Idol Philippines Top 12

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Search for the Idol Philippines this evening was full of upsets, the press had their favorites but it turned out most of them (and possibly yours) have not made it on the top 12.

But this is good news for Dan Ombao, Elle Ocampo, Fatima Louise, Lance Busa, Lucas Garcia, Matty Juniosa, Miguel Odron, Rachel Libres, Renwick Benito, Sheland Faelnar, Trish Bonilla and Zephanie Dimaranan because that means they’ll be the IDOL Top 12.

Plus on week 1, they will be taught by no other than Maestro Ryan Cayabyab. Then they will be getting 50% from the judges and 50% will be via public idol votes so you really have to do your work as fans , it ain’t gonna work if you’re just gonna sit there and watch.

I like Matty, Trish, Lucas, but of course I am just one person. If you want your idol to win, you need to watch the live competitions and see how they fare in these last few weeks. The world is watching and if we’re sending someone to the idol stage somewhere else it better represent how good we are as singers in this side of the globe.

We do what we do.


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