Glaiza, Tj Shines On My Letters to Happy

Friday, June 28, 2019

Just saw My Letters To Happy this evening at their premiere in SM Megamall. I had a notion this would be a love story alone, but it has made me realize they’ve probably made this for the twist of the story which we can’t mention here.

Not everyone was built strong. That line alone would make you think how hard and complicated this relationship is for Abet and Happy. One day they’re fine and dandy, a little bit crazy over each other, the next day they’re all talking serious stuff. They delve into that a lot, I felt uncomfortable at first because as millennials put it, there’s some ghosting involved. How far would a person show his love for someone?

Because we often forget how important our time is. This line had me thinking, do we all really do that? Do we not put importance to that moment we spend with out loved ones and instead just became superficial? How do we count or identify the things we need to put real attention to?

Abet and Happy made me feel a little hurt, especially in that one scene (I couldn’t tell you to spoil it!), a little helpless sometimes, but the fun parts, you encounter several skips of your heartbeat. Story wise, My Letters To Happy has given a subject much importance. Check it out if you want to see how, why you need to be crazy sometimes.

This film shows on July 17, 2019. Take your love struck crazy friends along and learn how to love without conditions, it works for some people. Glaiza, is a fine actress... and this just proves even if she reads lines from a phone book, she makes it work. Congratulations to the production too, but hope you ease up on the camera shake, I felt dizzy in the first frames (sorry).


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