Louis Claparols S/S 2013 Collection

Friday, January 11, 2013

Last night was epic because I got to shoot again. I wasn't in the best view because there were hordes of fashionistas in front that got their crowning glory on the way so I was seeing heads on my shots so pardon the drama. I was really looking forward to my first sighting of Louis Claparols work since I haven't been to any of his shows. This is his Spring Summer 2013 Collection so it was a  treat on its own. Shall we start? :)

Models who appeared in this show are all his muses. Pretty interesting that he also had my all time crush Maierhoffer was also on the show. I love her. Don't tell her though! :P
He's playing with animal prints, sheer fabric, laces in black and white. He's also got some floral tops and a surprising hot pink palette on majority of the pieces.

He also did different lengths, shorts, skirts, even made kimono tops and glittery fabric. I say he's got them all covered.

He only did a few pieces for men but I like what he did to the jackets. His younger brother even walked, a family affair. :)

I'd like to have this one in particular. Can I have it? Hahah pushing my luck there :)

All in all, it looks awesome. With the range of what he can do with the pieces, whether you mix and match it with other clothing you have in the closet or some hand me downs from friends and family; it can still work with his new collection. Things like these are unique and pretty much something you'll never want to leave unworn everyday. It's a consistent social thing. I can even say it's not that seasonal but he's pretty good defining what women want and that makes a great designer. It's not drag, not that its a bad thing. Congratulations on your collection Louis Claparols, I'm impressed.

Kudos to ARC Public Relations, Mega Magazine & GMA Artist Center for putting this up. Prive Style Series is going to be better this 2013 I bet! ;)


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