Craving for Irish Breakfast!

Friday, July 16, 2010

I miss the things I used to eat when my brother was here preparing my favorite Irish breakfast. I love those slightly fried potatoes that are pre boiled and those oh scrumptious sausages. I wonder how my Mum would be able to recreate this simple meal for me on occasions that I crave for it. I have to go there late this year so I could see the sights and drop by those pubs I frequent before. I have to also do landscapes and I'm sure those green hills and cliffs won't disappoint me. My brother will be coming home too. As soon as he gets his chef hat parked on our door I'll force him to make one for me! Or else! Ha-ha!

A variety of side dishes are on my mind right now like cherry tomatoes and mushrooms. I bet it will work greatly with tea and a spritz of milk. I won't hold back on chutney or jam made from apricots and heaping slices of butter on hot toast. I really wonder where that famine went when Ireland is so full of these. I'll prepare a big amount so I can fix that vacation soon. He invited me anyway so I'm gonna be really gunning for that! When can I start wearing my tap shoes so I can do it with those dancers that fire up on riverdance! ^_^ I'm sure it'll be a blast!

It's a Man's meal!


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