Kim Molina and Jerald Napoles Sing Through Pandemic

Monday, August 31, 2020

Watched Kim Molina and Jerald Napoles' YouTube videos this week; and yes I have been doing that in the past few years. Initially I only subscribed to Jerald's channel but this couple probably couldn't get their hands off each other and decided to make a YouTube channel with both of them in it. With their romance budding from being always together in Rak of Aegis, which I watched in PETA a couple of times, I was actually not surprised when these two got bitten by the love bug during the show's run. Honestly, both of them were a discovery for me because I personally have not seen Kim Molina sing before that. Jerald on the other hand has been seen singing a bit in shows and skits, but they were really SERIOUS during Rak's run. 

These days, Jerald and Kim are both spending most of their time at home and like us, they find ways to entertain themselves, their friends (sometimes) and family. Music and singing is just something Filipinos enjoy and nothing like good old Grand Videoke can't fix. I do the same in my home and if the neighbors don't mind, I choose a few pieces that I think sounds good on me. Kim did humongous belting songs by divas like Sarah Geronimo, Whitney Houston (complete with breakdancing moves) and Regine Velasquez. Jerald on the other hand tried to bring it with songs by Journey, Basil Valdez and Martin Nievera. They also played the perfect pitch feature on the device to see who can have best scores, it was so much fun to see them bonding over what they love to do most, singing! It kinda felt like you have your own personal voice coach doing that as it shows pitch via graphics, which I rarely see in other machines.

I envy Jerald and Kim because they also unboxed the new Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro which was super high tech, even works with an app called GV Smart App. They can use two wireless mics and connect two wired ones which means the whole family can join in. Ah, I love how they were so sweet with each other especially with the last song "You and I" where they did a duet. It was like a match made in heaven!

Wish I could spend a lot of time singing too and become a pro at it one day. I mean, I can do a few RnB songs and give Kim and Jerald a battle haha! Anyway, I really enjoyed watching these two. Maybe you can check their channel out for kicks, I'm subscribed and loving it!

I want my own Grand Videoke too!  


Jessy Mendiola, Pokwang, Ria Atayde and Pauleen Sotto Does New Shows on TV5

Friday, August 28, 2020

A few days ago, we got to meet Jessy Mendiola, Ms. Pokwang, Ria Atayde and Pauleen Luna Sotto. I have personally met these ladies in different shows, movies, even several iWant series. With the closure of ABSCBN, talents have been onto different projects elsewhere, specifically TV5 and Cignal as their new shows come out. 

Jessy Mendiola is doing her first season of Fit for Life, which will be shown once a week. That’s 7am on Sundays at TV5 and 7pm over at Cignal TV’s COULOURS network. Now for starters, I didn’t know much about Jessy’s regimen, but knowing how good her body looks today, that must have come from a really good workout routine and diet. It is one of the reasons she wanted to share it. She too had some struggles on her weight but her current lifestyle change worked for her and she wants the same to happen to more people. The show will not be just concentrating on the workout sessions. Most often than not, she’s going to sit down with experts and talk about the hows and whys of being healthy. She also did mention during the presscon that it is also important to discuss mental health because as much as the physical workouts do happen, the importance of talking about it and getting the right mindset is essential. I agree. Oh and did I forget to say, she’s gorgeous and blooming, definitely inlove with Luis Manzano. She also told us her fears of interviewing Ms Vilma Santos since she is hosting now. Also, she shared some of the things they went through shooting the episodes while on lockdown. They did it in quarantine period, with social distancing, plus none of them went home to their families til everyone got tested negative before and after GCQ. There were lots of revelations too, things very personal to her so in a sense, it is very intimate. Make sure you catch it on TV5!

Ms. Pokwang, Ria Atayde and Pauleen Luna Sotto are the hosts of new morning show called Chika BESH. These days, you need comic relief and entertained and bits of that will come from Ms. Pokwang, who also is motherly at times. She makes them both comfortable, which they all appreciate. Ria gives off a vibe of being current, present, a little feisty at times but very passionate, she might be young but talks real sensical stuff every time they have guests in the show. Pauleen Sotto in the recent episodes showcased how really well equipped she is as a host, coming from Eat Bulaga, she shared a lot of her experience with them and yes, she is a ball of fun. Together, their combination might be unconventional to some people, but I have addictively watched all of their episodes and enjoyed their interviews. They have interesting point of views, they have different backgrounds and that means they represent ordinary joes like you and me. Ria mentions how change is constant, it’s why people face their fears so they have a taste of their little goals and victories, I felt happy each time they end one episode to another. They also have content from the web included in the show so you’ll never get bored. DJ Malaya Macaraeg does Tatak Pinoy featuring Filipino products, Christian Antolin does food tours, recipes for Laps Trips, Tiktok pro Inricho Bautista does viral videos and stories for SKL (Share Ko Lang). They also have Taki Saito who shares her experience as a Filipina-Japanese actress and TV host in Tokyo, Japan, Kimpoy Feliciano does travel vlog stories in New Zealand, and Shine Kuk (whom I met in Regal) is South Korean-born TV personality will do stories about K-Pop and K-Drama, a good mix definitely. This definitely comes from the nice work that production does. I felt happy after watching them, which is their main goal.

Now if you haven’t watched Chika BESH yet, please indulge in doing so from Mondays through Fridays at ‪10:00 AM‬ on TV5. It also airs on Colours ‪at 11:00 AM‬ which is available on Cignal TV on CH. 202 HD and CH. 60 SD. 

Thank you so much to the nice people of TV5 and Cignal TV, plus all the artists who were so cordial answering questions from the press. 

I’ll be watching you! Cheers!


UNIQLO Fall/Winter Collection 2020

Thursday, August 27, 2020

One of the world’s most loved clothing brand Uniqlo just launched their fall winter collection today. In the Philippines, they held a live stream for the event featuring the season’s best looks, bar none.   

Yes Sustainable Cities, outdoors, work and craft, and design is their call this season.   Urban landscapes, an inspiration to the sportswear they came out with today. 

Those Dry Ex pieces shown are phenomenal, perfect for working out or just an ordinary day. It stays soft and comfy, and still give you freedom for movement. Outdoors can be nice with their parkas, ultra stretch shorts modeled by Pia Wurtzbach.   

Work and Craft pieces are modular, easy to layer, dry stretch easy shorts, draped shirts, dry piqued polo shirts, light trench coats and jersey relaxed jackets are all neat, the flannel shirts are soft, which can be used for everyday wear. They have soft satin material, tapered fit, shows off your figure in the right places. Smart pants, stylish all the time, but never forgets comfort. They also have 2 way stretch that makes movement effortless, kick every a$$ when you need to, wherever.   Design, which are all inspired by architecture, fashion. They have pieces like Georgette Sleeved blouses, wrinkle resistant dresses that can be worn in formal or any occasion. Made of materials that are soft and comfy, they also have ankle pants, marino fabric used for shirts, so you feel fresh all day. Lifewear is evolving.    

Uniqlo U, is all simplified wardrobe. Cristophe Lamiere did U Long Sleeve Shirts, Hana Tajima also made clothing that adapts to women’s bodies. Classy, very feminine, still using fall winter colors. The Ines de la Fressange line on the other hand had some really cool looking coats, extra fine merino strapped clothes, which you can layer in cold to nippy weather, but still remain the woman you are. They also do sustainable products and put technology on textile, even put rinsing water recycling on the Zongzhan Yida pieces and their other lines, that’s fine. Sustainable cities with lifewear, their motto.  

Airism is as usual, it’s basic, smooth and comfortable. Hot sun, freezing air, there won’t be anything that these line of clothing can’t handle. People are working, hot outside and yes they do perspire, this just releases the heat. Those drastic temperature changes won’t stand a chance with it. They also have bra camisoles, keep you cool and dry for those sunny days. The men can have the Airism polo shirts, enjoy the cool to the touch fabric that is also present in the new - more oversized shirts, they have too.  

Super love the pants! want!

Life’s needs in mind, UNIQLO presents a very nice collection this fall and winter season. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re already checking out the uniqlo website or the uniqlo app because it’s all going to be available there.   

I’m about to shop, see you there!


10% OFF on these Casio watches during Shopee’s Fashion Friday

I've been a fan of Casio since I was a kid. I think I still have my original digital piece at home, but I would probably have to find time to find it, heck it's been years since I haven't used that. These days, I've given my attention to the latest G-Shock lines which are more practical, very tough, enough to fall off a building and still won't break. 

The man who invented it (dubbed as the Father of G-Shock) was here a couple years ago. He told us how he started and why he was solving a pretty simple problem that was hounding a whole enchilada of watch wearers and how they could wear it outdoors, with an active life, one that could be worn everyday. The old ones get scratched, a little too high maintenance and can't be worn when perspiring ensues. Anyway, we all know now how good a G-Shock is. What's even better is that Casio's got their official Shopee store now and watches can now be bought online via the Shopee app.

We took a little tour and checked out their wares, I have to tell you, some of them made me drool. I like the resin bands, how it is shock resistant, and even have 200 meter water resistance. Each piece has a their own look but the must have features are all there, with some having more than others so consumers always have a choice. Check them out here! 

Casio Philippines Official Store

Casio G-Shock (GBD-H1000-8DR) Black Resin Strap GPS Heart Rate Bluetooth 200 Meter Solar Watch

Casio G-Shock GA-2100-1ADR Black Resin Strap Shock Resistant 200 Meter Analog Digital Watch

So if you haven't downloaded the Shopee app on Google Play and the App Store, this is the best time to do so because it is nearing Shopee's Fashion Friday. You won't even have to walk, drive and put yourself in harms way and just be delivered to your door in a few days. Maybe you can start here to download the Shopee app.

Oh and don't let me stop you because the 9.9 Sale is near. 


Better Diabetes Management with Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

How important is peace of mind? I’m sure you’re all for it.

I’m living with diabetes, and I just found out about it very recently. I was honestly playing it off and not thinking about it until my doctor told me to get some tests done. I have had several symptoms like headaches, ants on excretions, etc. but I was in denial. Test results came and it confirmed what I was fearing the most, I had type 2 diabetes just like my mom and dad. It was a burden for me to spend a lot for maintenance medicine, just like any other diabetic out there. I had to change a lot of things like monitor my food intake, take medicine religiously, etc. I was able to have good results in the past but I bet it was just because of the diet I had to go through before having my blood glucose tests. It’s my fault. I didn’t know how hard it was to live with diabetes, and how to manage it until this happened.

Diabetes management has been very hard for people living with the condition. The grueling task of checking blood glucose levels has always been a burden, discouraging people young and old to stay away from pricking just to see how they are doing daily and nothing has been done to better it.

It’s already 2020 and I am happy to finally see medical and technological advancements in diabetes management. I’m glad to have been able to know and use the Abbott FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system. It’s a first in the Philippines and is currently the number one sensor based glucose monitoring system in the world. Before this, there was no technology available in the country to monitor your glucose aside from the routine finger pricking method which you will not be able to do in a more regular basis due to the pain and inconvenience that you have go through every single time you prick . The goal to decrease A1C, reduce hypoglycemia, limit glucose variability (to maintain it in a normal level) and monitoring it is very tricky as it doesn’t give so much information. 

Finger pricking is useless if patients do not prick regularly as they should (according to doctors’ instructions) and if the patient stops monitoring, the doctor won’t have information he/she would need. If you use a flash glucose monitoring system like FreeStyle Libre, doctors would have a better idea about your condition. When you scan using the FreeStyle Libre reader over the sensor, it shows your actual glucose level and plots it in an 8 hour history trendline. The sensor actually can provide a comprehensive glucose reading as it allows you to frequently scan – you can scan even every minute! It doesn’t get your readings from the blood but from the interstitial fluid (ISF) that surrounds the cells (below your skin). 

The system also has LibreView, a free, secure cloud based management platform which would be a convenient way for your doctor to view your glucose data. The reader conveniently shows patterns over a particular date or period of time where you have been using the sensor. It provides data you and your doctor can easily understand. It also shows time in target (if you are above, within, or below your target glucose range), and a summary of your low glucose events (shows readings lower than 70 md/dL in 4 different 6 hour periods).

I have been using it for a couple of days now and found out a few things. The sensor won’t get detached from you, unless you force it. It’s got a medical grade adhesive and is water resistant. I would advise you to wash the site of your arm using  plain soap, dry, and then clean with alcohol wipe. The reader can also do manual blood glucose level checking as it can work with FreeStyle Optium Glucose Strips.

The reader can be charged full in 2-3 hours and would last around 7 days. It also displays how many days you have left before you should replace your sensor (as each one can be only used up to 14 days). There is an Edit icon on the device which can be used to indicate if you’ve eaten (and it locks down after 15mins).

The FreeStyle Libre Reader and Sensor can be purchased online through Lazada or in selected major Mercury drugstores. It costs Php 3,500 for the reader and the sensor is Php 3,500 as well. Senior citizen and persons with disabilities (PWD) discount privileges are also available as long as there is a doctor’s prescription. I suggest you get it via Lazada because they have free delivery. Their customer service hotline is at (02)87028577 and is open weekdays from 8:30am – 5:30pm excluding public holidays. I actually called when I had a problem with my sensor and after a few troubleshooting steps, they replaced it after arranging delivery from their head office. I am satisfied they acted fast and efficiently. That’s very assuring to know, and it really means they care.

Now you too can take advantage of this technology which is now available in the Philippines. I’m a diabetic and have seen its benefits first-handedly. I get peace of mind and am assured that I can monitor my glucose levels in a more granular level with reliable and accurate data. With my lifestyle, I now know what’s happening in my body and that give me a peace of mind, it’s priceless!


Heart Evangelista's Secret to Good Skin

Donning the streets of Paris, London, New York, Milan and Manila is not for the faint of heart (see what I did there? Haha). For Heart Evangelista, looking this good is effortless sans style and glam team, to look this good, you need to have good skin and she acheives this by doing one thing, she takes good care of it from within. 

Skin should be hydrated, and to do that, she needs the help of this new variety of Vitamin C from Poten-Cee called Poten-Cee + C. This one not only has Vitaminc C in it, but a good amount of hydrolized collagen which is essential for healthy skin. She says "Times are hard and we need to protect ourselves by strengthening our immunity. Eating the right food, a good lifestyle, and supplements like Poten-Cee + C. I promised when I turned a year older to gift myself with beauty and health. Things are taking a toll on my skin but I'm glad Vitamin C of this type can help in the production of collagen. I'm covered!"

Poten-Cee variants include Forte, Sugar Coated, Sugar Free, Chewable and Non Acidic. Follow their social channels to know more about it. 

Take a pill a day folks! 😀


AICE Philippines Launches "Milk and Eggs" Ice Cream

Filipinos love sweets, no contest on that. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen, heard, and even tasted the newest cold treat player in town AICE Ice Cream. 

After being an official sponsor at the 2018 Asian Games, they’ve really expanded in the whole Southeast Asian region. I think my first encounter with this was in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company originated in Singapore and has been a great hit in Manila. In here, it really spread by word of mouth and I’ve seen family and friends enjoy it albeit it being a new brand. My personal favorite is the Sweet Corn Ice Cream, Watermelon and Crispy Choco. Their main thrust is VARIETY, they gave us choices in a pretty laid back market imho and their formula of being not too sweet and very affordable is working so much, I’ve seen people hoarding this in my neck of the woods.

Just recently, they launched a new flavor called Milk and Eggs. It’s a concoction very rich in Milk, Eggs and Honey. Now I thought I’ve seen it all, but during the event, we had a simultaneous tasting of the product happen. This stuff is made of dreams!

The Ice Cream is enveloped inside, once you bite into the thing, you’ll hear the thin chocolate coating crack, while the cream envelopes your palate with creamy milk and honey as base. Plus, there was a huge surprise inside, a Strawberry center which nobody really expected. All my favorite ice cream flavors in that form, how can I not love the new Milk and Honey flavor! The Milk and Honey Ice Cream only costs 20 pesos. It’s even better than some old ice cream brands I’ve had in the PH, there, I said it!

While we were enjoying our Milk and Honey, the told us a little about their current operations in the country. They have been quietly doing things on the sidelines, helping lots of entrepreneurs, their distributors earn a living. They are also employing Filipinos and plan to ultimately have local production happen sometime in the near future. Aside from that, they’ve gone to different communities to help as part of their CSR efforts. They are also being met with a lot of people who share their experience with AICE Ice Cream brand on social media and thank them personally as much as they can. 

Also, they got nutritionist Ms Joan Sumpio to help us understand the health benefits of protein rich foods. Ms. Sumpio says “I’m surprised they have products that are also healthy. There is no good and bad food, but there are bad eating habits. There are 22 micronutrients to meet in our diet daily; aside from the macro we need in food. The Filipino household diet only meet 31% energy requirements. The deficiency is huge hence the increase in ailments later on in life (osteoporosis). Milk intake should always be a priority til the age of 20, adequately, otherwise we would need to introduce other sources like shakes, smoothies, flavored milk, and plan meals that will be beneficial for our health. If we can’t have that, we can have eggs in moderation. It is a source of Vitamin B12 which reduces fatigue, have immunity and be a source of Vitamin D and A. Milk and Egg are good sources of protein, only 40% of Filipino households do not meet daily requirements. Milk and eggs are essential, it is good to have one whole egg a day, plus as much egg whites as you can because amino acids repair. This would be a good source of allowable intake of calories too.”

Later in the session, they introduced to us some of their celebrity influencers. They are actress Sharlene San Pedro, Volleyball Powerhouse Mika Reyes and actress soap princess Andrea Brillantes. Sharlene and Mika was ecstatic to be part of the growing brand and they’ve been having the time of their lives tasting the different flavors AICE Ice Cream  brought to Manila. 

I got to ask also about their plans to maybe have a sugar free/low sugar variety. They were happy to inform me that there will be a sugar free and low fat version of ice creams soon in the Philippines; they already have some of them available in Indonesia, so stay tuned!

Now head on and get your AICE Ice Cream fix in different outlets and stores nationwide! If you plan to be a distributor, their social channels are open and they can cater to you. I can’t do that, I might just end up eating them all in one sitting LOL! Milk & Eggs only cost 20 pesos and if you buy the pack of 5, they'll throw in a free mask to keep you safe.

Thank you AICE Philippines! Had so much fun that day!


You Can Now Order via Jollibee App

Monday, August 24, 2020

Oh yes it is true, there exists a brand new spanking Jollibee app which you can download via App Store and Google Play. The well loved largest fast food chain in the country knows how we all need to adjust to the "new normal". Taking convenience to new heights the app can locate the nearest branch and give you access to the full menu as if you're there.

They also will have exclusive promos via coupons and deals, plus payment options through PesoPay and honor discounts for Senior Citizens and PWD. So for those who would love their Jollibee Chickenjoy, Jolly Hotdog, Jolly Spaghetti and Peach Mango Pie fix, you can all get it here.

For busy people, you can also have food delivery scheduled so you can get it fresh, hot and fast. I'm off to get my Spicy Chickenjoy so I'm gonna stop here. For you, go download the new Jollibee App on the App Store and Google Play, try it out. 

Now where can I wish to get that Champ back? Hahahah 😄 if that isn't your cup of tea, go to the web and order via because they made that nice too!


Magandang Buhay Awards BRIA Home to Single Dad

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Last August 14 was a good day during the Magndang Buhay segment "Magandang Buhay, Magandang Bahay!". They just turned over to single Dad Ernesto Bauzon,  his daughter Agnes their very own digital key to their brand new home in BRIA Homes.
The awarding took place in a Facebook live episode last August 14, which had winner Ernesto, his daughter Agnes in tears. They were joined by BRIA Homes President and Chief Operating Officer Red Rosales and Magandang Buhay hosts Jolina Magdangal, Melay Cantiveros-Francisco and Karla Estrada via Zoom. They awarded this home last December 25, 2019 and they chose his story how he was able to raise his three kids after getting widowed years ago. It touched a lot of viewers and inspired them, all of which was a simple wish by his daughter saying he deserves his own home.

Now he's got a brand new unit in BRIA Homes Pampanga. It's called an Elena which is an end-unit model with a floor area of 22 square meters and a lot area of 54 square meters. Rosales quipped the only thing left is for them to complete requirements to go there and they've already put furniture in the living room, their kitchen, and bedroom which includes a brand-new air-conditioning unit. Mr. Bauzon then thanked BRIA Homes and Magandang Buhay for choosing them as the fourth winner of the segment. 

Now they will be part of a safe community, 24/7 security, cctv coverage, playgrounds and several amenities that come with every BRIA home. You can call them at (0966) 277 5944, like and follow Bria Homes, Inc. on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Spotify, Viber Community, Telegram Channel, Kakao Talk, LINE and WhatsApp because they're everywhere! 

Maybe it's time to consider owning a BRIA Home today!


Insular Life Launches Total ProtectER

Having peace of mind has always been a good thing. These days, we've seen so much of how insurance would have been beneficial for people. The large hospital bills, could really cripple ones economic status and being ready for that can't come at a more opportune time than now. Recently, Insular Life's HMO subsidiary InLife Health Care just launched Total ProtectER. It's a plan that includes a six month term Life Insurance, daily hospital income for 6 months, one time emergency care health plan, HMO coverage and daily hospital benefits all in one! 

This means that the emergency care element will be covering COVID19 care on an ex gratia basis until December 31, 2020. This entails Php 500,000 life insurance for death due to natural/accidental causes, Php 3,000 daily hospitalization income for 15 days if confinement is under 4 days due to accidental injury or sickness (15-90 days total hospitalization) within that 6 month coverage period. Chief Distribution Officer Raoul Littaua says "I hope our countrymen would take advantage of this while it is available, especially at a time like this as we are under a pandemic "

Currently, this is available in two packages from Php 11,750 and the other is Php 12,450 where the difference is emergency care in Manila's top 6 hospitals. This is only available for people ages 18 to 64. You may check the details at because it's all there!

Stay healthy!


Three Super Commitments Before Shopee 9.9 Sale

I'm sure even in hard lockdown, some of you are still adding so much on your carts in the popular shopping app Shopee.
Oh and it's almost 9.9 Shopee's Super Shopping Day wherein you'll see even more discounts plus major deals on several brands, they're really giving you more reasons not to stop having that convenience getting your products at the comforts of your home. They are promising a few things though before that big day which has been celebrated since 2016.

They want to PROVIDE A SUPER ECOSYSTEM where quality, reliability, secure payments and logistic offerings will be given to their happy consumers. They also want to SUPERCHARGE RECOVERY FOR SELLERS AND BRANDS, which we all know is also struggling at these times hence, they are helping even more of them to maximize sales growth with the help of e-commerce and their platform. They also introduced Seller Support packages wherein sellers and SME's enjoy lesser costs of operation, more capital support, and an even better Seller Center so they can do campaigns and sales easily. Last but not the least, they want you to DELIVER A SUPER COLLECTION OF ENTERTAINMENT AND DEALS which is why you are seeing more games in app, offers on livestream plus more 9.9 Super Shopping Day offers starting August 19 to September 9. Add to that the 10 Million Sellers and 15,000 brand partners that will also give their own deals and discounts, you're gonna love what you can do right in the comforts of your home.

Download Shopee now at the Google Play store and App Store, I'm hooked and you should be too!