ALDEN RICHARDS Opens Own Bar STARDUST, Reveals Projects in 2024!

Tuesday, December 19, 2023


Do you have a specific memory of your interaction with Alden Richards? I do, let me tell you about it before I start this story.

He was already popular at that time, and as a blogger covering his events, it was doubly hard for me to separate work and being a fanboy of sorts. I was also super shy to ask for photos with him as some part of my brain think it's unethical (in some way, I think it still is). 

Security was tight, and I've wanted to ask him for a simple video greet for my twin cousins in the US who were even more die hard fans of this boy. I quickly asked him and he obliged, but he got called to go out for photos. 

Since this is was an event, he was asked to go outside for more pictures. He went out and I thought, oh... it's not gonna happen anymore because he was being asked to go out too after the event. He stopped mid way and went back inside because he remembered that I asked for a favor. He gave me a short smile, and did the video greeting I asked for, I never forgot that moment. My cousins  and I were so happy of course!

See, there are tons of these small things happening in between press conferences and fan meets, but I can tell from the times I've been able to talk to him.. that he is genuinely a very nice and kind person. I'm sure a LOT of people would say the same. Why is he blessed? Why is he so successful? I think his kindness and selflessness plays a BIG part of it.

Alden's personal friend Father Jeff officiated the thanksgiving mass at his new bar, STARDUST

The successful shows and subsequent movies tells how much he's adored by many. He's also got a film this month for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2023 with the one and only Megastar Ms. Sharon Cuneta called "FAMILY OF TWO" and we're all raring to watch it. It'll be shown in theaters on Christmas Day, make sure you support him by watching the film. It's got lots of scenes where you'll find comfort, as it talks more about FAMILY, relationships, and you won't have a dry eye in sight.

A few days ago, he invited us for lunch at STARDUST (located at 58 Jupiter Street in Makati). This is a thanksgiving event, a thing he does annually. It's an opportunity to talk to him, so of course I went. He's always done this for different people, and a lot of fans think we're not worthy, I understand, but he really wanted to do this for us (I felt that). We didn't even know that HE owned the place... yes, this is Alden Richards very own bar. He's got some private partners, but bares they are somehow his mentors who wants to teach him the ropes in running businesses. In a way, he's diversifying his portfolio... and we're certain, this will be a good place to go and have fun in the evenings.

Here's a short tour of STARDUST



STARDUST is pretty nice. It's got comfy velvet laden seats, bar stools and tables where you can park a few drinks on a single night. The bar is huge, and the variety of drinks they serve is equally humongous. They have specials (which your bartender can serve), and food is marvelous. The display reminds me of a galaxy, with lit LED's in a dark sky, you'll feel like you're in space after a drink or two. It definitely feels cozy, I could reckon it being like a speakeasy and perhaps, a little bougie. The lights reflect much on the wall, the lobby laden mirrors and the disco balls in different sizes. It was monochrome heaven, and the glistening lights are not bothersome, you just feel relaxed, and be in the opportune time to listen to music. 

Speaking of which, Alden shares how they have spent much of their capital with sound equipment. The bar can actually project sound quite loud, but not bother any of your conversations. So if you're amongst friends, peers or family in this place, you don't have to shout. That's some technology applied in acoustics, and that's something they wanted to do in this place. It's a plus in my dictionary.

Here's our full interview with Alden Richards which happened right after the thanksgiving event he held for the press:

I'd like to take this bit and say THANK YOU to Alden Richards for always being so nice whenever we see each other. Same goes to Sam, Ms. Roche and the entire SPARKLE Artist Center fam who welcomed us there. For those who would want to experience STARDUST, you can get in touch with them via 0917-167 5800 or email them at so you can hold your parties there.

Congratulations on the milestones Alden! I'm sure you'll be achieving more in 2024. Watch out for his international projects, his upcoming directorial debut, and the project with Anne Curtis. Sub to my YouTube channel if you feel like it :)


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