TV5 Partners With Cignal Entertainment for New Shows in the Kapatid Network

Monday, August 10, 2020

The landscape of broadcasting has changed and TV5 is ramping up their shows and reviving their entertainment arm earmarked with this new partnership with Cignal Entertainment. 

They did close down their home grown entertainment shows and talent pool a few years back and just concentrated on Sports and News programs as a business decision. However, they saw how there is a need for new and fresh content for Filipinos and that would need to come from somewhere. Broadcasting is having a major transformation and people are looking for options especially in free to air and pay tv. Number one pay tv provider Cignal TV knows this and the move to partner with TV5 is in some way came naturally, as Robert Galang the head honcho for TV5 says "We are now positioned better, as we enter a new phase to expand programming and promote new content in our assets.There will be in house production for TV5 but for news and sports. Most of our entertainment content now will be independently produced. TV5 and Cignal TV will be having the same head, having a common vision leading both companies to seamlessly work together. Separate orgs, but will have more collaboration using both our strengths."

Producer and Director Perci Intalan adds "TV5 has been a breath of fresh air in the industry. This is where a lot of programs have been born and now in the crucial time of TV history, they decided to invest in entertainment again. Now we are balancing entertainment content that the advertisers are looking for, starting APT entertainment who has 2 shows (Bawal Na Game Show and Fill in the Bank) , doing things they are really good at. Talentadong Pinoy is also back, with Ryan Agoncillo called “Bangon Talentadong Pinoy”, Usapang Real Life with Ms. Luchi Cruz Valdez, Chika BESH with Pokwang, Pauleen Luna Sotto and Ria Atayde, Fit For Life with Jessy Mendiola, In Action with Raffy Tulfo. We are planning a lot in 2021 and even 2022 as suddenly, things are possible.

These are the new shows!

New shows on TV5 coming very soon!

Bawal na Game Show with Paolo Ballesteros and Wally Bayola
Bangon Talentadong Pinoy with Ryan Agoncillo
Usapang Real Life with Ms. Luchi Cruz Valdez
Fit for Life with Jessy Mendiola
Pokwang, Pauleen Luna Sotto and Ria Atayde for Chika na BESH
Idol in Action with Raffy Tulfo
Fill In The Bank with Pokwang and Jose Manalo

About Branding One Sports, OnePH, OneTV

Ms. Triccie Tolentino the Vice President/Head of Marketing for Media5 says “TV5 is already a good brand and what will change is just programming. It’s just going to be bigger and better. All our shows will be in digital, our platforms will also bear that including Cignal TV and we will cross promote through these channels.”

On Maine Mendoza

Ms. Sienna Olaso the First Vice President and Head of Channels & Content for CignalTV says "A few months back we launched Buko channel, in there we have programs with Maine, hopefully Perci can also add more of that content into TV5. We continue to plan and do creative content in our channels. The pandemic is just pushing off some, a little of the shoots."

So stay tuned for that, you might see Maine and other Buko channel programs in TV5.

On Kris Aquino Being Part of TV5

Direk Perci days “Kris is very much welcome in TV5 but there are a few things they need to fix from their side and that production is external. It is their turf, but one thing for sure is that we are excited for her and we will wait for her."

About Ms. Sharon Cuneta and ABSCBN

Sir Robert Galang says "TV5 is open to everybody including talents of ABSCBN. We are working with independent producers working with us, in co productions or block timers, we can work with everybody."

We got the impression that they are even open to the idea of getting block timers which may be good news if ABSCBN would see that as an opportunity.

Direk Perci adds "Ms. Sharon Cuneta is also welcome if someone produces her show on TV5, issues in the past don’t matter. We don’t and never close doors."

On IdeaFirst Content

Direk Perci says “I am not pushing for anything from IdeaFirst as I am wearing two hats. I only approve shows as accorded to me by content and TV5 programming. Also, Gameboys is already good in Youtube, I don’t know yet for TV, but anything can happen.”

I hope they do consider this including Pearl Next Door because it's high time people see it on free to air and digital TV.

For those who want to pitch content in TV5, they are looking for quality, fresh content, gameshows, narratives, if it passes their taste, it can be presented in the channel. He says "We are talking to producers mostly, if they have stars from any channel it is their choice. We don’t talk to individual artists so it would be from them. There will be opportunities, to intentionally have our own stars. Someone can pitch, talent shows included, remember we discovered Morisette in a show before. A lot of stars have just not gotten big breaks, we will let it come naturally if it can happen with TV5. There are more ways to break the tradition of programming, the genre may always be the same but how you do it is the difference. We will be pushing the envelope."

Direk also added “We are targetting August 15, for the formal launch of this partnership. We are also in talks with other production companies but they are still in development. Big comeback? Of course it can’t be done in one day but our first shows will be launched in August 15. We are mindful people don’t want everything in one day, but rest assured there will be more shows on TV5."

Fill in the BANK and Bawal na Game Show will start on August 15, 6PM to 8PM

So for now, they've confirmed Fill in the Bank, Bawal na Gameshow and Chika Na BESH which is produced by APT Entertainment. We can't wait to see these new shows and a brand new TV5 lineup in the coming months.

Are you excited? :) I am!


LG, UNTV and WISH 107.5 Hasten Efforts Versus COVID-19

Saturday, August 08, 2020

Premiere South Korean based innovator LG Electronics joined hands with UHF News and Rescue TV channel UNTV and their subsidiary FM radio station WISH 107.5 recently to help build efforts to fight COVID-19. Through their operator Breakthrough and Milestones Production International, they have conceptualized facilities to cater to COVID-19 patients especially those that may have not been accommodated/spilled over by other health institutions. Now, it stands as a 3-storey building situated in Malolos, Bulacan of which can now accept patients with its 35 rooms, and 18 others dedicated for doctors, nurses, and other medical staff.

LG Electronics Philippines on the other hand committed to raise the comfort of both patients and health workers and began outfitting the facility with a humongous amount of home appliances. LG has donated 65 28” LED Monitors, 4 Top Load Washing Machines, 5 Top Mount Refrigerators, and 2 1HP Split-Type Air conditioners. This amounts to over 1 million Pesos worth of premium home appliances which surely will be put to good use. These patient rooms will have individuals who will stay 14 days for quarantine/isolation, all of which will have their LG LED Monitor so they could keep entertained and up to date of the day's broadcast.

Aside from that, the stay-in staff and medical personnel will also get to use LG's heavy duty washing machines, refrigerators and air-conditioners. This will be a big help for those who will take care of the patients.

LG's Managing Director Inkwun Heo says “Even as the Philippines transition to a General Community Quarantine and restrictions are lessened, Filipinos and these health institutions still need all the help they can get. As long as we can lend our help, we’re more than happy to do it”.

I guess that's where they say "Life is good!". Thanks to these good people, a lot would benefit from it.


Smart Solutions To Combat Covid-19 Offered by Taiwan

This pandemic has brought upon a lot of changes in the world and yes, we’re continuing to battle an invisible enemy. The World Health Organization (WHO) said there are 18,354,342 confirmed cases globally claiming around 696,147 lives bringing distraught to their families. Taiwan is one of these 200 countries dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, but dealt with it using smart solutions; and they believe effective communication should be at the forefront of the fight against the virus. The Global Covid-19 Index in a recent report has put Taiwan as among the Top 5 countries that can best recover from Covid-19.

This is why they recently launched recently launched, a website where Taiwan shares its experience in fighting the virus to affected countries around the world, including the Philippines. This info drive website offers information for stakeholders, local and foreign expertise and comprehensively answers common questions and other information the public needs to know regarding Covid-19.

The Philippines can also have their LGU’s learn more about how they conduct contact tracing and how the Taiwanese government implements health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of the virus at first reporting. The website also includes information for medical frontliners, as the site shows different scenarios on how patients can be treated in case they are infected. The site also keeps ordinary individuals informed about how virus transmission works, what risks and complications people can get that can affect various age and gender demographics. There are also materials for mental health concerns, how to spot the usual symptoms and procedures on what to do immediately in case of suspected infection and where people could go for medical assistance in case it happens.

Philippine businesses can also learn a thing or two on how to implement smart supply management solutions. Taiwan has done measures on companies to help protect their employees via face masks and other protective equipment. The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) has been a reliable partner of Filipino businesses and has organized various forums including “Taiwan’s Medical Services and Epidemic Prevention Experience Sharing” ( which was held last July. They also featured “Taiwan Biomedical Solution to Covid-19 and Genetic Analysis,” which was co-organized by Hsinchu Science Park. It featured some of the top biomedical companies in Taiwan.

It’s quite nice Taiwan is making headway battling this virus and it has remarkably shown how effective their measures are and how they have flattened the curve. The Taiwanese government is willing to share their victories to other affected countries so they too can overcome challenges of this economically and health debilitating virus. We’ve got to listen to good measures and apply it to our own. That would be a good thing.


ASUS Launches New Ultra-thin Zenbook UX325 and Zenbook UX425

Friday, August 07, 2020

Just got off the launch of ASUS ZenBook 13 (UX325) and 14 (UX425) which has been released by ASUS Philippines. It's the thinnest 13" and 14" laptop in the world complete with needed I/O ports which would fit any digital nomad's needs especially those who would like to have it for work or their classes in the time of GCQ in the country. It's also one of the lightest at 1.07 Kg and is designed for the meticulous user who wants certain portability but doesn't hold back on computing power.

Artists Donny Pangilinan, Reese Lansangan,Inka Magnaye and Milka Romero also graced the event and they did try it out themselves. It certainly did fit their lifestyle. Some of them are hard core creators, singers, songwriters so they're not noobs when it comes to these well designed latops.

Compared to its predecessors, the ASUS ZenBook 13 (UX325) and ZenBook 14 (UX425) has vastly improved in weight and looks. Measuring only 13.9 mm in form, this is categorized as ultra-thin but never shortchanged in I/O capabilities because there's a place for all your HDMI and USB Type-A ports, a Thunderbolt™ 3 USB-C® port plus a handy microSD card reader on the side for photography and vlog enthusiasts. If you are currenly looking for a buddy for work or learning, this is the practical choice even for those who are working remotely.

Design wise, it's a beauty. Simple, compact, with a four-sided NanoEdge display and 90% screen-to-body ratio for more immersive visuals. It is ideal for users looking to multitask on office work or simply taking notes while lectures are going on on the other windows. It also uses an ultra-low power 1-watt display so it lasts on the road for a long time. No worries for number geeks as its also got ASUS NumberPad 2.0 which lights up like magic when pressed on the touchpad. You also can't beat these machines which lasts 22 hours, you could probably sleep on it and wake up still in working condition. They also have MyASUS which can help you get familiar with your device, bring service, link your mobile phone which you can download and know more about  in their website.

With its ErgoLift hinge, you would still be comfortable and prevent those wrist injuries that most computer users suffer from. It also employs IR cameras for security and face-recognition. Equipped with the latest 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor with an 8GB RAM, the ASUS ZenBook 13 and ZenBook 14 make light work of your work, education and light play/entertainment. With 512GB PCIe® 3.0 x2 SSDs and the latest WiFi 6 (802.11ax), you get the fastest performance internet and date wise, as it is extremely capable.

Go check their Product Page here or here.

If you are thinking of purchasing them now, check out their official store here.

For new stuff, visit and like the official ASUS Facebook Page.

The new ultra thin ASUS ZenBook 13 (UX325) and ZenBook 14 (UX425) is part of ASUS’ Back-to-School promo called “Gear Up for the New Normal”. They have partnered with Globe at Home so owners of select ASUS laptops will get a free and exclusive bundle consisting of a Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi router, a Lazada e-voucher of up to Php 5,000 whic you can use to purchase other ASUS products in Lazada.Now don't take my word for it, go get these lovely laptops now and be one of the few people who get the perks too!

This is officially priced at Php 54,995, available in Pine Gray color and can be charged full in 30 minutes.This is every multitasker's dream machine. It can keep up with your work or school demand. Visually stunning, 90% screen to body ratio, 50% less energy used than some other laptops but can last a long time. Available in ASUS concept stores and other authorized retailers nationwide!

Visit for more details on the promo. ASUS has been working fine for me, I still have my old one as backup for my primary laptop computer. That's how ASUS will also last in your neck of the woods.


Treasured NVIDIA GEFORCE Finds On Shopee

I have gotten my share of victories in Shopee finding computer parts, peripherals and upgrades to my current arsenal. Honestly, I thought I had to go to physical stores like malls, Hemady, or Greenhills, but in this weird health crisis forcing us to stay in our homes just to be safe. I have already figured out how to use a second display but am looking for a new main monitor that would fit my work requirements, be fast and keep up with my activities as I plan to invest in gaming hardware.

Shopee fortunately has AOC G2590PX/71 NVIDIA® G-SYNC® Gaming Monitors offered on their NVIDIA GEFORCE official store, all in the app. Armed with several vouchers and few Shopee coins, I've been looking for deals in the store and found a few that I like. I am a bit of a monochrome guy so I love the black shiny exteriors, monstrous 24.5 inch screen with 144Hz resolution so no games get weird shadows on it. It's also very economical, less power consumption, quality wise, it's no second rate, severely top notch in fact.

If you find this quite nice, they have other products on the app which you might find equally amazing:

NVIDIA GEFORCE Official Store in Shopee

Aoc G2590PX/71 NVIDIA® G-SYNC® Gaming Monitor

What would be better managing your tasks but by getting work organized in a wider screen fit to do a lot of things. Add to that, your times in shooter or rpg themed games would be surreal and life like. Make that experience special for you because you work hard for the money. Take strides to download the Shopee app now on Google Play and the App Store here. Opportunities would surely come because you're bound to be more efficient in the workplace, take your greatness and put it into action now!


More Than Just Good Looks, David Licauco

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Kapuso Chinito Heartthrob and one of the most eligible bachelors in show business, this good looking guy David Licauco is still at his game. With several shows on TV, movies, good following on social media, commercials and editorial spreads, he is at the prime of his career and is still raring for more. Unbeknownst to his fans and adoring followers, he wears a few hats. He's running businesses left and right, oh and this boyfriend material is pretty good at it. Currently, this hunk owns a Turks franchise, a Lucky Bunny milktea outlet in Valenzuela, Alpha Fitness Club along Taft Avenue, Manila and Sobra Comfort Filipino Food, which is a food-delivery service.

Just recently, he also launched As Nature Intended (which can be found at It's an online one-stop shop for everything you need to sustain a more holistic lifestyle. They carry various brands of guilt-free food, skincare products, nutraceuticals/ sports supplements, workout/athletic gear and even wine for those who would want to celebrate life! 

David says "It stemmed from my passion for health and fitness. I always work out. Helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle was always in my mind. I started my family and friends and just figured I needed to set up a shop that covers all aspects of wellness, then make it also convenient. We are currently offering same day deliveries in Metro Manila and hopefully have provincial shipping available soon. 

His advocacy of making natural and organic goods available to a greater populace is but a very noble cause. It won't be too long until a healhier, more active lifestyle would be a choice that Filipinos could easily adapt with, and he's looking for brand partners that would want to also emulate his principles. No wonder he looks like a demigod!

Again for those who would like to check out what David Licauco is being busy with these past few months, take a look at and maybe you too would look better and feel great like this lil chico!


Snatched an ACE Smart TV in Shopee!

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

It pays to put your purchases on Shopee in your cart especially when there's a big sale coming up. I was looking for a second monitor and felt it would be best to get a ACE Smart TV instead so I could use it for other things aside from just work related stuff. Imagine from 7,599 pesos I got it purchased for 5,431 pesos sans Shopee coins and vouchers so I even took out a chunk of change for it. That's an unbelievable price for a 32 inch TV, and yes it exists. I couldn't believe they sell it at that price til it arrived at my home.

I unboxed it, put the brackets for it and setup the box in a few minutes. The only thing I wished I did was buy a bracket so I could stick it to a wall and watch from there. I was also thinking of putting it in the shower so I could watch those lovely MTV shows and bring the party to me LOL.

With a 720p display, 50 watt power consumption, 4 Gig ROM, 512 MB RAM, USB 2.0 ports, and can read media such as MP4, JPEG you'll love this even more! It's a SMART TV that has a VGA port, HDMI, AV and Audio Output on the back,  measures 74 x 44 x 48.3 cm plus an unbelievable 28% discount, there is just no reason not to get one.

If you want to get it, their official store is here:

ACE Philippines Official Shopee Store

The actual ACE Ze19 Smart TV 32" is here:

ACE Ze19 Smart TV 32"

Now I have my room equipped with an ACE Smart TV that I can use as a second monitor, to also mirror my phone, and television when I need to watch TV. This convenience is something that I got from Shopee which you can download here. It works on Android and iOS, and I also pay via digital wallet which I convert to Shopee Pay so I can have more savings via vouchers. I forgot when I even paid in full cash in this app because I always get discounts. Not even joking!

Add to cart!


SON YE JIN Endorses Smart

Monday, August 03, 2020

Smart in a private press conference recently unveiled their biggest surprise yet, it SeRiously was hidden from everyone but because Smart Signature is also releasing new plans to fit your lifestyle, they got Son Ye Jin of popular Crash Landing On You Korean drama to be their official endorser. Their Simple Smart Ako campaign already was a hit with Hyun Bin, this is another great announcement, what will happen with new Smart Signature offers? They promise to #MakeTheirMark. 

Son Ye Jin is a goal player, cheerful and laid back in real life. Simple in the outside, powerful in the inside, Smart says their partnership is made in heaven. The new TVC and digital ad will be coming out soon, and yes, she has a few Filipino lines which fans would find so adorable!

Daring to go beyond the regular, they explained the new plans will simplify things, but will release details of it in the coming days. Priority, full worry free experience, an elevated lifestyle. They just rolled out 5G services a few days ago, you can find their data connection in blazing speeds now, they will also begin to roll out more 5G facilities in more areas nationwide! 

Netflix, HBO Go, IWant, NBA and more will still be partnering with them. We listened to them via zoom and they told us their experience working with Son Ye Jin.

Jane Basas of Smar lt says “Two months ago when we started the campaign with Hyun Bin, we heard one question and said we didn’t want Hyun Bin to be lonely, we had to make the fans happy. It was in June when we got in touch with them, signed up on the second week, finalized things during the third and final weeks after that. She wanted to see if she could do all in English, we did it digitally via zoom to make sure it fits the story line. She was very warm, welcoming of us and took time to have a call with us and said she wanted to do it here. She wants to visit her fans here and she was very happy, wants to also visit Manila soon. She loved the campaign, she was a bad ass chick and two days after the shoot, we couldn’t keep it a secret because some fans picked it up. She was grateful and thankful, she knew Smart because of Hyun Bin and she’s very picky in endorsement deals, she would have loved to meet her fans. She was here 10 years ago in Palawan and can’t wait to come back. Her contract is a year, including a visit to the Philippines with three events. Hopefully things get better so this all could happen soon!”

Son Ye Jin says “I wanted to go to the Philippines and shoot and a lot of my fans sent me messages of support in social media. I am so happy to hear that, but won’t be able to because of travel restrictions. I am a character in front of the camera, a real person when I’m not. For those who are just starting, don’t be afraid of hardships, it makes you become near your goal! Fighting! I am so happy to be the newest endorser for Smart. Simple, Smart Ako!”

The network will also come up with offers with 5G phones as they adapt to a newer and faster connection. Meanwhile, enjoy the new commercials coming out today on Smart’s channels and on broadcast tv. 

It’s good, I’ve seen it! 


Ticket2Me Launches New Ticketing and Video Platform

Saturday, August 01, 2020

My first encounter with Ticket2Me was about a little over 2 years ago when I watched a musical in PETA here in Quezon City. Back then, they were still in their infancy but I could tell they've handled online ticket sales quite nicely. It was fast, easy to use, and secure. I got my taste of shows and could get tickets mighty fast as soon as they're listed on the app and platforms.

As you might have guessed, they're bound to be heavily affected by the closures of entertainment areas and theatres as this pandemic didn't spare any business. True enough, they had to transform their business model, innovate to survive. It was in March 2020 wherein they started the lockdown period, and it earmarked efforts by Ticket2Me and their Founder/CEO Darwin Mariano to cooperate with the Kaya Natin! Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership and find ways to aid the country’s health sector frontliners. They started a huge fundraising campaign and worked with the Office of Vice President Leni Robredo in the hopes of raising funds to supply personal protective equipment and food and care packages for these health workers. In just a span of a few days they got to raise millions surpassing their goal by a mile and got to help thousands of people and mobilize help where it's needed, a noble gesture indeed.

Ticket2Me then also started the Open House campaign which they did together with Artist Welfare Project, Philstage, SPIT MNL, Third World Improv and the Theater Actor’s Guild to benefit of the performing arts community which also got heavily affected by the COVID19 outbreak. It was one of 20 they did with different organizations including one for displaced film and performing arts professionals plus funds to build emergency quarantine facilities in Metro Manila, a tough hot spot for the dreaded virus.

Recently, they also catered to the demand of online events. Adapting to the new normal meant they also need to launch their own pay gated video platform so they can hold concerts, theatrical productions, workshops and more. They also launched Dok2Me, a patient-doctor platform so they too would be able to do online consultation. They will also start production of their own online series called Boys' Lockdown come this September. 

With over 11,000 combined cash and online payment options throughout the country, Ticket2Me is achieving its goal to be one of the largest ticketing and events tech company. They can help you manage your transitions to online processes. Download it off the App Store or Google Play now or visit their site to try it out and find more information about them.

Sounds good.