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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

She's 1997's Miss Universe Philippines and she has not let off since those days. Being a stalwart and authority of personality development in the Philippines, she has made headway in doing workshops, seminars, talks that result in makin sure the Filipino executives won't be left behind by our Southeast Asian neighbors - and the rest of the world. 

True enough, we saw a very pleasing Abbygale during the press conference this afternoon and she says "This is a revised book, a second edition that delves about Etiquette and Poise. It takes 7 seconds to get a first impression, 7% for words, 38% for tone, 55% non verbal. The way we carry ourselves is essential, so is a smile, positivity, happy thoughts everywhere we go. Start with saying the letter A or the number 8, that is the best smile. Practice it in front of the mirror. If you do this every morning for two weeks, you'll get that smile. It's a little painful, but muscle memory is like that, it makes everyone look better. It makes you sound pleasant, it is infectious too. You need to also correct your posture, your neck, shoulders, legs and lower back. There is also the Forward Lean, it makes people feel important, words are not enough, looking is not enough, offering both your shoulders and face gives sincerity. So is eye contact and poise. Poise is about controlled action, it's a choice, you will have it if you decide to. When you feel good, you'll look good and feel better. If you challenge yourself and succeed doing that, it's personality development. 88 Things Every Proffesional Should Know... Or Else! is available in all National Bookstore and Powerbooks outlets nationwide!"

She adds "I only have this book but I want it to be my legacy, I hope this would help a lot of people because eversince pageant times - posture alone has improved a lot of people, simple things like smiling it changes the psyche. I have worn a lot of hats, I think it's my passion of sharing my self. I saw how we lost everything, whatever we have now we just enjoy it. We have to wear our favorite items, bring out the things on your closet because it's not just for special occasions, we make special moments happen. Also, taking care of yourself is important because you will be the one fighting out there. Beauty Queens can wear their crowns only for a year, but every woman can wear their crown in their hearts all the time."

I also asked her about how to not burn up while working and she advised how to take a proper vacation. If you file leave at work, it shouldn't go to fixing the house, it should be quality time to travel unless you want to go back and be haggard when you arrive at work. She also says it is wise to get off social media too, to disconnect and focus on time spent with family and friends.

I believe her and her passion, I learned a lot in the few minutes I spent with her this afternoon and I'm sure you will too when you get to read her book. It is also available in leading bookstores, Shoppee and Lazada so if you want it sent in the comforts of your home, it's that easy.

Congratulations on your book Ms. Abby!

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