Cheers to 2013!

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Year 2012 seemed so special to me... so I am expecting a lot more this 2013!

My brother is in town. Ireland was probably too cold for him so he spent Christmas and New Year here. First in his list is to clean the house. He wants to throw away everything though. Hopefully I can get to keep what I'm wearing now LOL.

We got reservations in Makati Shangrila. I didn't think it was the ideal place to be in but if he's happy with it so am I. My folks loved it too so that's a good thing. I also got some shots in Ayala through my window.



This is just a quick post. Just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone! =) Hope you had tons of food to eat, get to celebrate with the ones you love and have fun the rest of the year. I will not succumb to people that are trying to bring me down. We deserve to be happy, so let's do just that shall we? =)

Thanks for the wonderful 2012! Let's look forward to a brighter, better 2013! Cheers!



Archieviner said...

Cheers to 2013! Happy New Year1

ZaiZai said...

Let's toats to 2013! Sana makita na kita this year! Cheers! :)