Smartphone Sales in the US

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have seen the best and the worst in the phone markets in Asia, Europe and in the US. I am involved in the mobile phone retail sector and these smart phones are part of that. The prices have been pretty competitive in the smart phone sector and I'm sure it wouldn't be a pretty sight for some of the brands this year. True enough the GOOGLE Nexus One took a mighty blow when it decided to stop sales of this press worthy gadget in the US. I got a chance to see this particular bit with a friend from work who was doing some tests for wireless Internet connection and file transfer capabilities. At first, I knew the software choices were going to be less than the great competitor Apple IPHONE. Function wise some of the software available on these devices were not bug free. Coding and properly marketing these certain components are vital to the development of more proprietary software. Sales did not pick up even after all the promising reviews and a dismal number of handsets were only released. Only the other telephone operators outside the US would now be able to release this device. They are possibly also looking for some ways to launch a Nexus II if everything works out price wise.

I hope it comes close to IPHONE and Sidekick Sales in the near future since development for better software would trigger a wider choice as far as smart phones are concerned. How cheap they can sell these handsets would depend on market demand and raw materials. Free applications wouldn't hurt too!


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