30,000+ TaskUs Employees Benefit from IPO

Monday, August 30, 2021

After baring its plans to go public a few months ago and filing a very successful IPO this June 11th, Santa Monica based company TaskUS is paying cash or equity to their almost 30,000 employees this month. Company leaders were awarded equities while employees are awarded a one time cash bonus as accorded by their tenure in the corporation.

TaskUs CEO Bryce Maddock says "TaskUs exists because of our teammates and support organizations from HR, IT, and Finance. Without their help, there wouldn't be an IPO for the organization. We want to ensure TaskUS employees got their chance to participate with a bonus and continue our investments to support their career growth. We continue to invest in our people with industry leading benefits and career advancement opportunities. This is part of our teammate focused values so everyone gets a great employee experience when they work at TaskUS."

Aside from that, TaskUs also announced a global Tuition Reimbursement and Professional Development Program aimed to support to employees aimed at continuing and further education. TaskUs has been awarded Best Global Culture by Comparably this year and “Best Places to Work” by Business Intelligence. It's just some of their phenomenal achievements for its people-centered culture.

And from the looks of it, they're doing really good!


Huawei Initiates Scholarship for UST ICT Students

lmost the same time last year, Huawei Technologies signed a memorandum of agreement with University of Santo Tomas to provide certification programs, equipment, materials and free training under the HAINA program which authorizes colleges to do Huawei certifcation courses. This year, it's been quite difficult for students to enroll and pay for their tuition fees so Huawei initiated getting scholars this year.

They were welcomed in a virtual event last August 25th wherein Hermil Gerard Calasang, Jia Anette Phi, Kryzha Lei Aguilar, Maricar Auditor and Matthew Gabriel Rabanes were included. They are now officially part of the Huawei family as scholars. College of information and Computing Sciences Dean Jerralyn Padua says "This pandemic has affected so many families and some have no ways to make and earn a living, to put food on the table, let alone send their sons/daughters to school. This will let them continue their studies despite dire situations in the Philippines. We hope this will be just the start of more activities and programs between Huawei and the Universtity of Santo Tomas, to hopefully benefit more students in the future."

Huawei Philippines HR Director Peter Zhang says "Congratulations to everyone! I know you are bound for greater things and will become key individuals that will help other people through ICT. Here's hoping we would have more opportunities to help, have cooperation with UST in the coming years so we could support more deserving students and talented ones so they could drive innovation in the country."

All of them are in their final year. They are also part of 19 scholars from different universities in the Philippines. They plan to do this even more in the future.


BINI and BGYO Hints International Gigs

BIG Plans were just announced for BINI and BGYO. This happened this afternoon during a mediacon with their management and Direk Lauren Dyogi of Star Magic.

Direk Lauren says "When they step on the world stage every Filipino will be proud of them. BINI and BGYO are really working hard, they're soldiers and they're part of Filipino youth that will be big, soon! We already have teasers for singles, it will be included on a new album. BGYO is going to have their The Baddest album out soon, new music videos, major events, trips abroad, concerts together as sibling crews and solo ones once things get better soon. They have invitations already to do it, hopefully sans restrictions it will happen." 

First international gig? Oh, these guys and gals are already packing their bags tonight (because of excitement). Direk adds "One Dream Concert of BINI and BGYO means they'll be back to back singing their songs, we'll see their stamina if they can do it. It's two different repertoir, probably sing around 40 songs and do collabs with other artists. BINI and BGYO are certainly ready for it." Direk Lauren also spills that they will be performing with a live band and collaborations, so that's huge!
Here's the mediacon on video earlier:

So stay tuned for the success of BINI and BGYO because yes, it's going to happen!


PBB Season 10 to Start Auditions on KUMU September 1st

BB will be opening auditions for PBB Season 10 #A10AngPBB this coming September 1-30 for Adults, December 1-30 for Teens, and it looks like they're doing it on the KUMU platform. This was said during the the #DreamTwogether mediacon this afternoon.

Present during the occasion, Bianca Gonzalez, Robi Domingo, Toni Gonzaga and Direk Laurenti M. Dyogi. Creative Team Head Marcus Vinuya, Business Unit Head Mercedita Gonzales, Business Unit Head Raymund Dizon also were there to answer for program details of the show.

Direk Lauren said "During this time, it's difficult to plan. But the opportunity to do it with partnership with KUMU was there, so we grabbed it. It's something we couldn't miss. I don't judge if they have potential or not in the show, the experiences in it will show if they do or not."


To audition, simply upload a one minute video introducing yourself using their official hashtag posted on KUMU and they will message you there if you're on to the next round.

They already had a reunion in KUMU a while back and they saw the joy in the chats and comments on the platform. The dream to join is now going to be more challenging. Expect a longer season, there will be celebrity season, adult season and teens. Yes it is still difficult, but they all see so happy this is happening. Check out KUMU on how to audition for it starting September 1st! They're excited to see your videos!


How Hacking Help Apps Grow

Saturday, August 28, 2021

If you've been irritated by ads on apps you are using, then you're not alone. As apps showcase reasons to change your lives, you gotta ask yourself if it is true.

Building apps isn't easy and in the process of making new ones should have one element, growth hacking. If there exists a good efficient one out there, make it better.

Shane Shan the Director for APC Huawei Consumer Cloud Service says "There should be a strong sense of creativity at growth. Software developers must pay close attention to products and user experience. In order to grow quickly, you need a unified effort between marketing, engineering, developers and existing users".

This is also why they are continuing to discovering talent over at AppsUP 2021: The Huawei HMS App Innovative Contest. They're making app developers better with their craft so they can understand it more, to unleash one's full potential. Being meticulous at testing phase at the beginning of an app's development can take out costs which may affect the budget. Frequently doing it is highly suggested.

Listening to pro/premium users who pay for the service is also a good strategy because in some ways, they are also invested in it, so is building a community for it. This is why Huawei Mobile Services is introducing a lot of features to their products like AI, AR and analytics capabilities. You too can launch your app to millions of people around the world, visit http://bit.ly/appsupapacpc for more details about it.


Exquisite Condo Living in Bria Homes Mactan, Cebu

Friday, August 27, 2021

I've been in these parts of Cebu - usually to go to places where friends and family do touristy stuff because the sights and the seas are absolutely scenic, like living in a city and still have beach and hotspot access whenever I need to. The same Mactan Island I've loved is going to have their own BRIA Homes in the person of BRIA Condo Mactan right in Sudtunggan in Lapu-Lapu City. If you want to go to Cebu City, it's a few minutes away and it's easy to catch a car, else, go to other nearby islands in Cebu's south which a lot of people do.

Mactan has history, a throng of world class hotels and resorts which would be the envy of anyone who would like it to be their permanent address. Think about it, if you live there and enjoy the same lifestyle as tourists, wouldn't that be nice? It's also very near the Mactan-Cebu International Airport and can soon be accessed via the viral Cebu-Cordova link expressway.

BRIA Homes President Red Rosales says "This would be ideal for young professionals and career driven individuals. The young ones are thinking about their future and if they have a keen eye, this would be a worthy investment. You need really good quality and affordable housing to coincide because monthly amortizations are not that easy to pay for if you also have family obligations."

Millenials would find this to be a good option for their first home. The amenities in BRIA Condo Mactan are good despite it being a mid rise residential build. It's got a multi purpose hall, pools, gym, a gazebo and a kids playground. They're all earthquake resilient too and very secure as it is a gated community. They've also got CCTV and near the essential services you need to raise a family. 

You've got to see BRIA Condo Mactan! If you want to know more about the property, visit https://www.bria.com.ph/ for a 360 degree tour, it's quite nice to see that before you come to the property physically. BRIA Homes by the way is a subsidiary of GOLDEN MV Holdings, Inc.


We Need A Second Season of Puregold Channel's GVBoys

I've been following the Puregold Channel's GVBoys; Pangmalakasang Good Vibes series on YouTube and Facebook. Currently, they've gotten over 3.3 Million views in their combined assets which they've done during a pandemic. This show was made with the ordinary Filipino in mind to make sure they get entertained during a difficult time with a taste of macho comedy reminiscent of Palibhasa Lalake which was a hit show during the late 80's and early 90's. The sitcom stars Jerome Ponce, Nikko Natividad and GMA artist Dave Bornea. They play the role of Jawo, Zeus and Dax who currently is in the brink of being victimized by their new helper after their ghost experiences a couple episodes back.

They are still renting, and with the pandemic happening they weren't able to pay Wilma Doesnt's character Loisa for a couple of months. They devised a way to do odd jobs and manage to put up a fund of over Php 150,000. This amount caught the eye of swindlers/non do gooders so they're already talking about stealing it in the previous episode. 

Now seeing people get excited about the next episode had the people from GVBoys want to do more, so they're throwing in two extra episodes just for you on September 4 and 11. Aside from that, people like me are clamoring for MORE of GVBoys, so may I ask the people behind the Puregold Channel, would it be okay for you to do a Season 2?

We would love that!


GG De Lana and Band Set to Release Album in September and YouTube Concert

I just spent the afternoon in the press conference of Gigi De Lana, ABSCBN Music's current internet darling who has amassed millions of views on her Facebook and YouTube videos as she belts some of the most iconic songs in the country. We were told that she's announcing something really big and by the looks of it, I'm not surprised.

She's very talented, people connect with her easily and also, she's very pleasing to the eyes. She's gone far since her stint in Tawag ng Tanghalan and now performs with the GG Band. She immediately told us about her efforts on doing compositions and how they are pushing to do their own songs so that they would get to grow. Now they have a couple of songs, oh no, a whole album to be released this September.

Jonathan Manalo of Star Music says "I can't divulge specific infomation about the songs yet, but they're really good original songs. Gone are the days of doing covers, this first album is special because it will introduce them as a band and the quality is really good. They're on a different level and this album will be released very soon with GG and her band! Up until now we can't decide on the first single because all of them are really that good."

GG says "We are preparing for something big, this is the arrangement of our band and the songs will be done in different ways. As much as possible, you will feel at home when you listen to it. Like listening to your favorite songs in your garden. This is a full on music night on YouTube in cooperation wtih YouTube Music. We already have prepared a couple of songs for that, but it will remain a secret for the meantime. You'll have a lot of things to look forward to because my band really thought about each one. It's a little crazy that it's happening all at once. It's been 6 or 7 months since we went viral, but it's not all rainbows and butterfly, it's a process, we had a couple of people pull us down. We underwent change, our YouTube channel and Facebook pages got hacked. We just started from scratch, we just want to make people happy, it's like people are part of our lives also. When the pandemic hit, we had to fix our online channels, took a hit, but that didn't stop us from creating more music. The changes made us stronger people."

So there you go, you'll be treated with a full blown album soon so make sure you're going to stream and buy their music when it comes out soon on platforms, this is under Star Music.


DAVID CHUA is Now Officially a Regal Baby

Thursday, August 26, 2021

David Chua is making strides in his career. Adding another feather to his hat, he had a major deal signed with film institution Regal Films. You may now call him a full pledged Regal Baby. In simple ceremonies last August 20, it was witnessed by ALV Talent Circuit head honcho Arnold Vegafria, and Regal Films executive Ms. Roselle Monteverde.   

This will get David Chua to do 8 movies in a span of 2 years with the film outfit which is a lot considering we're under the pandemic.

David considers this as a dream come true and says "I've been watching a lot of Regal Films' iconic movies ever since and I can say it had a lot of impact on me. It was then when I vowed to become an actor, I'm still a fan of the Regal Shocker franchise."

David also was joined by other ALV artists like Kris Bernal, Teejay Marquez, Kiko Estrada, former Miss World Philippines queens Casie Banks, Shannon Kerver, Katrina Llegado, Roberta Tamondong and Daena Resurreccion. They also had hunky guys RJ Agustin, JB Saliba, Carlo Galano and Julian Roxas to sign too.

It coincided with Mother Lily's 83rd birthday on the 19th so it was kind of a huge celebration. David was in awe that he now had the opportunity to work with her because her passion for film and music is insurmountable.  Mr. Vegafria adds "It's a blessing for our roster of celebrities amidst the pandemic wherein work in the entertainment industry has been really scarce. We want to make opportunities in the hopes to bring the showbiz industry back to life!"

David currently is busy running things with his Directorial and Production duties at his own outfit called Dark Carnival Productions. He plans to also put up his own film production studio around September this year and unveil a studio in Manila's Chinatown. It's around 670 square meters and would be perfect for shoots and post production. It's something he plans to offer to others and did this to make it all cost effective. In the sidelines, David also talked to Ms Roselle as he wishes to also do directing jobs some day. He wishes to do horror films and prays it would happen soon!

Cheers! Hope everything falls into place for this kind gentleman!


Puregold Channel To Air Finale of GVBoys

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

After several hilarious weeks of watching the macho GVBoys, the series is about to end its first season this weekend (Saturday, August 28). 

This is free of charge and is uploaded on YouTube as a way of Puregold Channel's efforts to provide entertainment during the pandemic.

Don Cuaresma the series director makes sure you'll be laughing all throughout the show where Jerome Ponce, Dave Bornea, Nikko Natividad bring life to the characters of Jawo, Zeus and Dax. The last episode will be a little scary because Aling Perly, Kathryn B (played by Carmi Martin and Elsa Droga) and the boys will be in a hostage/kidnapping situation. Aside from that, a few more revelations will happen with regards to Zeus' lovelife.

The cast is extremely hopeful that another installment/season will happen soon because they enjoyed making this project despite the restrictions. Ms Carmi says "This show made us bond and so close that we treat each other like family. I'm looking forward to work with the boys and amazing cast once again!". Judging from the views they're getting in both YouTube and Facebook, people are loving them even more and last time I've checked, it was over 3M already!

Now if that's not going to be a reason for Season 2, I don't know what will. Oh and may I just tell you, because you love them this much, they're going to release 2 EXTRA EPISODES on September 4 and 11 so make sure you're going to watch it okay? Now put that on your schedules and watch it 7PM this Saturday and the dates I've mentioned just now. 

It's going to be good. Really good!


Huawei Donates USD 200,000 for PLDT Smart Foundation

Tech giant company Huawei just donated a whopping USD 200,000 to Philippine based telecom PLDT via their CSR arm PLDT Smart Foundation. This will go to fund corporate social responsibility activities of the private orgranization to respond to help during man made and natural disasters, rehabilitation and recovery. Part of it will also go to their education campaigns, environmental conservation which they do nationwide. This also helps the medical sector to utilize technology for health services, something that is heavily needed especially outside Manila.

This is part of Huawei's long time partnership with PLDT and Smart. Years ago, they also donated disaster relief equipment, tents, rechargeable lights and toolks for the foundation's disaster relief program. They also have given laptops for Smart's education program and have contributed telecom-health equipment for leading hospitals like Makati Med and Cardinal Santos. Huawei also promises to support more of their efforts in the future according to their VP Daniel Guo. Huawei currently provides ICT infrastructure and smart devices for corporations worldwide.

The PLDT Smart Foundation is the social outreach arm of PLFT and Smart and is involved on education, livelihood, social enterprise and more. Glad that Huawei partnered up with them to do good things. 


Award Winning Movies on UPSTREAM via GMovies

Looks like your evening movie dates won't be left watching the run of the mill content from other streaming platforms because UPSTREAM has several award winning movies from different countries which you can watch via GMovies.

This includes Svetlana Cvatko's Show Me What You Got that won Best Narrative Film, Cinematography in High Falls film Festival, Best Supporting Actress for Cristina Rambaldi, Best Cinematography in Loudoun Arts Film Festival and more. If you are fond of K-Dramas, you can opt for the Korean movie Hahaha, The Woman, Right Now, Wrong Then, Our Sunhi, In Another Country which are all masterpieces of Director Hong Sang-Soo.

There's also Promising Young Woman by Emerald Fennel, David Byrne's American Utopia by Spike Lee, Come Play by Jacob Chase, Land by Robin Wright, Brothers by Blood by Jeremie Guez, which are all award winning mix of action, horror and drama which you can watch in one platform. If you want to see them all, just download the GMovies app or visit their site GMovies.ph and select the movie you want to stream, tap the pay button and cconfirm. You should see them all on your "My Shows" tab and hit play to see it all. This is all possible with the partnership between UPSTREAM.PH and GMovies, pretty affordable too. It kinda simplifies everything if you want to watch the latest movies intended for international audiences. We didn't even have to leave the country for it.

It should be this easy.


DAYAW Starts Their 11th Season: "Kakaibang Sigla"

ust got off the DAYAW event hosted by ANC and NCCA. This is their 11th season and talks about culture and people. Since we're just finished watching the Olympics, the documentaries will delve on movement and indigenous sports, energy, competitiveness, dance, music. Present during the occasion was NCCA Vice Head on Cultural Community Pablito Gonzales, Nadia Trinidad and Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda who's been championing the cause on environment and culture for years now.

Pablito Gonzales says "Fellow cultural workers, good afternoon. We believe Filipinos are all indigenous in some respect. Though we come from different backgrounds, our diversity are our unifying forces. We all come from different sectors, but we are united in culture and heritage which is Dayaw. With the excellent production of ANC, we look forward to this brand new season of the show. NCCA supports discussion, programs like these are information vessels for local and international audiences. As an IP advocate for almost two decades now, I'm impressed because even in the time of pandemic, our IP's are struggling selling products. Many have stopped, but they need a way to continue."

Nick Lizaso of NCCA says "We showcased sustainable practices of our indeginous people. We will learn enchanting movement and dances, to inspire our viewers for culture and heritage preservation. Let's invite more Filipinos to watch more seasons of Dayaw."

Deputy Speaker Loren Legarda says "This is "Kakaibang Sigla", a vital energy. Thank you to our partners in NCCA and ANC, despite all odds, we were able to record a lot up to 18 months inside the pandemic. You are all staunch partners in documenting of our schools of living tradition, of going to places that are not usually covered by media outlets. You are competent, professional, dedicated and passionate. I've been in television for 30 years, without our small team, we could have not done it alone. When Dayaw started, it was a passion project. Our manlilikha ng bayan awardees are national living treasures, some of them have passed, but we were able to document their lives and archived it on ANC. Rituals, traditions, knowledge, don't belong in schools in far flung areas and we were able to document that including dying crafts and indigenous skills. We are working on making them sustainable, connecting with DOLE, DTI, NCCA and building weaving centers, dyeing centers, Dayaw is and was a passion project. It has not remained one, it's a legacy project now. I wanted to ensure that all of these are correctly archived in ANC and NCCA. To each and every member of my team in ANC, I'm glad they have remained engaged and what passion have in legislation, and not stop documenting, economic livelihood for indigenous people. Shooting season 11 wasn't easy but we're glad we were able to do it before the pandemic started. We were shooting action sequences, a little different from the usual but we were able to do it. I have so many episodes to go back to, like Wang-od our oldest Mambabatok, and make sure our Kalinga community specifically Budbud tribe be treated fairly. Hopefully, for them not to be poor. We are showcasing them as traditional artists. Ordinary people, people who use social media, you may share information we do there for education. We will be uploading our Dayaw episodes and seasons on YouTube and perhaps do captions, Europeans, Americans, Southeast Asian nations. Thank you for being with us. I will file in October as a Senator, I will continue to help my province Panay and I will share my knowledge, God willing, next year."

Watch Dayaw on ANC, the ABSCBN News Channel at 6PM on Thursdays and replayed different times during the week thereafter. 


GMA Artists Urge YOU to Get Vaccinated #FlexMoNa

The importance of getting vaccinated has never been more relevant in the Philippines. The country is currently facing a rise in cases of COVID-19 and the dreaded Delta variant which has been disheartening, a whopping 18K daily rate just yesterday. With this happening, the government and NGO's have been pushing for everyone to be vaccinated and for those who are still hesitating, your favorite stars from GMA are already asking you to do the same with their recent campaign called #FlexMoNa which they have been doing on social media.

Artists like the bae himself Alden Richards, Sanya Lopez, Ken Chan, Joaquin Manansala, Thea Tolentino, Bianca Umali, Jak Roberto and Barbie Forteza have already posted their vaccinated selves on Instagram, in the hopes that you too get vaccinated when you get the chance with your respective LGU's. As they say, it's not with the brand, but the most important vaccine is the one in your arm now.

Hope you get schedules online or with your respective barangays and see if you can get it done soon!


TV5 Will Air Pacquiao-Ugas Fight This Sunday

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Sports fans won't be waiting in vain as the Manny Pacquiao-Yordenis Ugas WBA Super Welterweight title fight will be aired this coming August 22, that's a Sunday at 11AM on the kapatid network TV5 (Channel 5 on Free TV, Cignal TV Channel 5, and Channel 10 on SkyCable.

TV5 has been bringing you a lot of coverages like the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the Philippine Basketball League, Philippine Volleyball League, the FIBA/Gilas games and a lot more. The Pacquiao-Ugas fight will be held at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Cignal TV and TV5 President and CEO Robert P. Galang says "We know how much every Pacquiao fight turns into a national event and we are one with you in seeing how he would bring pride and honor to the country."

Again, it's going to be broadcasted at 11am on TV5, so make sure you have drinks, snacks and everything else ready before that time. It'll be surely packed since the title was previously owned by pacman, it was only given to Ugas because of Pac's inactivity.

See you on Sunday!


Watch the Pacquiao-Ugas FIght with GLOBE

The Philippines will be on an unofficial holiday once again as streets and communities will become supposed ghost towns as everyone will be glued on their TV sets and cellphones because Manny Pacquiao will have a fight with Yordenis Ugas this coming Sunday, August 22 at 11:30am Manila Time.

Pacquiao was initially scheduled to fight Errol Spence Jr. but during sparring training, he had an eye injury. They will be fighting for the WBA Super Welterweight title which Pacquiao previously held and was awarded to Ugas because of Pacquiao's inactivity. This will be held in Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena which is a Saturday night in the US. 

In the Philippines, you can watch it by availing Globe's GoExperience299 promo that comes with one UPSTREAM ticket. You can use this for the Pacquiao vs Ugas fight together with 3GB of data allocation which you can use for 3 days plus a Php 100 FoodPanda voucher. This is definitely better than the regular price because of the free stuff included in the package. If you want to wath the match with Globe, just follow these steps:

1. Just go to the website https://www.gmovies.ph/content/livestream/manny-pacquiao-vs-ugas/6101fe7d6dc258464972c322

2. Start by creating a GMovies account, but if you have one just log in.

3. Search for the Pacquiao vs Ugas match on the shows indicated on the platform and choose Php 400 (look for the red button).

4. Put in your voucher code then click APPLY then choose Checkout.

5. Then on Sunday as scheduled, just login and click on the My Shows section. Click on Pacquiao vs Ugas, then click on "Stream Now".


Remember, this promo will end tonight at 11:59PM. You can get a LOT from this offer, it's possible with GLOBE!


The Next Kuya Wil: WILBERT TOLENTINO Helps Madam Inutz and Herlene Hipon

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Netizens have dubbed him as the next Kuya Wil (Willie Revillame of Wowowin fame) and with good reason. Known in the nightspot and club circuit, Wilbert Tolentino continues to grow his community called "Kafreshness" on YouTube (with 1.4 Million subscribers) and Instagram (@sirwil75) every time he comes out with a vlog which includes cash giveaways, new OPPO A15 smartphones and more. For those who don't know, Wilbert is a former Mr. Gay World title holder. He's also got several clubs and businesses on his belt and is a philanthropist.

In his recent vlogs, he was able to do a collab with viral online seller Madam Inutz who was featured in KMJS, several skits, Ethel Booba's and Donita Nose's vlogs. In the episode, he was able to provide 200K cash for Madam Inutz and her mother who's been suffering from sickness and needed medication. Aside from that, he also included former Wowowin host Herlene Hipon who got Php 107,231 of items in a shopping challenge. Herlene mentioned she's going to share what she has with her family to hopefully, help them too, since she's not doing hosting stints in the show anymore. 

People have noticed how generous Wilbert is and suggested he handle Madam Iutz's career since he also manages talents aside from his other businesses and vlog (which he's  been very busy with). Let's see where this ends because as they say in the industry, if there's smoke, there's fire!

If you want to win, subscribe by searching Wilbert Tolentino VLOGS on YouTube and they're there!


What to expect in the 9.9 Super Shopping Day

The much awaited 9.9 Super Shopping Day is going to happen and yes, even if we're under ECQ, they're still going to have your needs and products have ton of discounts, vouchers and FREE shipping.

During the online media event this morning, they gave us a glimpse of what to expect during the sale, here's some of them if you need to know!

Martin Yu the Director of Shopee Philippines says "September is just around the corner and yes, it's the BER months. Every year we want Shopee to be the place to be for fun products and star studded entertainment. This time, we will hace an action packed event with 10% discounts on load and data with ShopeePay, 25% Bills Cashback, 1 peso deals from select establishments and more promos. The Shopee Mall has over 25,000 brands under it, they also have brand memberships so you can get bigger deals and exclusive perks when you purchase from them. We'll have Shopee Thursdays with in depth discussions on E-Commerce, Asean Sale Day, and Shopee University Summit for our merchants. More than 600 SME's during the last year signed up so they could be doing online transactions today. We also have Vaccine education with DOH, Vaccination Center Support in Makati and Taguig, plus Fully Vaxxed packages to provide discounts and vouchers to those who got injected. We will have the biggest celebrities, Cashback Tuesdays, and Shopee Collectibles this September. The newest member of Shopee Fam is JACKIE CHAN."

You'll see him in commercials both digital and on TV, also in games, plus talk in Filipino because you love him. He'll also be dancing along with his style of Kung Fu because you need to see that in this lifetime.

Thank you also to Shopee for treating us lunch and the Kitchie Nadal surprise concert! Now go download the app if you haven't yet. Get the coffee machine because that's what I plan to buy soon!


Huawei Developer Day Set on August 20

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Tech giant Huawei has been doing a lot and they're raring to showcase their feats this coming August 20 which they earmarked as Huawei Developer Day. This comes with their commitment to build and grow their ecosystem in Asia Pacific which includes the Philippines and they'll be unveiling recent developments of Harmony OS and how it would fit in the Filipino Huawei fans home.

They will also be featuring Huawei Cloud and how it has sped up digital transformation in the country. The company has continued to be committed to offer the best technology experience to their customers and hope the country also enjoys seamless AI life. You may register here ( developer.huawei.com/consumer/en/activity/ ) for it on Huawei's website and also get the chance to win prizes during the stream.


ARJO ATAYDE Tests Positive for COVID-19

News about this spread like wildfire yesterday and as heard from the grapevine, an actor and several of his co-workers tested positive for COVID-19 and left Baguio City while shooting their movie.

Today, FEELMAKING Productions Inc. has released a statement and confirms the actor in question is the multi awarded Arjo Atayde. In the release, are 9 other individuals who have also been tested positive but are asymptomatic. Arjo was rushed to a hospital in Manila as he had difficulty breathing and had pre-existing conditions which had to be taken cared of. The production company also apologized for any inconvenience they caused to the local government unit of Baguio City and their current Mayor Benjamin Magalong.

We wish they would all recover soon.