CORY AQUINO Laid to Rest

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I woke up this evening looking at recent events on TV. It's already around 9PM and they were only about done with the funeral of Corazon Aquino. I can imagine people have been there since 5AM this morning. News people have probably not eaten yet, guests probably also have not taken dinner or lunch. A bunch of the crowd were also barging in the fence, some of them were stopped by the police, but it was just that impromptu that they all went in at the same time so they were able to go half way... almost in the bridge. There were reported people that were hurt, some were already going home at around 9:30PM but there is still HUGE traffic in that are so it would really take a couple of hours before they can all get back to QC and other parts of the metro.

I like what I saw earlier, Baby James was putting in some flowers for the late President. You can hear Kris coaching him and saying "good boy!" at his back. It was a nice to see, I would have gone if it were not raining. I would have gone if I was not going to report for work. It's going to be quite difficult though because my boss is in town and we will meet him tomorrow afternoon. I'm on the graveyard shift too so go figure! I'll probably be barely getting some sleep so wish me luck!

I hope I get to finish my reports now so I can start on some of the other things I need to blog about. Not to mention the hundreds of things that I have to read so I can understand the things I'm goin over with my boss... I'm nervous obviously.

I hope and pray Corazon Aquino may rest in peace...Millions of Filipinos love her... I do too... my condolences to her family too.


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