Refreshing Gabbi Garcia on GMA Artistakeover

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Get ready for Gabbi Garcia as she takes over GMA's social media channels. 

I've seen it and yes the word is refreshing. This month's GMA Artistakeover will be graced by no other than the beautiful Gabbi Garcia. She's GMA's Global Endorser and IT girl who has graced countless spreads, commercials and editorials. The IGTV two part series though brings a more approachable, more toned down version of her as she shares pretty good information on how she started in showbusiness, that includes audition fails and shows she joined in the past.

She also shares her outfit pegs so you can see how to dress up on special occasions, how to accessorize without going overboard. She also shares terms on how Millennials speak, pretty good reference for Titas of Manila lol.

Gabbi Garcia is a breath of fresh air and from dramas, news casting duties and letting it all out, she doesn't have to be uptight all the time. That's her charm, and that's why she's loved all these years. Make sure you also see part 2 of GMA Artistakeover ((as she shares her beauty essentials) featuring Gabbi Garcia, she's going to give you even more of her.

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Ronnie Liang in Guam for Independence Day Celebrations

The last time I saw Ronnie Liang, he was working his way up to the skies literally - as he takes the strides of getting his flight hours while serving to be the face of Aviation Marketing Solutions a couple months back.

Recently, Ronnie Liang attended the 121st independence day celebrations in Guam, USA. He graced the event via the Filipino Community of Guam, an organization made to keep filipino culture i live in the island territory in Micronesia (west pacific). This was held June 22, 2019.

Ronnie laments “I’m so happy to have been able to meet the Filipino community in Guam. They were very warm, welcoming and gentle people. They we're extremely happy that I was there. I felt their pride seeing me perform. They have been very updated about my career and were asking me about my pilot course, my new songs, plus my upcoming collaboration with Ms. Sarah Geronimo. I am so honored I was able to also talk with Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin and Philippine Consul General Marciano De Borja while I was there."

Ronnie added "Guam and the Philippines have a shared historical and cultural connections, and upto this day our bonds of friendship, cultural ties remain strong."  

To add, his latest track “Ligaya” topped Barangay LS (GMA Network’s FM station's) most requested songs. He earned praises as he put his own spin in the eheads classic. Currently, he has two songs in his album “12" which are doing good. “Ligaya” is enjoying lots of views on YouTube and other latest song “ Yakap” is at number 9 in the charts.

Ronnie Liang is also excited about his upcoming concert in November. He's going to be doing it with a big star in the music industry as part of his 12th year in the industry. He attributes his success with his fans, friends, Viva and Boss Vic Del Rosario who has sternly believed in him all these years.

He has an upcoming movie under Viva Films where he plays a supporting role (title still under the wraps). His last film Maria is now available on Netflix for the world to see. He also has an ongoing series called "Ghost Adventures" airing via Sari-Sari Channel on Cignal TV and an upcoming digital collaboration and a concert with Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo which you can look forward to.

He's not forgetting his dreams of becoming a pilot even if he's very busy. In which he says “I have already done a 15 hour-flight and a private pilot license holder needs about 40 hours. I need about 150-200 more for commercial flights. I will certainly work hard for that.”

Watch out for more of him this 2019! This is just a start!


Glaiza, Tj Shines On My Letters to Happy

Friday, June 28, 2019

Just saw My Letters To Happy this evening at their premiere in SM Megamall. I had a notion this would be a love story alone, but it has made me realize they’ve probably made this for the twist of the story which we can’t mention here.

Not everyone was built strong. That line alone would make you think how hard and complicated this relationship is for Abet and Happy. One day they’re fine and dandy, a little bit crazy over each other, the next day they’re all talking serious stuff. They delve into that a lot, I felt uncomfortable at first because as millennials put it, there’s some ghosting involved. How far would a person show his love for someone?

Because we often forget how important our time is. This line had me thinking, do we all really do that? Do we not put importance to that moment we spend with out loved ones and instead just became superficial? How do we count or identify the things we need to put real attention to?

Abet and Happy made me feel a little hurt, especially in that one scene (I couldn’t tell you to spoil it!), a little helpless sometimes, but the fun parts, you encounter several skips of your heartbeat. Story wise, My Letters To Happy has given a subject much importance. Check it out if you want to see how, why you need to be crazy sometimes.

This film shows on July 17, 2019. Take your love struck crazy friends along and learn how to love without conditions, it works for some people. Glaiza, is a fine actress... and this just proves even if she reads lines from a phone book, she makes it work. Congratulations to the production too, but hope you ease up on the camera shake, I felt dizzy in the first frames (sorry).


My Letters To Happy Presscon

What do you do to be in a relationship? Does it make you happy and complete? Or are you okay without it? What if you've given up on love but suddenly, you met someone perfect online that just completely swept you off your feet, but end up leaving you in the end, would you still go for it?

The movie My Letters to Happy will be showing this coming "rainy but alone" season. The Director saw Sleepless and always knew the perfect person for this project, it was always Glaiza De Castro. TJ was a solid actor and they wanted to see how the contrast would work with the two. The character needed a more up tight guy, and he knew he was the perfect one for it during their first few meetings. 

Glaiza remarks “I tried to use new apps to date, it made me braver, more eager to express myself but it really wasn’t successful. It didn’t work for me. It’s a commitment, and I think I should just go out. I am very patient and haven’t experienced getting from one relationship to another. It’s a choice but there are a lot of relationships that are shallow, it’s what happens if you don’t know if there’s a connection. The character I play is very eccentric, theatrical, a little effort to put her out there. Surely you will see a different persona. I wasn’t really troubled working with TJ, he just enters the scene and he could do it. He isn’t selfish at all, I could love older guys and I think that’s what is exciting about relationships. Love has no form, and it’s a very nice feeling. I have a tendency to get in easy going into character but have difficulty getting out of it, TJ also is going to be more sexy here. You should see him! Alyssa also tries new things, it is difficult but she is not filtered and has no acting methods yet so she wasn’t trying too hard and it looked beautiful on screen.” 

Tj says “Here she was refreshing and retained her innocence when I had to be with her in a scene. It releases the tension, I had to give her a few tips but she was very focused. It worked with her advantage (Alyssa). In a sense, it wouldn’t be enough for the director if she didn’t pass the standards and she did.At the end of the day when we help one person, their family or friends, it’ll be worth it and it’s a positive message and worth to take from the film.” 

Alyssa Valdez adds “This was actually very hard for me and very challenging and it was something I wanted to experience so I could know myself better. I get overwhelmed sometimes and second guess myself, try to see what I needed to do but I’m just really happy I get to improve more in this film.” 

When the director was making the script, he wanted balance so it wouldn’t be heavy and dark. Glaiza had range and she was already enjoying it during the second scene with Alyssa. For those who would like to watch an acting showdown between man an woman, the things in between how relationships work or fail, make sure you watch it this July 17 on theaters nationwide! How about you? What would you write if you had to send your own version of "My Letters To Happy". 


PSBank’s New Pa-Send Service

Thursday, June 27, 2019

These days, banking convenience should be a service that everyone enjoys. Gone are the days where you have to go physically to a bank just to do a simple transaction, it must be accessible wherever and whenever you need it. This is where Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) makes it easy.

The thrift banking arm of the Metrobank Group just recently launched their “PaSend” service. It allows you PSBank depositors to send instant cash online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now you can simply choose to send money your relatives, friends and business transactions via the PSBank Mobile App. Recipients can simply withdraw the amount from any PSBank or Metrobank ATM.

Albeit not completely free, the service is at a very minimal cost versus other domestic remittance platforms in the country. The catch is, they do not even require the recipient to have an existing account via PSBank. A perfect way to move the economy without alienating those who do not have bank accounts with them or elsewhere.

You may download the PSBank Mobile App on the App Store of Google Play. If you’re already registered to the service, simply click on the “Pa-Send” option, choose the account where your money is coming from, indicate the amount to be sent, nominate a pin for the specific Pa-Send request and the person’s Full Name and Phone Number. It will be validated by the bank and send a second pin for the recipient. You would then need to communicate the first pin so he could go to a PSBank or Metrobank ATM to get the cash via PaSend/Cardless Withdrawal option. If the amount is withdrawn, an automatic email/SMS will be sent to you to make sure they’ve got it already. These layers of security are so assuring!

Note: you can only send from Php 200 to Php 5,000 and only in a specific amount of time. PSBank’s Senior Vice President and Marketing Head Mr. Noel Tuazon says “There are about 77% of Filipinos who still do not have a bank account. The PaSend service hopes to address the growing need for low-cost cash remittance without the need for an existing deposit account. This is our way of making true to our brand promise of keeping things “simple and maaasahan”.

The PaSend service is just one of the various digital initiatives of PSBank. You should try it out for size and become a part of the digital economy. You can use it to gain a broad range of economic activities that use digitized information as key factors for production and finance, especially for the micro businesses in the country.


Dribbling To A World Record with Nadine Lustre and Sam Concepcion

The most number of people dribbling basketballs simultaneously just sounds unachievable, but it is. This July 21, Go for Gold (CSR arm of Powerball Marketing and Logistics Corporation), Scratch It! and their official venue partner Mall of Asia Arena will be doing a Guinness World Records Attempt to do just that at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds in Pasay City Metro Manila. The previous record of 7,556 was done by people from Rafah Gaza Strip Palestine (June 22, 2010) Registration is FREE and you can do it now via

The presscon was graced by Jay Montelibano, John Roa and Jeremy Go the VP for Marketing of PMLC.

Their guests include Nadine Lustre, Sam Concepcion, Karencito, John Roa, This Band and Almost. Head on to the website if you want to join and maybe just maybe, you’ll see your favorite stars also entertaining you, not bad for a whole day affair eh?

Go and be a part of it!


Do You Have K?

You're middle aged but signs are showing, it doesn't stop and everyone is worried. Sit down and stop what you're doing because hunny, this might be tell tale signs that you have Potassium deficiency.

Ms. Elizabeth Lietz of Paracelsus Life Sciences Corporation makers of Neutra K and Vince Velasco who hosted the event

Feel old and restless? We all do sometimes, but you can do something about it because they now have potassium food supplements in the Philippines. Paracelsus Life Sciences Corporation just got their flagship product out called Neutra K. The right amount of Potassium reduces the risk of tons of things like stroke, lowers blood pressure, prevents the loss of muscle mass (good for those who work out) and tons of good things as benefits.

Team Neutra K

They want this to be something that professionals would consider especially in this fast paced lifestyle. I don't take much supplements but if it does do good and matches what I need for my body, why shouldn't I right? 

Neutra K is made by Filipinos for the Filipino

Neutra K is now available at Mercury Drug and all leading pharmacies nationwide. If you think you need more potassium on your diet and can't depend on bananas (which you prolly think is the only source of it), you can now get them conveniently over the counter. Isn't that nice?

Ask yourself, do you have K?


Why the ShaiVid Loveteam Works

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Saw the movie Because I Love You last night and got to sit down with some of the cast before the screening. They were nervous, a little excited because this is David Licauco and Shaira Mae Dela Cruz's first movie where they play the lead role. Directed by Joel Lamangan, this just had a lot of promise because again, they're banking on the ShaiVid Loveteam which worked on the digital series they did with GMA.

David Licauco attributes the success of their pairing to Shaira because he feels as good as an actress as she is, you can literally pair anyone with her and still get away with it because she's that good. Shaira on the other hand identifies how David was like a sponge on set because she knew how they needed to build on chemistry. She says "David was very timid, very quiet in the beginning and it took some time to warm up with him because it was our first time to work in a film. He was so good after that and I appreciate how he did his part in this movie." 

Saw Regal Baby Timothy Lawrence Yap on the red carpet. Super dapper as always, this guy needs a huge project and I hope he does in time.

Here's our interview with David and Shaira that evening. Enjoy!

The movie had superb acting, but I think the material was just a tad short to work with. Maybe if there were more conflict I'd enjoy it even more. This was good for its merits, watch it for David and Shaira alone.

The movie is now showing in theaters nationwide. Congratulations on the first project and I hope there would be more of these two on the silverscreen or TV. This is under ALV Films and Garage, distribution by Regal Films.


Something New at MARS Pa More

It's been a while since we have seen MARS on air but they're back and definitely, they're stronger than ever. A notch up as we have expected because of the word "Pa More" so we asked seasoned hosts Iya Villana, Charize Solomon and Camille Pratts what they think about the show.

The program has been re-formatted into a more family centric show but Camille told us it wasn't going to lose the lifestyle flavor of it now that it is transferring to the main GMA station. She had fears she wouldn't be able to be there during the pilot episode because she's giving birth anytime soon, they've been able to tape a few episodes and she affirms it's just going to show more of the bond between mothers and their sons/daughters which they all could relate to because they too are in the same predicament. Charize will also be doing the show when Camille gives birth and takes a few months leave, she's been doing that quite a while when Suzy or Camille gets sick back at GMA News TV. Even though Iya is new here, she's always been good friends with Camille because of her brother John. They seldom meet but it has always been like a constant show or event and they talk like they've been doing this forever. 

Here's their interview with us yesterday. Enjoy!


Sue Ramirez is Rock Chic

Hey people!

Guess who’s going to have her first concert this July 19 at the Music Museum, it’s Sue Ramirez and she’s always wanted to start performing on stage, not as an actress but a singer this time.

Sue says “It is a huge celebration for my career, and we are doing this before my actual birthday. I started singing in school but the opportunities was in acting gigs, I didn’t know how this played out but Direk and the production gave me a chance to do this, I am hesitant to do this but I asked the people around me. My handler was that one push, she told me I believe in you Sue and like what Lady Gaga said, all you need is that push. I was always that musical kid who sang in different venues, I had some contests in schools but never did join contests outside, but like any Filipino I sang my heart out in Karaoke. It was when I started loving it. I always loved Pink and her songs, also Lady Gaga, I really look up to these women. It is going to be a mix of genres, different timelines, different kinds of music. I have Kristel, Mariz and Michael Pangilinan who will serve as guests in my concert.”

Direk Lloyd Mamaril says “I saw Sue perform and it was a magical moment to see her in a blue dress and when she sang Imagine, I really wanted to produce her concert. She has proven herself in many facets, we give artists avenues to grow so this is it. When we met I was thinking of a term that would best describe her and the music she does, she’s a rocker but dresses well. She’s Rock Chic. She also adds things in the plans, I planned a year for this and I want people to be proud of this.”

This is directed and produced (under FLM Creatives and Productions Inc.) by Lloyd Mamaril and tickets will be sold on Ticketworld and at the venue. Sue promises this will be very personal, she is excited to share how to share her musical story, songs played will be about who she is as a person and hopefully you’ll get to know Sue even better.


360 Selfie Does First Dynamic Infinity Booth in the Philippines

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

One of the shots I got from the Holo Foto, made the cut to be my official Facebook photo!

I distinctly remember the time I got my first 360 Selfie Slomo and Holo Foto during the E! Bloggers Ball last year. I think it was just an ingenious way to keep precious memories immortalized on video or via the printed hologram card. We were all clad in our best outfits, strutting the purple carpet lined with tons of lights, blinding flashes and just about every blogger I know was there. Back then, the lines were so long because everyone wanted to get their videos and photos taken, including me who usually stands on the photographer lines during fashion week. Their innovative products at 360 Selfie just made it exciting, I was ecstatic once I got to the pedestal.

This year, they have upped the ante with another feature. In Japan, people fancy infinity rooms that looks endless in every corner. If you've seen the work of famed artist Yayoi Kusama and a couple more art installations in the land of the rising sun, it all looks so out of this world seeing some of my friends take selfies and video posts inside them and I've always wondered how it looked and feel like if you're there. Now, you don't have to go travel thousands of miles just to get one because 360SelfiePH has got you covered with the first ever Dynamic Infinity Booth called the GlamShot Infinity Booth. It is inspired from Japan's digital art museun called Teamlab Borderless. Check out how the unkabogable Vice Ganda had so much fun in the GlamShot Infinity Crystals.

Check out how gorgeous Lovi Poe did the GlamShot Infinity Geometry. These were all taken at the recent MEGA Equality Ball. This all happened during June, when people were celebrating Pride Month.

These GlamShot Infinity Booths are also completely customizable and you can have 6 scenes to choose from. They recommend you choose two per event so people can have variety, you can also brand it if you need to. The Mega Equality Ball never looked so nice with all these stars, they're telling their stories through video and photos, they didn't even have to go to Japan just to be in it.

If you're looking for that next awesome flavor for your events, this is definitely it! Check their IG page: @360SelfiePH or their website because it's all there!


Jollibee Burger Steak Stays at P50

Monday, June 24, 2019

Hungry today so after having a cup of coffee at my favorite joint in Tomas Morato, I headed on to Jollibee in the same area. This place is 24 hours, pretty busy all day and I remember lots of my few moments with Dad happened here. He used to only give me 100 bucks per day when I was in college and I had to struggle making lunch or breaks with it because even then everything was expensive.

I miss my Dad... every... single... day.

Today, I have real appreciation with the Jollibee Burger Steak that still held its price of 50 pesos while keeping that beefy, saucy goodness you crave for when you're hungry as a bear. I am on a no rice diet but this just gave me that comforting feeling I need to get away from the stresses of life. If you've been rice deprived as I am you'll learn to appreciate what a cup of rice means when it's gone, you cry a little when it touches your mouth hahaha!

Jollibee's Marketing Director for Core Products Ms. Mari Aldecoa says "When you’re on a tight budget and the craving for something delicious kicks in, there’s no better way to do it than with the affordable and filling Jollibee Burger Steak.”  

So head on to your neighborhood Jollibee store and get that same thing Anne Curtis loves to sing and dance about, the Jollibee Burger Steak stays at P50, P59 if you want a drink with it. Darn cheap if you ask me!

And yes, (mabuti pa yung price nito nag STAY, eh yung ex mo hindi!). Gibberish.


Monin Stars at Technolux Business Series

Technolux’s Business Series (TBS) will be held on June 25 from 2 pm to 4 pm at Mall of Kitchens in Makati City. In this joint, the most trusted brand for premium flavorings for cocktails, coffee called Monin will be featured. It is the top choice for bartenders, baristas and businesses worldwide with over 200 flavors to choose from, it can also be used in different culinary applications and people have been enjoying it for years now.

Technolux is the force behind TBS and has held this yearly event for foodies, entrepreneurs, chefs and businesses engaged in the F & B industry. The feature will be entitled “Monin Day” and will be graced by Monin Philippines’ very own beverge innovator Arjay Rebeta. He will be conducting demos using Monin’s flavors for hot, iced and iced blended concoctions. So you’ve got to be there tomorrow for the show.

If you would like to join, you may get in touch with Technolux via 896-4941, 552-3587 local 6117 or 0917-5488839 or visit


David Licauco for Because I Love You

It was a different guy I met a few days ago during a sit down interview with one of the stars of the movie Because I Love You, he’s David Licauco. It’s a movie produced by ALV Films, Garahe Productions and distributed by Regal Entertainment. I have been able to talk to him in the past and during those times, he wasn’t as keen in joining show business, a little meek, nonchalant, so you get the vibe he was doing this for the wrong reasons. Even with his good looks and demigod body, he (some til now) was actually very shy and timid, so you really come across a little strong especially with those brows that made him look even tougher in person - and on screen. Talking to him yesterday felt different, he was more warm, very candid and talked straight to the point when we interviewed him. I liked this more than my first encounter, he was like in love when he spoke about Shaira Mae Dela Cruz who appears in the film as Summer, a very feisty fire woman who falls in love with Rael (the man who’s got everything).

I couldn’t quite pinpoint what changed with him but he’s quite more endearing now, more warm, and I hope people see how he has improved a lot with his acting. The young gentleman even went the length of being under the wing of an acting coach so he could hone his craft and be good at this, as it shows on this Because I Love You film and the digital series he had with GMA.

You must like David Licauco for one or more reasons, but if you want to see how this almost impossible love story unfold and see how a rich committed guy end up falling for a beautiful lass, watch it on theaters this coming June 26th on malls, movie houses nationwide!

Who knows, you might fall in love with David too! :)