Getting Experts to do it!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

People were a little shocked yesterday when they heard the news that GLEE teen star CHARICE from the Philippines was getting her jaw sides BOTOX'D while being seen by millions of people in public television. I'm really okay with it unlike some Filipinos who still find it taboo to have anything retouched at an early age. If it is cosmetic and it will enhance what she looks like I'm all for it! I would want that for myself too pretty soon and I'm studying what procedures would be good for me. I would like to find doctors that I could trust in the plastic surgery plano area. I'm sure they will do a good job with their proven track record and inclusion in AI4PS which is the premier institute for plastic surgeons in the Dallas area! I hope I can get something done there soon because of some fat deposits I would like to get rid of on my sides, belly and chin area.

Safety should always be first. These procedures can be very dangerous so if you would like to even think about getting it done; we should always seriously take in consideration what they have done in the past and what expertise they have so you won't be sorry. Get the best ones to do it for you because after all it is your body. CHARICE may have had it done; but that doesn't mean she did not think about it first. Getting certified plastic surgeons is the key. Would you do otherwise?!


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