360 Selfie Does First Dynamic Infinity Booth in the Philippines

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

One of the shots I got from the Holo Foto, made the cut to be my official Facebook photo!

I distinctly remember the time I got my first 360 Selfie Slomo and Holo Foto during the E! Bloggers Ball last year. I think it was just an ingenious way to keep precious memories immortalized on video or via the printed hologram card. We were all clad in our best outfits, strutting the purple carpet lined with tons of lights, blinding flashes and just about every blogger I know was there. Back then, the lines were so long because everyone wanted to get their videos and photos taken, including me who usually stands on the photographer lines during fashion week. Their innovative products at 360 Selfie just made it exciting, I was ecstatic once I got to the pedestal.

This year, they have upped the ante with another feature. In Japan, people fancy infinity rooms that looks endless in every corner. If you've seen the work of famed artist Yayoi Kusama and a couple more art installations in the land of the rising sun, it all looks so out of this world seeing some of my friends take selfies and video posts inside them and I've always wondered how it looked and feel like if you're there. Now, you don't have to go travel thousands of miles just to get one because 360SelfiePH has got you covered with the first ever Dynamic Infinity Booth called the GlamShot Infinity Booth. It is inspired from Japan's digital art museun called Teamlab Borderless. Check out how the unkabogable Vice Ganda had so much fun in the GlamShot Infinity Crystals.

Check out how gorgeous Lovi Poe did the GlamShot Infinity Geometry. These were all taken at the recent MEGA Equality Ball. This all happened during June, when people were celebrating Pride Month.

These GlamShot Infinity Booths are also completely customizable and you can have 6 scenes to choose from. They recommend you choose two per event so people can have variety, you can also brand it if you need to. The Mega Equality Ball never looked so nice with all these stars, they're telling their stories through video and photos, they didn't even have to go to Japan just to be in it.

If you're looking for that next awesome flavor for your events, this is definitely it! Check their IG page: @360SelfiePH or their website 360SelfiePH.com because it's all there!


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