Real Robust Challenge Winners Bared

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

In the Philippines, we've come to see how Robust has inculcated in the lives of so many men... and in the process, fix personal physical issues when they get to a certain age. The brand has recently held a "Real Robust Challenge", a video blog competition amongst the Philippines' most talented content creators as they feature the all natural power packed supplement that contains Epidmedium Extract, Goat Weed, which is a Chinese aphrodisiac. It also has Gingko Biloba Leaf, Ginseng, Dansheng and Dahurian Angelica root, plus L-Arganine, for that long lasting performance.

Racking up millions of views for each video, they announced the top entries at the event a few nights ago. The Real Robust Challenge winners won 300k for 3rd Place given to Elaiza Sy (21,870,184 views), 500K for the 2nd Place went to FCY Channel (24,173,225 views), while the top prize of 1 Million went to VinF TV (41,285,748 views). Other top entries also won 30,000. Mind you, they also gave the prizes that day in cold cash, tax free!

The event was also graced by ATC Healthcare executives, makers of Robust in the country. Also in the crowd was the nice Raffy Tulfo himself, he was really nice talking in the sidelines especially to other vloggers who went up to him to take selfies.

They also announced that this will be repeated next year, but since ATC Healthcare International is feeling extra generous, Robust and Livermarin will be joining forces to give a whopping Php 2 Million for the winner in 2024. Congratulations on a very successful event! I can't wait to join the contest next year, it'll probably be huge as more content creators would take a jab at the prize and enjoy the same benefits that Robust gives.


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