Milk Tea Fix at Sugar Panda Abreeza Mall

Sunday, June 02, 2019

It's so hot outside that you just wanna stay indoors and let the hours pass in Davao City. That's exactly why we are here in Sugar Panda, at Abreeza Mall's third floor for our own sanity, and our Milk Tea fix.

There are tons of brands out there but this one seems special because they are serving Taiwan's #1 drink, so we indulged in having some of their best sellers. First off, I like their containers because they seem to be reusable, perhaps you can just wash this off and prepare something hot later on, but since we are a little at the end of summer, and it's very humid in the Philippines, we might as well try this joint out.

Lychee Boba Milk Tea is fruity and more on the sweet side. If you love cold lychees, this would be a nice substitute.

I ordered this Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse. It's not that sweet (although you can ask for sugar levels), and you'll taste more of their products on the milky side rather than tea. They barely have lines in the mid afternoon so you should prolly go there around that time.

This is their Taro Boba Milk Tea. I actually like Taro but again they made this on the milky creamy side and you'll feel a little hint of earthy taro flavor with this one. Don't be afraid to try new stuff, this one is easy.

This is their Wintermelon Boba Milk Tea, which had a more caramely flavor profile. If you don't know what to order, play safe and order this one.

So if you're looking for your Milktea fix and you're trapped in Davao, try Sugar Panda out. It's not overly sweet and VERY affordable. 

You can't go wrong with good Milktea, if you want it on the milky side rather than the tea, they got you covered.


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