Filipino Anime Barangay 143 Launched

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I’ve never seen anything like this yet on Philippine TV and it’s a welcome change from regular programming. Knowing how the cartoon/anime industry works, this must have taken them years to actually conceptualize and finish, but a couple weeks ago, we have confirmed that Barangay 143 is finally here!

In huge celebrations at the Centris Tent in Quezon City, they had us take a look at the voices behind the characters of the Filipino Singaporean Anime series which will be seen on one of the countries leading networks, GMA.

The series is produced by ASI Animation Studios, Synergy88 and August Media Holdings in cooperation with Japanese Television Network TV ASAHI. It’s all about the Filipinos favorite sport, BASKETBALL. It’s a little funny how we all are much known as shorter people but so involved with this sport. They will see exactly why we are so connected with it, drawn mostly by Pinoys, and a story line that also talks about Philippine life in a Filipino setting.

During the press conference, they introduced celebrities who played the voices of the characters in the series. GMA’s Migo Adecer’s voice was used for Bren T. Park, a half Filipino - South Korean basketball player searching for his Father when his mom died. Julie Anne San Jose plays Vicky the team manager, Ruru Madrid is Wax who plays for the opposing team, Kelley Day plays Jinri who is Bren’s friend, veteran actor John Arcilla plays Coach B the star coach from the Philippines, Gabbi Garcia plays Melody who later falls in love with Wax, Ms. Cherie Gil plays Sophia, Paolo Contis plays Koboy, young Raver Eda as Buchoy and prime actress Sylvia Sanchez plays Tita Baby (every Filipino has one Tita Baby no?). They will make your short few hours a fun one with this show. 

This show will probably start early October 2018 on GMA and will also be shown in Japan sometime soon. People will see a glimpse of Philippine street basketball, a short view of how romance and passion is done here in the Philippines too. Are you excited? Don’t worry because according to the few stars I have talked to after the launch, they had fun doing these characters, they just hope you will enjoy this too!

By the way, you can also download Barangay Basketball on Android now and play as one of these characters, you’ll get to see how they will do the story soon on the Kapuso network, I think they are block timers, stay tuned!

I can’t wait to see this happen!

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Maine Mendoza Supports Alden on Victor Magtanggol

Monday, July 30, 2018

Today we will all see the premiere episode of Alden Richards starrer Victor Magtanggol, on GMA Primetime.

Fans are abuzz about the show and it’s stars especially the supporters of AlDub. On Twitter, it seems that there are factions who didn’t want to support this project because the other half of AlDub/MaiChard tandem Maine Mendoza isn’t included in the cast.

Just this evening before the premiere episode of the show however, Maine Mendoza (the gorgeous and beautiful lady) sent a public tweet showing her full support to her husband (I kid) Alden Richards saying “You will always have my support, best of luck and stay happy!” to the delight of AlDub fans around the world who commented, retweeted and liked the Tweet.

Alden Richards upon seeing the Tweet suddenly replied to his wife (I kid again! :) ) and said “Maine Thank You ng Sobra” (which means “Maine super thanks!”) which prompted the fans to go ballistic again on the Micro blogging platform. Not surprised.

If I could just say, this is just a super touching gesture from Maine. She’s definitely a different kind of woman, very special. I really love them both! I hope fans of the two continue to support their shows as Maine is doing a lot of projects (recently her own MAC Cosmetics Lip Line) , and Alden does his too including Victor Magtanggol.

AlDub is love!

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5 More New Channels with ABSCBN TVplus

There are new channels in TV Plus and they call these #DagdagChannels, for starters they have the Asianovela Channel, showcasing the best Asianovela content in ABSCBN’s coffers to showcase on free digital tv these lovely shows tagalized. Goblin, Love in the Moonlight, Sensory Couple, it’s all there!

Second is for the Hollywood fanatics, an all English channel called Movie Central. Action, drama, comedy, fantasy, animated movies in one destination, to give you choices on digital TV. 

Third is Jeepney TV. A 24/7 bank of ABSCBN shows, classics where you can reminisce all over again. If you miss a show on live abscbn, you can see it again on Jeepney TV.

Fourth is music channel MYX where you can see celebrity MYX VJ’s, MYX shows, the best concerts, events and the best music in the Philippines. We know that right?

Fifth is for the shopaholic, of course all day shopping at OSHOPPING. The best deals, best new technologies and luxury items at a fraction of the cost. Lay away terms and cod? They can do that too, imagine the possibilities!

Now you’ve got more from ABSCBN TV Plus! 5 more channels to choose from and enjoy with friends and family. Ahhh thank you for the Dagdag Channels! This only costs 1,495 only and you can get them in a lot of partner stores, ABSCBN shops too!

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BLK513’s Secret Menu

Sunday, July 29, 2018

After reading this article, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

A few days ago, BLK513 opened it’s newest branch at UP Town Center in Katipunan Avenue. The place sits almost right in the center beside Torch and Casa Verde. The look, always instagrammable but this one is quite special because of it’s new SECRET MENU.

Yogurt is healthy and doctors always advise to have this for good digestion. In BLK513, they’ve always been known to step up the Yogurt game, so aside from their best selling black charcoal varieties, they now have this CAGE set up for you inside their store.

Obviously you can’t enter here without a password. So go to the counter and order among their newest concoctions.

Banoffee Pie
Good Morning Love
Honey Cereal Glow my second fave!
Tropical Matcha
Frozen Hot Chocolate
Pink Tea Cheesecake, my personal favourite!

What i like about BLK513 is that they don’t hold back on the ingredients, the fruits specifically! They have it fresh, plus the other toppings too!

This chopped up Caramel Bars :) loveeet!

Now I was here to get my experience of the Strawberry Tea Cheesecake, so after entering the password and the gate, they have a full blown Yogurt bar inside that prepares the SECRET MENU items I mentioned earlier.

Now that’s enough reason to visit this branch in BLK513 UP Town Centet Katipunan right?

Congratulations for having this new store BLK513!

Trust me on the Strawberry Tea Cheesecake, it’s so good!

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Meeting MEGA for "SHARON My 40 Years"

All smiles, Ms. Sharon Cuneta

This is my first time seeing Ms. Sharon Gamboa Cuneta-Pangilinan in the flesh. 

Just like you, I have been a fan as far as I can remember. Her iconic movies, her variety shows, her hit songs and shows all made us feel just be so thankful for her existence. Rightfully so, she's been in the industry for 40 years.

Honestly, I was a little afraid of seeing her because - I'm just an ordinary person - and she - is an icon. I felt a little unworthy to talk or interview her because of her stature, her place in society, not to mention being a Senator's wife and Megastar. It's a title bestowed only to her, by the public for being a remarkable artist. I was invited to this event  through our friends from Philippine Airlines, and I wasn't that crazy to pass on the opportunity to see her. I sat at the back of the room keeping a low profile, almost incognito in between entertainment bloggers that I often am with in events. During this thanksgiving dinner, I planned to only ask a few questions if we had a chance to talk to her towards the end of the program they planned to do. That didn't happen quite as planned.

When it was announced that she was at the venue already, I thought most of the people in my table would've fainted by now. Ms. Sharon was ushered in and you know what she was doing? She was holding her phone up on her face and she was gamely taking Instagram videos live, glowing, smiling, sincerely happy seeing her most loyal Sharonians who evidently have been with her through the years. I was thinking of a stiff royal celebrity but was seeing an endearing, very spontaneous and charming woman. The way she talks, you could sense how much she's full of wisdom, learned and experienced over the years. She's someone that even if you know you had flaws, but she speaks in a manner that you would be convinced that she would still accept you wholeheartedly. I had this in my mind.

She stood in front of the stage and exchanged pleasantries with her fans, print, broadcast and online media. The funny host (her beloved standup comic) put everybody at ease and told us why we were there. 

Ms. Sharon is on her 40th year in showbusiness, and what better way to celebrate this achievement but by staging a concert called SHARON My 40 Years. For starters, she wants to give back to an industry that has been so good to her.

Her manager, friend and confidant Ms. Sandra Chavez

The SHARON My 40 Years Concert will happen on September 28 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. Tickets are available now on or you can call 911 55 55. She dubs this her BIGGEST and HARDEST concert to date because you can expect a lot of production numbers to pay homage to her career. She tells us that things were not always good but in all those downfalls, she has learned a lot and would never regret any of it. Aside from that, she told us how proud she was for her daughter KC. She's armed her with all the things she can, she's out on her own in the battle called life. 

Here's our interview with the Megastar after the event.

About KC Concepcion and her wish for the people who love her: 

About plans to get The Sharon Cuneta Show seen on the concert itself

About her stint on the ABSCBN show YFSF Kids and Gary Valenciano

About her new online channels, and webisodes for Sharon on Youtube. Make sure you follow @sharoncunetanetwork on Instagram!

She is in her prime, but Frankie (her daughter) gets mad when she gets conscious about her weight. She tells us how she eats, and perhaps including some of it on the websiodes she's planning for her Youtube channel.

I personally asked her about why she put up The Sharon Cuneta Network and she said it was one way to get to connect with her fans in a direct way. She also shares what she thinks about her millennial fans, and her privacy. Check out our interview.

Her advise on how to handle money, and how to be happy? Simple, TRAVEL! She also shares her dream countries  and bucketlist!

Do you know why she loves bags? Here's why!

Here is Ms. Sharon Cuneta inviting you to watch the concert on September 28th at the Araneta Coliseum!

Ms. Sharon Cuneta also shared her blessings by hosting a raffle for the press and her fans. I felt my Dad had a hand in picking me as the winner, thank you so much Ms. Sharon!

I was too shy to do this but it happened. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you even for a few hours Ms. Sharon Cuneta. You are loved by the people because you genuinely care for them, you check on their welfare and the sincerity encompasses everything. Rich, poor, LGBTQ or just about any joe, you have them at your back because you're just YOU, and we thank you for that.

 I'd like to end this bit with that saying that was shared by Ms. Sharon Cuneta. I researched and it came from Lt. General Sir Lord Stevenson Smith Baden Powell (the founder of scouting) who says "Try and leave this world a little better than when you found it, and when your turn comes to die, you can die happy in feeling that at any rate, you have not wasted your time, but have done your best."

Thank you for the prize, I promise to make people in my life happy with it. (check future webisodes or showbiz news to know what this means)

Please make sure you don't miss Ms. Sharon Cuneta's show on September 28 at the Araneta Coliseum and on August 3 8PM at the SMX Convention Center in Davao City's SM Lanang Premier.


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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch GMA’s Victor Magtanggol

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Janine, Chynna and Reese

I know there are a lot of people, probably including you who ridiculed Victor Magtanggol when this show was released by GMA. You have valid points, but think about it this way... they are making their own interpretation of Thor, and it’s not even Thor at all. You’ll know this as soon as you get to watch the first episode on Monday primetime on the Kapuso network.

I don’t want to spoil things, but here are 5 reasons why you should watch Victor Magtanggol:

1. He is not what you think his character is. Yes this has parts of it touching on Norse Mythology, but he’s not the Marvel’s Thor or anybody like it. They have their own relationship (their own story line)which will be divulged in the first episode so make sure you watch that first. I don’t want to burst your bubble and spoil things for you but think of this as a Filipino version of Thor, with more human elements and less of the gods you thought you’ll be seeing in this story. Though they have that too.

2. Alden is good looking. The last thing I’m not even understanding is how bashers would think he is silly for doing this, when they’re not even nice looking themselves. Believe me but for a lot of people, Alden just being there means they have to watch this. I felt convinced with the angle they took why he is out of the country. (Which again is another reason why you should watch this show)

3. The Ensemble Cast. They have John Estrada, Connie Reyes, Chynna Ortaleza, Janine Gutierrez, Reese Tuazon, Andre Paras, Eric Quizon, Freddie Webb, Maritoni Fernandez, Kristoffer Martin, Al Tantay, that Downy kid, Andrea Torres and a couple of foreign lads. If you are a fan of one or more of these people, then you should watch their interesting characters and how they breathe life to their roles.

4. I am an AlDub fanatic, but I felt totally okay to watch Alden be paired with someone else in this case. Both Alden and Maine deserve projects of their own so they could grow with their craft, this is after all their job. How I wish they would make a special appearance in one or more episodes, that would be a big hit.

5. You are not a god, so you don’t have to judge Victor Magtanggol just because it has similarities to the Thor movie. This is more of a comedy and drama filled movie, some action scenes but not centric or integral to their story. They are there but not to its entirety. It’s why you need to watch this.

If I made you think, go ahead and watch this show on GMA this Monday. These actors worked hard for their show, they do not deserve your foul mouths just because they have parts of it similar to the norse diety.

It’s an entirely different story.

There, I said it.

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Authentic Southern Cooking at PALM GRILL Tomas Morato

The Philippines is blessed with a rich culinary heritage and the rest of the world still has to discover what we are as a nation, our food included. Located at the corner of Scout Castor and Tomas Morato in Quezon City is a little known restaurant called PALM GRILL. I’ve been here a couple of times because of events by GMA and private companies - and I was happy because it’s in my neighborhood. I could literally walk from my house to there in just a few minutes.

I wanted to actually go on a solo adventure to Zamboanga and its neighboring provinces, but when I booked flights to that region I think I always get bumped off or got cancelled (twice) and security wise I was advised to tone down my looks and not look like an almost 6 foot lad with blond hair so I wouldn’t stand out from the crowd. I dreamt of doing street photography, to mostly people and even for once, maybe catch a glimpse of a real deal Vinta, a boat which can only be seen in that place. It never came true, so I was a little sad I couldn’t tick that off my bucketlist. Aside from that, when I went to Sabah Malaysia a couple years back, I got a glimpse of the food I wanted to have from that region. Apparently, most of their dishes are similar with what is served on a daily basis in the Southern part of the Philippines, which I have checked and confirmed. I knew I couldn’t live without trying the real thing, real Southern Philippine dishes that caught my eye.

I didn’t know that all along, this same restaurant a few minutes away from my house actually served the authentic southern Philippine dishes I was looking for. Owner Miggy Moreno says “All the dishes here are what I had during childhood, it’s made the same way with ingredients we’ve flown in from Zamboanga. It’s the reason why you’ll get the same taste as if you’re really there.”

The place can probably pack a little over a hundred people. It’s got two floors where you can also find your spot as it’s interiors are fit with flowers and leaves, which I find to be all instagrammable if there is such a word.

The top floor is like a loft, perfect for small functions or parties. They do accomodate that so if you’re looking for a good meal (with new food) this would be a nice place to book.

The second floor is just as pretty. I think they have spent a lot of time thinking about the interiors using wood, bold colors as base, and I think it works.

Now I mentioned I have dined here previously right? I remember having this Green Chicken that time so I wanted to have it again during this small luncheon. It did not dissappoint. The chicken wreaks of coconut their house spice base which reminded me a lot of Malaysian and Indonesian dishes I had in the past. I must admit this is my favorite. Imagine having this and piping hot white rice on a rainy afternoon, it’s like a different kind of comfort food.

The Green Chicken

Tiyula Itum

During our lunch, we were invited to try their newest item on the menu. They call this Tiyula Itum. It’s a Tausug dish similar to our local Bulalo, but it’s got this intense herby but mildly spicy beef flavor. They brought this here because they knew Tomas Morato was quite a competitive place for restaurants. This would defintely make them stand out. You can also ask them to adjust the spiciness of the dish if you prefer a spicier one (which I do by the way) and they would gladly do it for you. They serve this with a little flare, with a live torched bone marrow which you can scoop off and mix in with your rice and broth. If you’re like me who wants the perfect spoon, this is so sinful but so worth it. The broth was hot, has chunks of meat boiled for hours so it is ideal to have this while it’s hot.

The Knicker Iced Treat

This is their version of the Zamboanga Knickerbocker which they call Kinicker Iced Treat. Think of it as a Halo Halo on steroids because it’s got lots of local fruit pieces, ice cream too. I think this would be one of the things you should order to end the meal, especially if you’re a sweet tooth.

They have coffee

They also have a mean coffee. If you’re just around the area and looking for a place to chill, this could be a good place to start before you run amuck and spend the night clubbing.

The food is authentic as it gets because they source their ingredients from Zamboanga. They also have CURACHA with Zamboanga Sauce which I also suggest you get for your meal. Make sure to bring family and friends because the service is not intrusive (which I like) but you can talk to them casually, if you’re just having a drink, that can be done.

If you wish to know more about the place, check out their instagram account @palmgrillph and their social media channels, just search!

Call 3731688 or 545177. They are open everyday 11am to 11pm. Go start your Mindanao journey at Palm Grill.

I am obsessed with their Green Chicken!