Rita Daniela and Marika Sasaki for “Eto Na! MusikalnAPO”

Friday, July 27, 2018

An early morning jam session with GMA Artist Center’s Rita Daniela and Marika Sasaki happened early today. The two singers/actresses will be part of 9Works Theatrical’s latest offering Eto Na! MusikalnAPO. Yes, the whole thing is the story of Filipino music icons the APO HIking Society. There are still a lot of things you didn’t know from this group, their stories, their cause, their cause and how it affected society.

Marika Sasaki plays Jane and she says “We are doing this on August 3-5, 10-12, 17-19 and 24-26 but they are already telling us that there is a huge possibility to have this extended. They have very interesting stories on how they were formed, the went from a big group, until they started to perform as a trio. Honestly I didn’t know most of the songs were originally sung by them, millennials know most of these but didn’t know these guys did it. You’ll love the songs, the set is 70’s because those are their hey days. This is my first theatre experience and I learned a lot, I salute theatre actors and actresses because I now have experienced that. This is a different passion, it’s impossible not to like it. This is about friendship, family and love in that era. You will learn about what you should seek in this time. You will know how brave they were at that era.”

Rita Daniela plays Ana love interest of Rick and she says “This is the story of APO and what happened to their members. It was a surprise, I auditioned for this through 9works Theatrical Production. We had to sing one fast and one slow song by APO. I auditioned and got in, but most of the artists did it online. We even borrowed their minus one, you shouldn’t miss seeing them in the flesh on the August 5 show. I am an old soul, I knew their songs but didn’t know the artists. They speak their mind and they did something for the country. I am not afraid about the politics, but this is a person’s experience. You will experience a rollercoaster ride of emotions. You will be laughing and crying in some of the scenes. Right now there are a lot of artists out there, OPM is so alive and most of the characters here are in that industry. You will see how they make songs, what their message is and that’s exactly why I am an old song until now. You will fall in love with that process and I’m happy it’s all made by Filipinos.”

This is going to be an exciting tell all of what conspired during then 70’s and it’ll be funny, dramatic, bold and romantic in the hopes of you getting inspired about their story.

You may purchase tickets via TICKETWORLD 8919999 and will be shown 8PM Fridays and 3PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

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