Heart Evangelista's Secret to Good Skin

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Donning the streets of Paris, London, New York, Milan and Manila is not for the faint of heart (see what I did there? Haha). For Heart Evangelista, looking this good is effortless sans style and glam team, to look this good, you need to have good skin and she acheives this by doing one thing, she takes good care of it from within. 

Skin should be hydrated, and to do that, she needs the help of this new variety of Vitamin C from Poten-Cee called Poten-Cee + C. This one not only has Vitaminc C in it, but a good amount of hydrolized collagen which is essential for healthy skin. She says "Times are hard and we need to protect ourselves by strengthening our immunity. Eating the right food, a good lifestyle, and supplements like Poten-Cee + C. I promised when I turned a year older to gift myself with beauty and health. Things are taking a toll on my skin but I'm glad Vitamin C of this type can help in the production of collagen. I'm covered!"

Poten-Cee variants include Forte, Sugar Coated, Sugar Free, Chewable and Non Acidic. Follow their social channels to know more about it. 

Take a pill a day folks! 😀


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