lo and behold I didn't have any. I was really humiliated and felt very unprofessional that exact moment and wished that I had those unique ones I saw on line. That would have been impressive with the titles and all.

If I had myself inspired with the President's official color and the great attitude towards change in the government then I would be the envy of my peers. Envy in a good way that they will try their best in whatever they do even in the private sector. If I had my way I'd be getting mine customized since I want to represent a generation of people. Yellow is my color of choice, you should do the same!


Blogetery Back From Cemetery

If you are one of the users of Blogetery you might be in for a surprise. The service provider has been ordered to have the service back again and this means the owner will be given a copy of around 70,000 users blogs since they were shut down a couple of months ago due to accusations of violations in its terms of service. The Russian owner Alexander Yusupov is seeking help of lawyers in this long battle and I'm sure the 5th Amendment will come to play since it was shut down without informing the owner and was only doing it with FBI authorities.

A lot of questions came into mind. Was public safety really in question here?! There are some links to bomb making sites as accorded by the FBI but these are probably mere accusations. They should have given him time to have it moderated and at least a chance to have the offenders taken off like most blog hosts would do but to suspend the whole 70,000 population is just preposterous. Why in the world were they given authority to do that?! Where is free speech in this sense?! I know there will be some people that would gladly take the case and get him paid dearly. Site owners should know their rights and I hope this guy gets the proper amount of money from damages he incurred in the business. After all he did probably put that up for the same reason, just business and nothing else. If there were unscrupulous individuals doing the links then they should have been just suspended and had him informed about it.


Smartphone Sales in the US

I have seen the best and the worst in the phone markets in Asia, Europe and in the US. I am involved in the mobile phone retail sector and these smart phones are part of that. The prices have been pretty competitive in the smart phone sector and I'm sure it wouldn't be a pretty sight for some of the brands this year. True enough the GOOGLE Nexus One took a mighty blow when it decided to stop sales of this press worthy gadget in the US. I got a chance to see this particular bit with a friend from work who was doing some tests for wireless Internet connection and file transfer capabilities. At first, I knew the software choices were going to be less than the great competitor Apple IPHONE. Function wise some of the software available on these devices were not bug free. Coding and properly marketing these certain components are vital to the development of more proprietary software. Sales did not pick up even after all the promising reviews and a dismal number of handsets were only released. Only the other telephone operators outside the US would now be able to release this device. They are possibly also looking for some ways to launch a Nexus II if everything works out price wise.

I hope it comes close to IPHONE and Sidekick Sales in the near future since development for better software would trigger a wider choice as far as smart phones are concerned. How cheap they can sell these handsets would depend on market demand and raw materials. Free applications wouldn't hurt too!


You Can Do Better! Go UE RED WARRIORS!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Okay so the UE Red Warriors lost their first two games. How do I tell you guys to step it up?! How do I tell you that there are a few people disappointed; but still support you all the way? What would I feel after seeing you lose another one? I am optimistic don't get me wrong... but if you want to do something about it... NOW would be a good time to do so.
I am a full blooded warrior. My Dad was a warrior, my Mom studied and taught in UE a few years back. I have but the highest regards with my Alma Mater and who wouldn't, I got my Computer Engineering degree there too. As far as I'm concerned, I have all the reasons to subliminally support you guys no matter what. These past few games though; when we are all rooting for them till our throat erupts, I somehow felt quite bad about you not winning. I understand you feel the same. This I think is the best time to analyze what went wrong. Why are there no Assistant Coaches available on the bench?[Even my Dad could do it! (^_^) do you need ones who can work pro bono?!] Are we running out of coaching staff? Is administration to blame for on the recent losses? Budget? Gameplay? Or did the other school just played better?! I guess it is bad to put an accusing finger to anyone at this point but I together with the thousands of people who support the UE Red Warriors want to know how we could help. Don't you know your online popularity is phenomenal?!
Hayyy.. (-_-)".... You know what guys, I've never considered myself a fan, but a part of the team. I am supporting you no matter what. I'm glad I got that out. Paul Lee is doing a damn fine job, but please Coach, stop experimenting while the game is on. We (including me!) need to help out each other, step up Martinez's fast plays, have the centers go faster up and down the court and get the guards to be lethal on the outside. The rookie free throw shots would have done a mile if the didn't miss that much like the last games. I'm pretty sure the next ones would be a cinch if we all work together. Coach Chiongson and the rest of whats left with your coaching staff, please work on it. I together with the Red Tribe and the THOUSANDS who believe in you; will never back out! You got my support! We may have lost some games but I believe the WAR hasn't been won yet! Let's show them how tough the warriors are!


Getting Experts to do it!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

People were a little shocked yesterday when they heard the news that GLEE teen star CHARICE from the Philippines was getting her jaw sides BOTOX'D while being seen by millions of people in public television. I'm really okay with it unlike some Filipinos who still find it taboo to have anything retouched at an early age. If it is cosmetic and it will enhance what she looks like I'm all for it! I would want that for myself too pretty soon and I'm studying what procedures would be good for me. I would like to find doctors that I could trust in the plastic surgery plano area. I'm sure they will do a good job with their proven track record and inclusion in AI4PS which is the premier institute for plastic surgeons in the Dallas area! I hope I can get something done there soon because of some fat deposits I would like to get rid of on my sides, belly and chin area.

Safety should always be first. These procedures can be very dangerous so if you would like to even think about getting it done; we should always seriously take in consideration what they have done in the past and what expertise they have so you won't be sorry. Get the best ones to do it for you because after all it is your body. CHARICE may have had it done; but that doesn't mean she did not think about it first. Getting certified plastic surgeons is the key. Would you do otherwise?!


The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Nicolas Cage and Jay Baruchel leads this not so magical movie in the theaters nationwide. Yes it was a little disappointing to tell you honestly because I really expected a lot with this movie. Why in the world would you cast someone like Nicolas Cage in the first place?! Was he used efficiently acting wise?! I doubt it.

When the movie started I had a hunch it was going to be graphics wise a failure. It wasn't spectacular enough. Every bit of it was mediocre. Well the large metal animals like the bull and eagle were not. That's beside the point though because if they could get something like that spectacular the small things like plasma and fire should have been better, after all it was the staple offensive magic that they used for the film.

The magic done on the fight scenes were too small to damage anyone. The final one with Morgana was the same too. It could have been better to do a dragon ball like energy shot rather than a few fairy like electricity balls. Any person could have survived that attack. If they are planning to do a sequel with this one I'm not going to be surprised if it doesn't perform in the box office. It is just hype that made me watch this I guess plus the fact that Nicolas Cage was in it.

Would I recommend you to watch a story about a boy who is a near relative of Merlin who had 3 apprentice magic users that later on became 1) an antagonist of Nicolas Cage and 2) his girlfriend?! The answer is a big NO. There are a lot better movies out there than this one unfortunately. Maybe kids would love this but with the romantic scenes on it, I think they marked it PG13. Would it have that hype without magic or Nicolas Cage on it?! Hell no!

This only will get 2 out of 5 kumags, at least it was descent.

(Rights to Disney on Poster)

Life with Music, Art, Beer and an awesome DJ!

Friday, July 16, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of goviral. All opinions are 100% mine.

I party hard. That's where the girls are at and when I say we're going to rule the clubs and pubs at night I make sure I leave a mark. I love to get drunk but don't get me wrong; I do it for the right things. After a hard week of sitting in front of the computer dealing with clients here and in the UK I know how to relax and unwind. I grab every opportunity to get the best tasting, ice cold beer when I get the chance. The crisp feeling you get every time you get a sip out of this cold beverage is something that I always look forward to every day of the week. I also love house and trance music. Hearing that beat pound, plus the cold beer, and the little talks with the ladies; make me a happy boy indeed. It makes me realize that it pays to be a single guy in this day and age. I get the chance to party with the best crowd, listen to the best music and bands. That is what DJ CHEEBA can do with beer taps and a couple of hundred of LED lit bottles. If there was a DJ to be idolized in the club circuits, this guy takes art and music into a whole new level! I am really impressed!

BECK'S VIER is special. They take their Music Inspires Art Program to unparalleled heights. Imagine the talent and technology that has gone into each configured beer tap just to produce immeasurable awesome sound that would be the delight of anyone watching the spectacle. I am just at awe! Take a look at it and you'll know why I love the concept. All the things I go out in the clubs for were right in front of me. I think I'll try getting a DJ as excellent as that when my birthday comes. I would also get the best, great tasting beer that comes with it too! I would get that beer below zero and have a really good time with my friends and that old BECKS VIER! Let's drink to that!

Visit my sponsor: