It Deserves to Be Seen: PIETA with NORA AUNOR and ALFRED VARGAS

Saturday, December 30, 2023


I distinctly remember watching re-runs of Pieta on television back in the day. It was made by Carlo J. Caparas, and stars Ace Vergel†, Charito Solis† and so many others. The other was for TV with Ryan Agoncillo and the iconic Ms. Cherie Gil†. I was looking forward to see this version of "PIETA" made by director Adolfo Alix Jr. which stars National Artist and Superstar Ms. Nora Aunor and former Congressman and now Councilor Alfred Vargas from Quezon City. During MMFF 2023, they didn't include this film in the lineup. It would have made history to see the legendary actresses battle it out in cinemas, but I guess fate had other plans.

Good news for those who wait as this film produced by Alternative Vision Cinema Inc. and Noble Wolf Films will be shown in January in cinemas nationwide. But before that happens, we got first dibs during the advanced screening last week at Sine Pop in Cubao, Quezon City.

First of all, the cast is a lethal combination. If you could measure acting prowess with a device, it would break if you put them together in one room. With the likes of Gina Alajar, Jaclyn Jose, Angeli Bayani, Bembol Roco, it would be a bit impossible not to see how rich their bench is. Also in the cast is Ina Raymundo, Allan Paule, Dan Alvaro, Elora Espano, and Tommy Alejandrino, who will all get themselves involved in the lives of Rebecca and Isaac (played by Nora and Alfred). 

This piece is totally different from the Caparas film, and is not in any way related to it. PIETA is written by heavily awarded Jerry Gracio known for his work in several movies, MMK on TV, screenplays and great literary work in Filipino. He's also a Palanca awardee, so you could sense there's great expectations in actually having this written for the silver screen.

 Here's some scenes before the advanced screening:

Alfred Vargas' character Isaac lives in troubled times. Having spent years in incarceration, he was given a second chance to live a good life. He was in for murder, but remained oblivious about what happened. When he arrived home, his Mom had supposed Alzheimer's disease or some form of dementia. Nora's character Rebecca used to religiously visit him in jail but suddenly stopped, and they attributed it to the condition which he found out after arriving at the ancestral home/farm. He found her there almost completely blind, unaware of who he is, with Beth (played by Gina Alajar) providing care for her.

He was set on now dividing his time in finding out the truth, and see ways on how he could at least get to be recognized by his own Mom. He also knew how his own brother stood witness against him, but he couldn't figure out why. This and all the other complications in his new life happens, right when he thought he was doing good.    

The film discusses a lot of social issues, but its main essence lies on the relationship of the Mother and Son. This is their journey to discovering how even if the mind won't recognize who he is, her heart would eventually know. Their attempts to reconnect treads cute to dark poetry, dance and even folk songs. Her singing? Can't tell if she did (as it might spoil things), but it'll fit right with Rebecca's silent moments which you'll find essential. Director Adolf Alix Jr. knows how to set up things on the plot, a lot of which you'll find flipped and reversed.     


Putting Ms. Nora Aunor in a film is like an automatic masterclass of sorts. It felt like a treat to see her in PIETA. There's a Filipino term "mata-mata acting" which connotes acting with just the eyes... and how powerful she could encompass emotions with it (let alone do it while blind). She's literally known for that in the industry; and how even without words, she could do it with ease. That's one of the reasons she's adored, and highly regarded by peers. Direk Adolf also emphasized how Ms. Nora doesn't fear CHANGE, they've absolutely done remarkable work and let the eyes talk lengthily in this film. They did the same for Alfred Vargas' scenes and close up shots. Make sure you watch it in cinemas because it'll feel a lot different. They're planning to release this also in streaming platforms so it could get to Noranians around the world. 


Here's Director Adolfo Alix Jr. talking about his experience with the cast:

PIETA will be released during the 1st Quarter of 2024. I like what I saw. This acting piece didn't go to the wrong people. It's rare to see an ensemble cast of this caliber to happen in a film. 

It needs to be seen.


Check Out The TCL C755 QD-Mini LED 4K TV: The Ultra Game Master

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

It was a really good day to be in the midst of peers and fellow TV enthusiasts at the Abenson store in Quezon Avenue. TCL chose this to be the venue for the launch of their newest TCL QD-MiniLED 4K TV. They've been really hard at getting new products out in the Philippines, and something tells me, this would be the perfect TV set to have this Christmas.

They had us experience it first by getting some of the best consoles, PC driving simulations and even Virtual Reality based games at the top floor of Abenson Quezon Avenue. Had my hand in a few rounds of Tekken and fought with other bloggers and media entities. I felt like a noob during the first few rounds since it's been a while since I've played, but I got the hang of it since round 1. I finished the game too in my first try, so it was highly encouraging to do the versus rounds. It also pays when you've got a display that can keep up with the game's graphics, because it's hard to see clear and accurate especially with fighting games that need higher refresh rate. The refresh rate runs at 144Hz VRR +240Hz DLG (Dual Line Gate) a technology that only TCL has which automatically detects your source output and adjusts accordingly.

Here's our video coverage of the event a few days ago, please enjoy!

The TCL QD-Mini LED 4K TV C755 Ultra Game Master runs on Google TV OS and can be controlled hands free via voice control. It's got Google assistant, so if you're a little experienced like I am with a Google Home smart environment, you can ask away as usual. The audio is clear with Dolby Atmos, DTS Premium Sound so if you're a movie freak, this would do you good. With its 4K UHD display, you'll have clearer than clear scenes and higher contrast, you'll even love how black real BLACK is on the C755. There's also WiFi6, and backward compatible to your current wireless connection. You just have to sit back and enjoy everything once it's set up!

You need a TV set that can keep up with your gaming requirements so you don't lose matches, precious rounds or even those crazy races. TCL has them in Abenson branches nationwide, go try them out first then consider getting them now. It's surely a good "gift to self"!


NICO BOLZICO Releases "Bullied Husbands Club - The Manual" on Lazada

 One of the most good looking guys on the internet Nico Bolzico aka the "The Bullied Husband" of Solenn Heussaff just released his own book called "Bullied Husbands Club - The Manual" in popular online shopping platform Lazada. 

His humor is different. Either with culture or upbringing, one could tell how it would always be fun in the Bolzico household as he narrates small anecdotes in this printed work. Marrying one of the most beautiful women in show business must have come with a lot of things, and one of them is dealing with an equally crazy life with a "Wifezilla". Nico's book details a few procedures how to deal with the everyday battles. One must not forget where one stands in the relationship, that men are only slaves and don't have anything to say other than YES on a normal day (I kid). He also goes the mile and gives good advice on small things so you don't have to suffer the consequences. 


Nico's celebrity friends, Lazada executives put their stamp on the book.

Congratulations Nico!

I read it in a span of 2 days, and I thought I wouldn't get his humor, but I did. Got my copy signed in a Lazada event a few weeks ago. I must say, the fine man is quite nice to talk to.

 To tell you honestly, I liked every bit of it. It's sort of a preparation if you're in the process of getting married. It's not all clownery, because at the heart of these conversations in his head is his way of telling you how it is done, how one should respect women in general. It's not just giving her what she wants, but thinking about what she needs and her freedom. Being married doesn't mean you would need to just stay at home and take care of kids (and dogs), women in this era can do so many things and being a husband means you need to support her among other things. You'll learn that and more in Nico's book. Although delivered humorously, it makes a lot of sense.

 This is also very affordable and perfect to have as a Christmas gift for men, if you haven't had the chance to get your spouse, boyfriend or male friend a gift... go to LAZADA today and take that leap to understand why the Argentinian man survived the Filipina wife. You can get the book HERE. Thanks to Lazada for having us!


CATHY VALENCIA Celebrates 18 Years in the Business

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Whenever I hear her name, I remember countless artists, celebrities that have been able to experience the Cathy Valencia Advanced Skin Clinic. Results that you can't deny, which is why she's still the premiere name to trust in the industry. Recently, they celebrated their 18th year in the business. It was also her birthday, so she threw a thanksgiving party for her most loyal clientele, her celebrity endorsers and the media a few days ago.

The Cathy Valencia Advanced Skin Clinic has been doing skin and aesthetic services since 2002. They now have lots of products available in their clinics designed to maintain, enhance, improve and nourish your skin. We had a grand time there, seeing them bond over games and entertainment numbers was super nice to see. Celebrities like Kitkat, the gorgeous Jessy Mendiola, Marco Gumabao, Enchong Dee, Sunshine Cruz and her daughters, the lovely Sanya Lopez, Tita Anabelle Rama, sweethearts Loisa Andallo and Ronnie Alonte went to the event, to wish Ms. Cathy a happy birthday, and tell us about the various services they love in their clinic.

Here's a few things we talked about on our video interview:

Jessy Mendiola also shared how she plans to make a comeback in 2024!

Marco Gumabao also shared how he was able to love someone like Christine Reyes quite naturally.

Sanya Lopez also shares why she doesnt meddle with Jak Roberto's relationships

Loisa Andallo and Ronnie Alonte also talked about their good friends KathNiel and how they took the breakup news about their friends.


Here's wishing Ms. Cathy Valencia years of success with her skin clinics and products that help people change their lives, and bring back their confidence!


Mallari's PIOLO PASCUAL, JC SANTOS Might Bag MMFF 2023 Acting Awards

It's Christmas Day and what better way to enjoy it but by watching MMFF 2023 entries at SM North EDSA. The streets there were pretty weird as there was no traffic. I had a hunch that people may have not flocked to cinemas, and as soon as I alighted from the car, the mall was full to the brim.

The lines were crazy, there were people in the actual ticket booth (about 20), but right across was the actual line (because SM prepared seating for them) and it was almost 50-100 people, even more as the day progressed. For those who would want to watch movies, I would suggest you get tickets online so you don't have to line up.

I've watched a few entries already, but the recent good reviews about the film MALLARI just got me interested in seeing it. Piolo Pascual in the lead role was a given. I wouldn't want the reviews to influence me, but reading how they've described this as a technically excellent made film right at the get go, I had to be extra observant on how they executed it. His role was a little difficult because he had to play a Mallari from 3 different generations. One is from the Spanish times, the other would be in the 40's, and the modern one too. Piolo's ability to do the 3 different personas was something he had to really prepare for so watchers could differentiate them from the other. Aside from that, they had to also scare people in the theaters, and you'll get attempts right from the very beginning of the film. Piolo Pascual's character is pivotal. He's the anchor wherein much of the journey through time happens, but you have to watch out for several characters that are also going to be involved in the conflicts introduced in this film.

When the movie started, they stopped a few minutes in because PIOLO PASCUAL went in the actual theater!


It would be happy to note that JC Santos' performance here was just AMAZING. When you look at him throw lines and tremble in various scenes, you can feel him across the screen. We don't want to spoil things, but just look at him every time he's on frame as each little nuance and appearance would matter. Their story structure is interesting because you wouldn't have to be a scientist to know what would happen if they suddenly get their timelines intertwined. Yes, there will be time travel involved but unlike cars on Back 2 the Future, they had a special way of doing it. Aside from that, you'll have bouts of ghouls, monsters, and legendary beings from Filipino folklore. The story after all is based on real events, but mighty glad to see a rich interpretation of it.

It's not all horror, not all drama, it delves on family, revenge, the tendency to wreak fear with different kinds of people. They put this together quite nicely. I even felt proud seeing Warner Brothers in the opening credits, I'm sure they see something special in Mentorque's entry in MMFF 2023. Now it's your chance to see this in cinemas. Don't just stay at home and do nothing, grab your friends, your family and try MALLARI out for size.

There's a huge reason why it's getting sold out in cinemas yesterday. The story is interesting, and with Piolo and JC's superior performance, it'll be a tough one to battle out with the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor categories. 

They might just get it.  

The film also stars Janella Salvador, Elisse Joson and Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz. They will be great contenders as well.

Go watch them all!


FOODPANDA to Hold "Pau-tastic Event Ng Taon" Year 2!

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

If you're a foodpanda delivery partner, you're going to love this event coming on December 20 at the Globe Circuit Event Grounds in Circuit Makati. It's the second year of the "Pau-tastic Event ng Taon" where over 2000 men and women Ka-Panda riders are expected to come from all over Metro Manila, North Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. This is their way of showing their appreciation for the modern day heroes, for a dose of entertainment and some really huge prizes!

Aside from the activities they lined up on this date, they are also giving participants to watch concert artists like Salbakuta, ALLMO$t, Yeng Constantino, 6 Cycle Mind, and Rico Blanco. They will also bring their services like government agency partners like Pag-Ibig Fund, PhilHealth, plus a few sponsors PepsiCo, Selecta, New World Diagnostics, Motivo, Caltex, POSH, Juanlife, Jollibee, and the Generics Pharmacy among other partners.

This event will also be stremed via foodpanda riders FB page, pandaridersPH on TikTok so those at home or on duty could watch the event. The pandaPatrol Hub On Wheels will also be there so participants could claim foodpanda merch and give service for those who need their Rider Support Express.

I hope in this way, riders know how important they are in the business.


URATEX Celebrates 55th Year with World Record and Meaningful CSR Efforts

Uratex Philippines just celebrated their 55th Anniversary by breaking a Guinness World Record for the largest Human Mattress Domino. The fun didn't end there as it was part of their CSR initiatives. Those 2,355 mattresses actually went somewhere after the event, particularly to different charity organizations in different parts of the country.

Their CEO and President Mrs. Naty Cheng mentioned "We've already given to 40 charity institutions during our 40th and 50th year, we've checked and saw that their mattresses were still in good condition. We opted to give even more to a different set of foundations so we could continue to help others."

The beneficiaries include actual orphanages, community hospitals, Muslim communities, homes for the elderly, non profit organizations and those who are in need. This also made them help in different locations like Cebu, Agusan, CDO, Batangas, Metro Manila and nearby cities. They provided to those who need it most as it aligns with their corporate values. Their founder Robert Cheng always reminded them to not stop til they get every Pinoy a comfy and affordable mattress. Wouldn't that be a nice future?

Recipients also were quick to thank the corp for going above and beyond of just being a business. Some of them conveyed how grateful they are that they wouldn't have to sleep on the ground because they got the mattresses now. That I think is even more meaningful than the world record, and certainly a good way to celebrate their 55th year!


ALDEN RICHARDS Opens Own Bar STARDUST, Reveals Projects in 2024!


Do you have a specific memory of your interaction with Alden Richards? I do, let me tell you about it before I start this story.

He was already popular at that time, and as a blogger covering his events, it was doubly hard for me to separate work and being a fanboy of sorts. I was also super shy to ask for photos with him as some part of my brain think it's unethical (in some way, I think it still is). 

Security was tight, and I've wanted to ask him for a simple video greet for my twin cousins in the US who were even more die hard fans of this boy. I quickly asked him and he obliged, but he got called to go out for photos. 

Since this is was an event, he was asked to go outside for more pictures. He went out and I thought, oh... it's not gonna happen anymore because he was being asked to go out too after the event. He stopped mid way and went back inside because he remembered that I asked for a favor. He gave me a short smile, and did the video greeting I asked for, I never forgot that moment. My cousins  and I were so happy of course!

See, there are tons of these small things happening in between press conferences and fan meets, but I can tell from the times I've been able to talk to him.. that he is genuinely a very nice and kind person. I'm sure a LOT of people would say the same. Why is he blessed? Why is he so successful? I think his kindness and selflessness plays a BIG part of it.

Alden's personal friend Father Jeff officiated the thanksgiving mass at his new bar, STARDUST

The successful shows and subsequent movies tells how much he's adored by many. He's also got a film this month for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2023 with the one and only Megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta called "FAMILY OF TWO" and we're all raring to watch it. It'll be shown in theaters on Christmas Day, make sure you support him by watching the film. It's got lots of scenes where you'll find comfort, as it talks more about FAMILY, relationships, and you won't have a dry eye in sight.

A few days ago, he invited us for lunch at STARDUST (located at 58 Jupiter Street in Makati). This is a thanksgiving event, a thing he does annually. It's an opportunity to talk to him, so of course I went. He's always done this for different people, and a lot of fans think we're not worthy, I understand, but he really wanted to do this for us (I felt that). We didn't even know that HE owned the place... yes, this is Alden Richards very own bar. He's got some private partners, but bares they are somehow his mentors who wants to teach him the ropes in running businesses. In a way, he's diversifying his portfolio... and we're certain, this will be a good place to go and have fun in the evenings.

Here's a short tour of STARDUST



STARDUST is pretty nice. It's got comfy velvet laden seats, bar stools and tables where you can park a few drinks on a single night. The bar is huge, and the variety of drinks they serve is equally humongous. They have specials (which your bartender can serve), and food is marvelous. The display reminds me of a galaxy, with lit LED's in a dark sky, you'll feel like you're in space after a drink or two. It definitely feels cozy, I could reckon it being like a speakeasy and perhaps, a little bougie. The lights reflect much on the wall, the lobby laden mirrors and the disco balls in different sizes. It was monochrome heaven, and the glistening lights are not bothersome, you just feel relaxed, and be in the opportune time to listen to music. 

Speaking of which, Alden shares how they have spent much of their capital with sound equipment. The bar can actually project sound quite loud, but not bother any of your conversations. So if you're amongst friends, peers or family in this place, you don't have to shout. That's some technology applied in acoustics, and that's something they wanted to do in this place. It's a plus in my dictionary.

Here's our full interview with Alden Richards which happened right after the thanksgiving event he held for the press:

I'd like to take this bit and say THANK YOU to Alden Richards for always being so nice whenever we see each other. Same goes to Sam, Ms. Roche and the entire SPARKLE Artist Center fam who welcomed us there. For those who would want to experience STARDUST, you can get in touch with them via 0917-167 5800 or email them at so you can hold your parties there.

Congratulations on the milestones Alden! I'm sure you'll be achieving more in 2024. Watch out for his international projects, his upcoming directorial debut, and the project with Anne Curtis. Sub to my YouTube channel if you feel like it :)


FAMILY OF TWO: A Film with FAMILY at its Core

The excitement over the Sharon Cuneta and Alden Richards movie "Family of Two" is but a good measure of the caliber of actors they have in the film. The accolades they have would probably have filled a room or two from their previous projects and having them in the Metro Manila Film Festival was just fate, we could say, well deserved.

Their trailer alone garnered millions of views when it was released a few weeks ago, and the strong show of support on the premiere night probably have stamped reasons why people should watch it on Christmas Day.

Ms. Sharon proudly says "Not everybody becomes my son or daughter, a few really I could say have got close. I could say Alden is one, and Coco the other. We grew even close with this project. My kids even told me that he's like me, even more than them. I totally agree, we have so much in common than what I do with my children. It is weird in a good way. It only took us two workshop dates to get acquainted. My staff even told me that he talks like me, a bit scared about the similarities. I think that's the big factor why we do get along. He's the boy version of me."

Ms. Sharon adds "I wish this Christmas, Alden gets his hearts desires... because he deserves it. He has given so much for his family and to other people. And he's a good boy, a good son. I want my son to grow up like him. I appreciate what my Mom did for me, I need her now, and I think about it. Those conflicts won't matter, spend time with them, because you cannot bring back time."

Alden says "Back in 2019, I was asked who to work with. Ms. Sharon was one of those, and I told myself, I wish to be able to work with her with this kind of theme. Like a mother and son, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do this. I will really regret if I didn't do this project."

"When I was growing up, I remember my Mom prepping my lunch boxes, waking up way ahead of me. When we were young, we often get a bit shy when parents get clingy. Some are expressive, and my character was much like me. It kind of hurts that when the time comes, you'll look for that. And that's the message of the film, you take for granted things, when I lost my Mom, I wanted to do things for her, but I couldn't anymore because she's gone. Everyone will leave us in this world, let's not be too shy showing our feelings, let's not wait for that to happen because most of you are so lucky to have family with you. This film teaches us those family moments, you need to value getting together as a family. Kids should be given roots and wings, let them fly, like Maricar and Mateo, know when to let go. When this presscon ends, call your Mom or Dad, tell them you love them, because I envy you, that I can't."

Here's our red carpet video and the actual mediacon in full.

Cineko Productions has really a good entry this year, I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a top grosser because of the sheer star power this has. Aside from that, a topic that is current, something that every son and daughter can relate to. This is what we need, it's about FAMILY. Feedback from the people who watched the film warned me about this being a cry session, I expect that and more. I love Family Matters and since this is Directed by Nuel Naval, it would certainly be full of emotions. They are going to be a giant, and from the looks of it, people are looking forward to watch this first amongst the 10 entries in the MMFF 2023. I know with both of them in the film, this will become a classic. Perhaps, this could be perfectly sent to festivals abroad, to hopefully have them cry about it too.

This is written by Mel Medoza-del Rosario.

Congratulations and I love you Ms. Sharon and Alden!


Broken Hearts Trip: Funny with a Chance of Cry

Monday, December 18, 2023

Just got off the cinema for the film Broken Hearts Trip, an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2023 of BMC Films and Smart Films. This is their red carpet premiere, so the cast trooped to the Gateway Cineplex and walked with celebrity guests, media and online entities.

To tell you honestly, I got the notion that this was going to be greatly comedy content. The ensemble cast names already asked for that, but no, this is not the usual slapstick flick. As you saw in the trailers, this is a full blown reality game show aimed to change the lives of different LGBTQIA++ folks from different backgrounds. From auditions, actual game and eliminations, they all go through challenges and try to win money to change their lives. That's also where most of it is going to be crazy.

I would go to lengths and admit that I've had several bouts of tears in my eyes watching this, but I would give it to Petite Brockovich who plays Mark. Her character was quite stellar in the first half, and even though she possesses a ton and a half of funny bones, her dramatic moments hit me like a ton of bricks when her plot gets divulged. Her partner in the movie is equally intense, it's like a boiling pot waiting to spill over. It's something I felt a connection with, and you've got Teejay Marquez, Marvin Yap, Ms. Iyah Mina and Direk Andoy Ranay to choose from. Chances are, you'll feel like one of them during your watch. Everyone's eyes will get wet in one scene or another, because I saw a few people beside me cry too but with the character of Direk, Iya Mina and Teejay instead (though they'll never admit wiping it off in the dark lol). Here's our coverage at the red carpet on video!

 This might get them a chance to win ensemble award or even best supporting actress. It's not a dud, they're definitely a contender with what I saw earlier. It's got fun, laughter, very relatable characters and you'll get to learn not to judge people. After all, you don't know what they've been through. You don't need to walk in their shoes, but just have heart when you need to. Their support cast delivered too, a good platform to showcase how they didn't shortchange acting prowess in this project. I got a little sad about Christian Bables feeling a little afraid that this might not do well in the box office (which he mentioned after the movie, maybe he looked around on promos), but I beg to differ. It's PG, a place where even kids with parents or guardians could watch. Hopefully, people get to see this for its credits. It's quirkiness is it's selling point, a good LGBTQIA film made to realize that they could be anyone of you.  

The film may have been a huge surprise to be included in the list of entries, but I think I know why after watching the film. This has a lot of components in it, which may lead you frantically finding funny, but instead give you something even more than that... it has HEART.

Congratulations to the cast and the creators! You made me cry.  


The 12 Days of DureX-MAS Naughty or Nice Event

Sunday, December 17, 2023

One awesome night with some of the nicest people, that's what I would describe the event a few nights ago. At the Ugly Duck White Rabbit place at Poblacion in Makati. They had us experience a different Christmas event, filled with pleasurable experiences, with the star of the show DUREX and their 12 Days of DureX-MAS. They showcased their various products, a good day to somehow break stereotypes that this doesn't get talked about much in the open - and educating people about its use. It was already fun, but they had us at the edge of our seats when the drag queens from RPDR PH went out to perform! 

There were tons of people out there from all walks of life, different generations. While we all used to squirm about talking about these in the past, I've seen a huge change in how people became quite receptive. Add to that, the entertainment that Matilda, Arizona Brandy, Miss Jade So, Bernie and Marina Summers brought to the event that evening, it was just made of dreams. If you haven't seen these queens perform, I'm telling you, you better do. Our queens were definitely world class! 

Here's a short video of what transpired that evening!

Thank you so much to the wonderful people of DUREX for having us that evening! It was well worth the trip to the center of Makati's Poblacion district, and started that needed conversation. 

Super fun!


NUNA Launches First PH Store at Greenbelt 5 Makati

Friday, December 15, 2023

A few days ago, Nuna, the worldwide leader in premium quality baby gear just opened up shop at the fabulous Greenbelt 5 in Makati. This is part of their growth plans to make their presence felt in the region and make Filipinos see, feel and touch their best and expertly crafted baby gear in this side of the world. They are first and foremost a Dutch brand, so you would be able to now see in their stores exquisite craftsmanship, timeless designs, as each piece is engineered to cater to the needs of your precious baby.

Here's our video coverage of the launch

From baby cribs, carriers, push chairs and home products, they'll be on display now at the 3rd floor of Greenbelt 5. This was also witnessed by Richprime Global Inc. and Europlay Distributor's Myrna Yao, their CEO, Lisa Yao their Managing Director, and Greenbelt's very own GM Iza Arcilla plus Marc Ambrocio the OM. 

Celebrities like our boy Rocco Nacino, his wife Melissa Gohing and their cute son Ezren, Model Businessman Fabio Ide and his wife model Danielle Mikayla Oca, Patrick Sugui and wife Aeriel Garcia, plus a few celebrity and mommy influencers also were present to cut the ribbon and share their experiences in using their various Nuna products which they swear have changed their parenting lives. If you have time, drop by their shop and ask what could best fit you and your kids lifestyle.