Insular Life Launches Total ProtectER

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Having peace of mind has always been a good thing. These days, we've seen so much of how insurance would have been beneficial for people. The large hospital bills, could really cripple ones economic status and being ready for that can't come at a more opportune time than now. Recently, Insular Life's HMO subsidiary InLife Health Care just launched Total ProtectER. It's a plan that includes a six month term Life Insurance, daily hospital income for 6 months, one time emergency care health plan, HMO coverage and daily hospital benefits all in one! 

This means that the emergency care element will be covering COVID19 care on an ex gratia basis until December 31, 2020. This entails Php 500,000 life insurance for death due to natural/accidental causes, Php 3,000 daily hospitalization income for 15 days if confinement is under 4 days due to accidental injury or sickness (15-90 days total hospitalization) within that 6 month coverage period. Chief Distribution Officer Raoul Littaua says "I hope our countrymen would take advantage of this while it is available, especially at a time like this as we are under a pandemic "

Currently, this is available in two packages from Php 11,750 and the other is Php 12,450 where the difference is emergency care in Manila's top 6 hospitals. This is only available for people ages 18 to 64. You may check the details at because it's all there!

Stay healthy!


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