Philam Does Critical Illness Coverage

Friday, June 21, 2019

Philam Life went to its roots and today they are introducing a new product to stay ahead, to have an edge over critical illness. The product is called the AIA Critical Protect 100. It lays focus on living a healthier life. Critical Illness cost 2Million Pesos on average and that is hard for anyone to put up. Now Philam Life covers 0 to 100 years old, 100 kinds of critical illnesses, Gender Specific Recovery benefit plus more on Philam Vitality. Usually coverages are for 18 to 65, but now they do it for children and people beyond 76 years old. For Nico Bolzico, he needs to spend 113 pesos per day for the next 20 years. This is for a total of 2 Million coverage. Face Amount is 1M, Minor CI benefit 250K, Gender Specific Cancer Benefit 500K, and Recovery Benefit 500K.

“We are celebrating AIA’s 100 years and two years ago we promised to have Filipinos have better and healthier life. We are the country’s protection advocate.”

“We want to renew our commitment now that we are on our 72nd year in the Philippines. The vitality program changed the discussion to live better and healthier. Knowing your health, improving it, and rewarding the behavior to be in the Vitality program. This year we are strengthening about promoting protection, when we launched Critical Protect, we asked ourselves why these products are coming in. Having this is just going to give you peace of mind, it is key to live healthier. Even if you sleep you get points. AIA CRITICAL PROTECT is now being launched so you can get 100% out of life.”

Will Dasovich says “I went through a lot, with Stage 3 colon cancer and in 6 months of chemotherapy and surgery, I learned a lot. I think the emphasis goes to the what our purpose is, how do we all make a difference in this world? Mine is entertainment, influencing someone to be happy, so many things in life, to continue living even if I was diagnosed. It was the hardest, but I knew in some way I was making a difference in someone else’s life. It made me happy to see people relate. When you’re confronted with that, you get support with the people you love. Now I spend so much time with my family, we get so caught up and forget to spend time with the people you love. Having that on a daily basis, it was nostalgic, we got to go on roadtrips again, have fun, made me value moments that much more with my family. For those battling something, take it one step at a time. The pain might beat you down but regardless, mentally and emotionally be stable and try to understand what you can control. If you do that then you will be content and happy.”

Raymond Gutierrez says “For me the best tool is the Philam Vitality App. I am a go getter, I challenge myself but here it is easy to earn points so you get habits walking around, it is a pillar of being healthy. Even to sleep, you need 8-10 hours to have your mind rested. The new members will have Philam Vitality review, to know how you are ready for this. A nutrition assessment, vitality check for cheap, then you will know how you can get better. I was thinking about it but I always thought about it, I started late, but it has given me a new lease on life.”

They are celebrating with the AIA 100 Run on June 30 so you can be with Team Mond, Team Nico, Team Will and Team Solenn at the Mall of Asia Grounds. For details you may go to their social media channels, download the Philam Vitality App on the App Store or Google Play.


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