Piolo Pascual, Angelica Panganiban, Diether Ocampo: Apoy Sa Dagat!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Burning your screens this February 4 is a new primetime bida show that will ultimately ignite and heat up your senses as Angelica Panganiban, Piolo Pascual and Diether Ocampo star in a drama filled with denials, deceit and despair called APOY SA DAGAT.

It was quite nice to see Patrick Garcia back in the stables of ABSCBN. He's a good one no doubt and it was so bad to see someone of his caliber waste his time on other channels when he's not maximized. Empress Schuck also was noted as a big surprise here as she played the young Angel Aquino who will be making Angelica Panganiban's life a tad miserable. Angel Aquino says she had to stay within the character which Empress started and said it wasn't an easy task. 

Apoy Sa Dagat lead stars Diether Ocampo, Angelica Panganiban and Piolo Pascual came in and was already laughing profusely. I guess they were that happy that it's finally going to show now!

Solenn Heussaff's Intimate Interview on Seduction

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The luck just keeps on piling as I was able to see the gorgeous Solenn Heussaff once more at the Greenwich Pizza branch in Robinsons Mall Ortigas. It was a nice afternoon of headstrong interviews about the film Seduction wherein she stars together with Richard Gutierrez, Sarah Lahbati, Jon Orlando and a lot more. Greenwich has definitely gone the the extra mile as they fully support Solenn in her latest film. They are the talk of the town right now and we are not that surprised. In this interview we were able to get a few things out in the open like Solenn's boyfriend (insert thousands of heartbroken men here), the things they do, her thoughts about relationships and life in general. She also talks about some of the good things we should watch out for in Seduction.

Here's the video to Solenn's interview: (Click on the link below)

First CONVERSE Flagship Store Opens in the Philippines!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Ayala has become so hip I envy them that much in shopping choices and establishments. Another great store was opened last week at the new Glorietta wing which had local celebrities and fashionistas flock to an afternoon in Makati. This is Converse's First Flagship Store in the country!

Proud owners and executives were there too while all the guests had first dibs on the store's offerings. We were like a kid in a candy store and saw some must haves on the shelves!

Fancy something easy to wear while wearing shorts on a summer day? Here are some Jack Purcell classics. You can mix and match your footwear with your clothes. You don't need to stay with those boring shoes anymore, just grab a Converse pair and you'll get something more than what you bargained for... plus a lot more in this new store!

College or high school must haves are these awesome bags. I specifically love the plaid one which strikes me as the more classy choice. The other two would probably fall to a younger demographic. I like them too!

The Stars of Seduction: Richard Gutierrez, Sarah Lahbati, Solenn Heussaff and Jon Orlando

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Seduction is... when you can't help but look at her. When you can't seem to stop thinking about her after letting her tease you with her gorgeous body, a feisty spirit, an adventurous demeanor and a comforting feeling you've been longing for. How can something this good be so bad? How can it be something that would destroy relationships, trust or even complicate things? Would you go so far and obsess yourself with the one you love? How long can you go? There are so many questions I would like to ask, but they in this film experienced it.

This is the press conference of the film Seduction, stars Richard Gutierrez, Sarah Lahbati and the incomparable Solenn Heussaff which is slated to show January 30, 2013.

Jon Orlando of famed Artista Academy and TV5 is being introduced here. We arrived a bit early and I got to chat a little bit with my good friend. Been seeing him a lot lately; and he tells us how excited he is about his first film. He's being introduced here and who knew he'd end up being directed by Peque Gallaga, awesome right?! He plays the role of Marcel; a young lad that follows Sophia (played by Solenn) around. He also documents her quest to find her roots in the Philippines. He eventually fell in love with her; and later on got what he had coming... you should watch what happens to his character. He's an intense one and he's shown that a lot in previous things he's done with AA. I bet he'll surprise you. 

Richard Gutierrez and Solenn Heussaff entered the room. Don't they look gorgeous? Richard looks dapper in his suit whilst Solenn was sultry in this silk terracotta number.

I got excerpts of Solenn Heussaff's interview and the cast inviting us all to watch the movie.

During the press conference they touched on many issues. One of whom is Sarah Lahbati. They gave very honest views about the situation. They can't really do anything with it because it is what it is. Richard Gutierrez was a little sad and you can actually see that aura. You can even feel it resonate in the room. Press people were a little icky asking about it because they don't want to offend Chard. However, the way he puts it was really cool. He was composed and said he's upset like the rest of the cast but the situation is already there; so you just have to work with it. He still gets in touch with Sarah and what the future holds for them remains to be seen. Direk Peque Gallaga has got only good words for Sarah because she really did perform above and beyond his expectations in this film. Solenn said she even got pointers from Sarah because she already has done a couple of dramatic projects which she's not quite used yet in the beginning. Solenn said good things about Sarah Lahbati too. Even though she's not in the Philippines, they know she's making an effort to promote the film on Twitter. For them that is going to help a lot and they are sure that supporters of Sarah Lahbati will be in full force even if she's not around. They know people would still want to see how Sarah gave her best making this project which Direk Peque Gallaga says, she delievered!

Jay Manalo, still had that machismo. You cannot discount the fact the he's still as sexy as he was from years ago. If pitted against the best actors in the country, he'd probably be ranked amongst real ones... not just so so. He plays a compatriot fireman of Richard Gutierrez in this movie; one that always advices him to do "not so good things". He was intense to say the least... and got that macho image still intact in every scene. He says the other cast members held their ground acting wise so it was a breeze to work with them. He does what he knows best and says Richard, Solenn, Sarah, Jon and the rest of the cast aren't the only ones to look forward to in Seduction because the whole story itself is a big deal. He also agreed with how different it feels working with someone like Direk Peque Gallaga. "It doesn't matter if he's talking with half foreigners in this movie, because he can do that too if the film and script needs him to he confidently says. As for what his involvement is in this movie, he says you should see it so you understand how he's going to play this part and why he's doing these things to Richard. Watch out for that!

It was Richard Gutierrez's  birthday. Got nice shots of him here. Although he was a bit sad because Sarah wasn't there, he made it a point to tell people how good she was in the movie.This was the time he was asked questions directly about Sarah being pregnant. It's not true he says. I guess it was time to stop the speculations. Richard was good here too. Even if he looks rich and good looking in real life, he had this role done quite believably. He didn't have to get a fake tan to portray the role and in the looks department it was really needed. No wonder these women fell for him. As far as how much he's shown on this film, they confirmed to us exposure. This is probably the first time Richard has done this and who else to advance his comfort boundaries with but with Direk Peque Gallaga. He says it was well worth it and says it's not just the actors that is making the film great, it's the story. He's excited and optimistic that fans would support them because it's not just because they star on this movie, but he believes they also have made a great one. 

This is Direk Peque Gallaga's comeback and he's also comparing it to his former work Unfaithful Wife. It's comparable to that but this isn't just a plain kabit movie because for starters they have no relationships... it's just pure connections and its complications. That's something to look forward to!

Solenn Heussaff; just the mere mention of her name these days would make men drool. In this film, she shows a feisty, powerful and fierce Sophia. She gets what she wants, anytime, anywhere. She obsesses with Richard's character after getting saved from a fire. Hero or not, she chooses to take economics on a play and hires him to do more than put out fire. She makes the longer nights burn and gets him an offer he can't resist. He wants it too, the passion, the whole story. After doing the stint, she expects him to be hers; but that wasn't the case. Sarah Lahbati, the meek and motherly one who's innocence and love was a more impressive package proved to be the better choice for Richard's character. The conflict erupts and all hell breaks loose for Sophia. When she can't get what she needs, she takes matters into her own hands and does horrible things that all of them wouldn't wish for. Solenn makes a case for a semi deranged person, a lunatic, a maniac, a nut case, a psychopath, a sociopath; you can call her what you want but love just turns on this side of her. Watch the film how she tries to take Richard's character back into her own hands. It won't be easy. She is lauded by Direk Peque Gallaga on this film... that much is said to even include her on his next project. She was that good. Seduction will be shown on January 30, 2013 on theaters nationwide. Expect it to be hotter than usual on that date. Capisce?!

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American Idol Season 12 Starts on Star World Philippines!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Starworld Philippines just made my evening extra special when they held a viewing party at posh URBN at the Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City a few days ago. I had so much fun with media and celebrity friends as we all watched Season 12 of American Idol. Yes! You heard that right, they just started!

This season's esteemed judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson. American Idol is still hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

Food for the Soul: Art Fair Philippines 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

Did you know that one big part of a first world country's culture should be invested in art? Just ask New York, Chicago, Paris, Milan, etc. and just see how much they have on their cities to enrich something more than just the their heads, but more of their lifestyle; it's that important. There's an ART FAIR happening in the Philippines and yes; it will be happening this year.

EXCLUSIVE: Sexy, Sultry Film "Seduction" Introduces Hunky TV5 Star Jon Orlando!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

You probably heard that line a million times; "you never get a second chance at a first impression".

Jon Orlando has paid his dues. When we saw him a last year during the Artista Academy auditions, we already knew he'd make it! True enough, he was able to get to the top 16 hopefuls of the artista search. From Toronto he traveled all the way to Lerma (his Mom's hometown) and tried to live a life on his own. Learning from his Mom's humble beginnings made him realize his love for the Philippines and his race. He loved the community and people living in this area. He's a fine lad and yes, our first impression of him: he was quite good!

Because of his looks, great charm, acting skills and a clear eagerness to do it big in Manila; it was evident he was bound for more things than just TV.

After the show, they were sought to have projects of their own; and look at what he's stumbled upon; the chance to work with legendary film maker, the one and only Direk Peque Gallaga.

They were right anyway. Who would even have the thought of resisting seeing his hard, lean frame, the sleeves of his shirt fit too tight over his muscular arms and shining brown eyes. He was indeed the perfect fit to work in this film called "Seduction".

A Beautiful Affair's "La Promesse" (The Locket Bracelet) Available at Karat World!

Monday, January 14, 2013


For those who haven't been hooked up yet on this phenomenal hit TV series on ABS CBN, you are missing a lot! A Beautiful Affair stars John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo and John Estrada who can't even manage to save themselves from all the hurt and suffering; because John Lloyd wants Bea, Bea wants John Lloyd but decides to marry John Estrada who gets mad at John Lloyd because he's the one Bea wants in the heart gripping series shown on the primetime slot of ABSCBN. Did I confuse you? Well for starters, their lives are really that complicated. 

Actually, it's still getting more crazy by the day because as of the last episode, John Estrada's character Edward Pierro had to work with John Lloyd's character Napoleon Riego and meet in Japan with Bea Alonzo's character Genevieve Saavedra to get one of their projects done and approved.

Well they are still pretty hopeful that they'll end up with each other (Bea and John Lloyd) and one of the items seen in the series is this...

Louis Claparols S/S 2013 Collection

Friday, January 11, 2013

Last night was epic because I got to shoot again. I wasn't in the best view because there were hordes of fashionistas in front that got their crowning glory on the way so I was seeing heads on my shots so pardon the drama. I was really looking forward to my first sighting of Louis Claparols work since I haven't been to any of his shows. This is his Spring Summer 2013 Collection so it was a  treat on its own. Shall we start? :)

Models who appeared in this show are all his muses. Pretty interesting that he also had my all time crush Maierhoffer was also on the show. I love her. Don't tell her though! :P

Solenn Heussaff Stars In Upcoming Film "Seduction"

Who in the right age and mind wouldn't love someone like Solenn Heussaff?

Her sexy, sultry vibe will be put in to good use in this season's hottest film properly called SEDUCTION.

This is Solenn Heussaff's next big project with Regal Films which she's exclusively signed with. The film is also directed by the one and only Peque Gallaga and Solenn's first time to team up with Richard Guttierrez in a full length film. They have proven their chemistry together in their other projects and this is going to be one great comeback for Direk Peque which we haven't seen for a very long time.

Other stars on this film like the controversial Sarah LahbatiJay Manalo, Yayo Aguila, Mark Gil, Rodjun Cruz complete the lineup of stars. Introducing also on this film is good looking Jon Orlando of TV5's Artista Academy. We all can't wait for something bigger, bolder, hotter and sexier this January when SEDUCTION shows on theaters January 30 nationwide!

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Angeline Quinto, Sam Milby, Paulo Avelino Stars in Romantic Comedy "Kahit Konting Pagtingin"

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hey ladies! If you were given the chance to love and marry some gorgeous looking men, someone just like Sam Milby or maybe someone like Paulo Avelino... and they've got the same face, the same hunky bodies... wouldn't you want that to happen? Sure you do. Well it's not that impossible, because on January 21, 2013 Angeline Quinto and these two guys will show you how its like to fall in love again in a new afternoon serye called "Kahit Konting Pagtingin".

Angeline Quinto exuded a bubbly very fun personality and I've seen her a couple of times. I also shot her in Bench Universe a couple of months back. People were so excited and some were pretty nervous for her because this is her first serye and she's going to be the lead. She's not only going to sing the soundtrack for this like what we're used to.

American Idol on Star World!

Yes ladies and gentlemen you are not seeing things. American Idol is going to premier on Star World when it all starts on January 17th in the year of our Lord 2013. It's been bugging me quite a bit why they kept on showing the reruns quite often on the channel since the holidays but I bet it'll be better since the judges changed, some resigned and some just plain left. Now we end up with Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson. Will they fare better than last season's showing?

I was so fortunate enough to see Jessica Sanchez last year during an intimate event with Bench and the experience was surreal! I also am dying to know the details about Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey's fight which quite stirred a controversy in the past few months. Jessica Sanchez and Colton Dixon are slated to have a Valentine concert in Manila too. I also know there's another FilAm contestant somewhere so I really have to watch this season. Are you guys excited? Well I am, and I can't wait to see the show on the 17th! Good thing I can watch it on Star World! Just a remote, popcorn, a cold beer,,, ahh this is the life!

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Enjoy a premium shopping experience with Gold Picks!

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

NESCAFE Gold Picks Zalora carousel banner ad

I'm a connoisseur of coffee; and I always drink mine in the office. It relaxes me in some way and it gives off that extra jolt I need to accomplish work throughout the day. We all have our own preference; we know what particular blend we need like how many lumps of sugar we drop on it and how much cream we swirl on the sides just to get that perfect cup.

It becomes extra special if we prepare it at home. You get to be your own barista. You don't have to pay the sky high tab and be with your special someone too. In most occasions, it would be the perfect thing to do when you want something special for friends and family. A cup of joe always does that to me. With our feet up, a newspaper on hand and a lounge chair to relax in... It just spells "SAVOR ANYTIME"!

Without the trouble of going out for this, there's NESCAFÉ GOLD 3in1 out in the market; made of premium Arabica beans picked fresh from the farm, dried, roasted so it becomes a full bodied coffee unparalleled by most brands in the same price range... and because it’s got great flavor! It's more expensive counterparts would be just humiliated to even say they are at par with the one and only NESCAFÉ GOLD 3in1.

Today, they made it even better because it's now available in 3in1 doy packs. Same bold premium flavor at a fraction of the cost! NESCAFÉ GOLD 3in1 has got NESCAFÉ GOLD Coffee, COFFEE-MATE, and Sugar in one pack so you don't need to bother too much mixing or measuring. It's easy to just put it in a cup and pour hot water. Capisce?!

If you haven't seen this, go to http://www.zalora.com.ph/goldpicks and get your cards ready as they have started NESCAFÉ GOLD 3in1 Picks as part of their activity. What's it all about?

NESCAFE Gold Picks Zalora email blast

1.) Just go to http://www.zalora.com.ph and buy any item from the Gold Picks Section.

2.) Then after that when the free delivery of your item arrives through your courier, you automatically get a FREE NESCAFE GOLD 3in1 doypack together with the item you purchased and you don't have to shell out anything. You are getting this for FREE!

3.) Every minimum purchase of 1,000 Philippine Pesos that you purchase from the Gold Picks section, you instantly also get a whopping 500 Philippine Pesos worth of vouchers too aside from the FREE NESCAFE GOLD 3in1 doypack. Isn't that AMAZING?!!!

Now tell me, isn't that just reason enough to splurge in shopping this season. Now, NESCAFE GOLD 3in1 makes it extra special for you to get the holiday spirit in the comforts of your own home. Easy to shop, easy to get extra credits and easy to enjoy NESCAFE GOLD 3in1! It's definitely the most wonderful time of the year! Hallelujah!

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SM City North Edsa's End of Season Sale!

Saturday, January 05, 2013

January 4 sparks not the end of the Christmas season but one that you and I should be glad about. SM City North Edsa is going all out on an END OF SEASON SALE promptly called Stylista's Adrenaline Rush slated until January 13, 2013!


This means your favorite brands are all going up to 70% discount on selected items from fashion brands, beauty products, shoes, shirts, jeans, perfumes, bags and more! More reason to spend those hard earned bonuses from your company and Christmas money you've gotten from your Ninongs and Ninangs. I'm so gonna go! So don't get left behind and get that Stylista's Adrenaline Rush too! Run, shop til you drop!

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Cheers to 2013!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Year 2012 seemed so special to me... so I am expecting a lot more this 2013!

My brother is in town. Ireland was probably too cold for him so he spent Christmas and New Year here. First in his list is to clean the house. He wants to throw away everything though. Hopefully I can get to keep what I'm wearing now LOL.

We got reservations in Makati Shangrila. I didn't think it was the ideal place to be in but if he's happy with it so am I. My folks loved it too so that's a good thing. I also got some shots in Ayala through my window.



This is just a quick post. Just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone! =) Hope you had tons of food to eat, get to celebrate with the ones you love and have fun the rest of the year. I will not succumb to people that are trying to bring me down. We deserve to be happy, so let's do just that shall we? =)

Thanks for the wonderful 2012! Let's look forward to a brighter, better 2013! Cheers!