WOW Will Never Be The Same Again!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I learned World of War Craft from my friends in college and it has been so addicting that it has consumed almost two whole days in my week. This was really not getting productive because I have some major reports to finish. This should not be the case since I prioritize my work more than any other extra curricular activity. I'm sure a lot of other individuals that play in my server also feel the same way because it is time consuming to get the right amount of gold to purchase in game weapons, armors and abilities. I worry about it too much that I get stressed; I think it would be nice if there was some way I could get stronger and faster.

I would have preferred doing quests but the money we get from that was all too low it was not sufficient to get the higher grade items which would spell who wins or not on PVP matches. I was not comfortable anymore because my friends were all shining on their costumes and stronger each time I go on line. I was left scrambling to get to their levels but never got there they literally went on and found better clans for themselves. I was looking for a faster way to do this and almost lost hope. I got an on line friend who told me a huge secret. Buy WoW Gold from MYMMOSHOP.COM so you could get the best items you could wear while slaying those enemies. It was one thing that got stuck in my mind so I immediately grabbed the opportunity. I wish someone told me about this earlier though... because if everyone knew how great this site was, they would never look at anything again to get those needed gold! I just love it!


Drifting Finals at Greenhills with D60KREW

There were awesome cars, awesome cars and awesome cars! It was a day for drifting, I had so much fun with the D60KREW... a few shopping stops here and there then we proceeded to the parking lot where they hold this event. Tom Alvarez lead the ceremonies and everyone's spirit was so high!

There were even some celebrities in the pitstop, some models too so everything was worth it to shoot. Let me show you one that I took with Ryan Agoncillo on the driver seat:

The actual drift run was nice but he kinda begged off on the semi finals. Some fans were disappointed, but hey I got these panning shots which is nice. That was all I was there for. I really enjoy the adrenaline rush you get when you almost get sideswiped by the cars. The small barriers were really not that much of help, but in looking at drifting in the Philippines I think it was still not at par with the Japanese guy who performed for the crowd. He was the only one who drifted really nice in the whole course. Filipinos had few stops in the course but his run was smooth and in unending lines. I really got goosebumps looking at it. I'll probably post some more shots when I finish post processing it. I'll also tell you about some more groups I met from photo shoots I went to this morning. It was awesome as this! I spent a long time with the guys till the wee hours of the morning over a tall Caramel Macchiato =) a great day indeed!


Laptops for Free!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Heard the news? Remember the time when CHARTER gave away a lot of High Definition Television sets?! They are back at it again and this time it's going to be laptop computers every day July 15 through September 15, 2009. This is perfect for professionals and students because the back to school season calls for it. It would also be awesome since they will be giving away laptops for easy mobility at work and in school. Not just that, the 15-inch laptops are all HP 550 Notebooks with previously installed Windows Vista and an awesomely designed NEOTEC Computer Backpack so you can carry it around anytime, anywhere!

Make sure you add up Charter on Facebook so you know when they will be giving away fabulous prizes!

Since they are more generous than ever, they will also be adding in free gift cards ranging in value of $25-$100 on special online deals. Who would have thought they will even get shopping easier for you?! This is just great before starting the school year. What are you waiting for? Come and join the Laptop-a-Day Sweepstakes and get that computer you have always wanted only from CHARTER!

We have been subscribers of their CABLE service and fully satisfied right from the start. If you are mobile, make sure you follow Charter on Twitter. You will get updated on specials too!



RICO BLANCO: A Real Performer!

I got the awesome chance to shoot in the concert of Rico Blanco. Yeah we have heard him on RIVERMAYA and other solo performances and this one was his night. There was also a band that performed in his front act that I really like but I forgot their name. It was sumthin with cars but I guess I would not be able to know that anymore hehe.

Here is a peek at some of the pictures I uploaded:

I really enjoyed that night because I found out how awesome of a performer he is. I was really an inch away from him at times and I found him very appealing. There were all types of people there from ABCD and E. I hated that part because some of them do SMELL... Eeeugh!... But that does not discount the fact that I enjoyed his set. For buying his album, I guess I have a lot to think about since I am not a fan, maybe if that were Eraserheads I would die if I would not be able to get one hahahah!


Under Pressure!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I think I would really hate myself if I missed episodes of BLACK GOLD from the TRUTV Actuality Series. It is on its second season and I was so excited to finally see it last August 19. I was really at awe how these men survive day to day. Every oil rig, drill and well derrick they excavate every day spelled danger for their lives and families. It takes a lot of guts to be in their shoes. I would never look at Diesel and Gasoline the same way ever again. I thought my work was tough in the air conditioned small corner office but OMG I was wrong. Getting dangerous and dirty shows how a true blue rough neck lives in truTV BLACK GOLD.

When these three men managed Rig 28, I was not quite so sure they are going to be able to do it because CHESTON was not that much getting used to the life of a rough neck yet. If I had some parts to like, it was the thought of Gerald Williams getting so frustrated over this city boy's incompetence with the situations on this rig. If only his Mom and Dad knew he would end up like this they would not probably agree on letting him go to West Texas in the first place. I think it is more of a calling if you end up with this job. I wonder how I would have felt if we traded places with one of the truTV BLACK GOLD characters. If that would have happened then someone might have gotten hurt. It could more likely be me! This is just not a career for anyone... you need to be like Gerald who lives and breathes rough. Even if he was a veteran at this, he still wanted to do everything safely or they could all lose their jobs and lives.

Black Gold has shown me a lot. To experience extreme temperature, pressure and conditions just for work; not to mention be good at it is quite phenomenal. I would love to do this sometime soon but I think it's safer to stay behind the table for now. I am sure truTV BLACK GOLD Healthcare would not be able to pay for my hospital bills. I have never seen anything so REAL in television than this one. I am one hell of a fan!




Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Since I want to blog today and I have too many things on my mind right now, I would like to start with the things I did this week. This will be a series of things that I am thinking about so stay tuned because there will be more of this!

1. I started Restaurant City in Facebook! Yeah I know how late I am because most probably everyone has already played that game... and I feel so lame but who cares!! I like playing things like these now!

2. Learned that Chris Brown just got sentenced. According to his people, he was sentenced 5 years on probation and community service also. I wonder what particular thing he'll be doing, I hope he goes to some home for the aged... oh wait, he might beat them up too ^_^

3. Some people are still spreading rumors about Beyonce and her Mom dying from a plane crash. Apparently, nobody saw their plane leave or land anywhere but MYSPACE LOL

4. Heard my boss will be in town next week, have not seen him in person for the last few years... I wonder what he really looks like in person... thanks for the promotion though! I'm so happy about that! (^_^)

5. I'm still post processing the photos from last weekend's shoot. Wanna see some of them? Here you go:


6. My Lovelife sucks! What's new! hahah


Love Missouri!


I am truly a fan of the arts and I would literally travel thousands of miles to get there. Just late last year, I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days with my relatives in a historic town called Branson in Missouri. I was so excited since I seldom do go out of California from the business trips and seminars I go to every year. It was not that much of a vacation in the west coast but when I traveled to this quaint town along East Main Street, I was at awe when I learned that I would be staying at the fabulous Hilton Branson Convention Center. My Aunt Wilma reserved this for me so I was really surprised that I would stay in something so posh! It was eye candy!


From the grand lobby, to the nice molding details on my room, the indoor and outdoor pool, I knew I was in for something surreal in my stay here.


I had lunch with my Aunt, Nephews and Nieces on the TROFI Lounge located at the second floor. It was architecturally phenomenal! Design wise it was so awesome since they took advantage of the scenic Lake TANEYCOMO and BRANSON Landing. Imagine looking through ground to ceiling glass windows with that outside. It was just perfect!


After that, they toured me around the Titanic Museum (as we paid homage to the ship) that literally was as huge as the real one. It was even nicer in the mid afternoon since the lights came on. I was in dire need of evening entertainment; the town and the people did not disappoint me because there was a little piano number on the posh Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel that I stayed in. We spent the whole night there!

If you plan to visit this September 2009, make sure you attend these special events I listed on this special itinerary!

Sept 7 Silver Dollar City's "Southern Gospel Picnic"
Sept 2 the End of World War II
Sept 7 Model T Meet - Dick Clark's Area 57
Sept 11 9/11 "BRANSON Remembers" -
Sept 11-12 2009 BRANSON Car Collector Auction
Sept 12-Oct 31 Silver Dollar City's "National Harvest Festival"
Sept 17-20 36th Annual Autumn Daze Arts and Crafts Festival - Downtown BRANSON
Sept 17-20 Compton Ridge Fiddlers Convention - at Compton Ridge Campground
Sept 15 POW-MIA Day. "Silent March"
Sept 23-27 Chrysler 300 Club - Dick Clark's Area 57
Sept 26 HOLLISTER Grapes and Fall Festival - Historic Downing Street in HOLLISTER

I would recommend you stay in 2 places only when you get to Missouri. The Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and the Hilton BRANSON Convention Center Hotel. They have specials like the Moon River Package which you can get from Jun. 15, 2009 - Nov. 15, 2009 at only US $179/night. For golfers like me, the Golf package at US $209/night looks slightly more appealing because you will get the chance to play at the new Payne Stewart Golf Course if you reserve from Sept. 17, 2008 - Sept. 29, 2009. This coming week, the Annual Southern Gospel Picnic will happen at BRANSON where you could see hundreds of performances from the top names in southern gospel music! They have more specials listed on their site; what more could you ask for?! Stay in a Hilton Hotel, they are hospitable!



Beyonce is NOT DEAD


This is weird, I have received about 10 text messages this morning which all contain preposterous news about Beyonce being dead. Of all the things people could joke about at this time, it was not a thing I could let pass. I immediately searched for it in the Internet and all I could read about was rumors and posts from social networks... which all mean one thing. It is NOT TRUE!

I would be really offended if someone did spread rumors about me if I was alive and kicking but they tell other people that I am dead. Death in the first place is not a joking matter. I hope the people who started this rumor know what they are doing because they can also be charged in court and be liable to damages both morally and emotionally. I wonder how Sasha Fierce would feel about this. Not only is she the extroverted and powerful one of her legendary on stage personalities, it even became the other half of her album which is now on top of the charts.

I wish people could just stop and think about what they are doing with other people. I wish they would be more responsible about telling stories like these in the Internet. The last message I received included her Mom on it too. This is just a bad joke! Grrr... a real retard move!


I want a ROLEX!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I have always wanted the best designer clothes and I do sometimes spend on them whenever I could afford it. I do not go beyond my spending capabilities but there's this one thing I have always dreamed of having, a ROLEX!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you can call me names and call me extravagant but the value of this particular watch seemed too precious for my budget but I have been saving for it since college. I guess it is somewhat a fetish to have that ROLEX. I just could not sleep at the mere sight of it because you would always think about purchasing one every time you pass by your favorite department store. My Mom always told me not to spend too much and I am considering even to purchase previously owned ones just as long as it's the same brand. I am brandish, but you can never discount the fact that the reason why this watch became legendary is because of its stylish and sometimes meticulously handcrafted materials. There are some who even carry diamond pieces that I adore! I am willing to spend on this one no matter what other people say. I already have slaved 5 years in my company; I guess getting this one is sort of a gift to me. That is to my standards really justifiable.


Good thing I found with just a few clicks and they offer the best deals for that Blue Dial model that I absolutely love! They are also part of the Better Business Bureau with an exceptional A+ rating so you are sure you will only be getting the best from ALEX Jewelry. They guarantee you will get the lowest prices on genuine ROLEX watches which they also ship in for free. Have you ever heard of any establishment giving a 3 year warranty? Only they do that! I better write down and let you know their contact details so even you my readers can get the best thing since sliced bread! Get one now!

3180 Presidential Drive, Suite J
Atlanta, Georgia
Phone: 888-721-1979
Best Of Time


Back to the Gym

Today marks my 7th day of not going to the gym so being the stubborn boy that I am I'm planning to go back today so I wouldn't tell myself that I only pay 2 thousand bucks for nothing at Fitness First. I better get serious too with my diet because I saw some pictures from yesterday's photoshoot that I have not been a bit thinner than when I last saw myself. I better get back into shape else I would be sickly like last week. I guess there is such a thing as over fatigue because I felt that way this week. My body aches a lot and I couldn't move without noticing I need to rest every once in a while. I should have gone some place more quiet and convenient. Or maybe I need a massage like when my Dad used to. I guess I was not satisfied with any massages I bought because they were too soft. Hey! I'm a big guy so it is quite pathetic to see people press joints and body parts when they could not even press it that much right?

I don't know if I need a wrestler to at least get something out of my system but I need one fast. Maybe I'll try going to some massage establishments and try some of their experts if it would turn out they could do better than my Dad. I hope Dad's okay though even if I ask him a lot these days to massage my back. Geeze, I wonder what could I do next.

Hey, I forgot, here is a photo from last Sunday's shoot. The models were great and the workshop was even better!

Courtesy of Ms. Bambit Gaerlan here is the Group Hug!



Better Waste Management

Monday, August 24, 2009

It looks like we are presented again with the perennial problem of garbage in the city. I hear over the news that the current dump site in the outskirts of Manila was in the verge of foreclosure because of political and social unrest in that part of the country. If there was only an efficient way of handling toxic waste and dangerous chemicals without endangering the general public then it would really be better. I hope there would be better waste management programs implemented soon.


It is not impossible since they can also get Skip Bin Hire Software to better manage this problem. The technology boasts of on line application that even collects and report data automatically that would result to better services for the people. They even integrated satellite driven images to pinpoint locations so it would easily be identifiable wherever they are in the world. Technology has really gone a long way in helping waste management. Countries like ours who are in dire need of automation are better off using these useful tools for the betterment of our society. WASTEDGE is awesome!


A Day with the D60KREW and Sir Rolly Magpayo

Good Morning ladies and germs! I'm about to leave the office now from a very very tiring day. I just came from a photo shoot cum seminar in Paranaque then went straight to work but man it was well worth it. I learned a lot from a master named Rolly Magpayo. My friends from the D60 KREW was eager to learn too and it started what became a very fruitful day. And the models were also awesome!

I would be able to give you a couple of shots but we were not allowed to touch our photos yet. He decided to also teach the raw processing of the photos and create the actual wokflow via a saved action of sharpening by Manny Librodo and a lot of other stuff in photoshop. I have not used things like that yet because I usually sharpen things differently to make things pop via colors and levels of brightness. I saw the results they post processed on the lecture and they were really natural looking. The sharpening were all done in the eyes and minute details of hair, eyebrows, nose and some other things in the background. I guess that is the proper way to do it so maybe I will follow their examples. I would check how it fares with what I do. I was not hurt by the critiques that much because I felt the same about my signatures and photos too. I will have to change them sooner than I think hahaha.

My personal mantra for the day is...


Maybe I would be able to submit raw photos tomorrow and see what happens. Hope the Master likes it otherwise I would not be able to post it. =)

Here are a few shots outside my office which I took yesterday.




More than Reality

Thursday, August 20, 2009

There are a lot of programs now lined up in major broadcast networks that fail to capture the essence of having a reality show. My Dad even sleeps on some of them the whole hour. My elder sister however is a scared cat so she is the one who ends up screaming on great ones that successfully touches the audiences every now and then. Reality TV has never been better for me though until I learned about the the truTV effect. If you do not know what that is, then you are missing half your life!

There is this show called Halloween Heist by the Masterminds which I religiously follow in truTV video. With the situations and creepy parts so real, you will feel that you are even in the video itself! I was so afraid once that I had to turn on the lights while watching it because if you do not then all these other ghosts and horror filled thoughts will surely fill your mind. This is just awesome viewing in the comfort of your own home. There are also other episodes you might want to try like this newly released one about tough necks from Texas oil fields:

See what I mean about it being better than reality TV? It is a whole lot better than those conventional ones that feel sometimes artificial because they are in one way or the other already scripted. I wonder how this would really feel if I watched this with my sister soon, she will definitely scream! Ha-ha! And what is better is that they even have promos that you can join while enjoying these awesome oil swash buckling episodes! Watch it with caution because when the stories are real, the effect is A C T U A L!



Foodie Event News!


Good news guys!

I just received a reply from the foodie event organizer about my enthusiasm in joining the event on September and it seems that things are getting a little bit smoother. They have not yet finalized the venue so there are still some matters for them to arrange, but just the thought of them replying to my email this morning means I have got a huge chance of going to this event. Check out her reply…

Hi Troy!

We are still finalizing the venue and will keep you posted if we can invite you to join.
Thank you for your interest to be one of the tasters!


On Mon, Aug 17, 2009 at 7:08 AM, TROY wrote:

Ms. Rache,

Hi there! I'm TROY a photographer and owner of KUMAGCOW.COM and would like to let you know my interest in attending this upcoming food event. I have written a couple of food reviews in my site and would really love to get to know foodies like me and the great food new establishments would like to offer. If there is an RSVP please let me be number one on that list.




See what I mean? It really pays to ask people. Now that this has been really positively received from the organizers, I don't think there would be anything else that they could tell me to stop wishing to go there. I will go there by hook or by crook heheh. Not unlike that Goldilocks event by Nuffnang where they suddenly had emailed me about an attendee list of some sort. I was not able to go there because of that. This will be one event I will not miss. Surely gonna be another event food will not be wasted! hahahah!


Dangerous Black Gold

Imagine being put into a situation where your life is at stake. You battle huge fires, enjoy dirty, filthy clothes, men sweating, hard labor, huge drills, wells and derricks just to get a glimpse of that BLACK GOLD everybody is looking for.

In this lifetime where everyone is dependent on oil, we all wish we could look for that spot where you can get millions of barrels of oil so you can sell them to the highest bidder. Texas is filthy rich of this particular ingredient we use for any petroleum based products, but nobody knows the danger and hardships that go between getting that and pumping it into your car's engine. I'm sure if a lot of them already perished during just the exploration, there is more to see in this particular episode from truTV's Black Gold which premieres August 19th at 10p/9c and with all new episodes Wednesdays at 10p/9c.

If I were one of the rough neck men that are put into these hard and hot places, I would probably faint just seeing explosions here and there. At the sight of fires bigger than me, I would be one sissy looking under that hot sweltering sun. I would not survive being part of truTV's Black Gold drilling because it would be too hard even for a big guy like me. It would take guts and a lot of fire trucks to hose me down. You can really imagine that you are in that particular place and state because of the real life television program they make. You should watch that truTV's Black Gold trailer so you know how it feels. Only TRUTV does that!