Snatched an ACE Smart TV in Shopee!

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

It pays to put your purchases on Shopee in your cart especially when there's a big sale coming up. I was looking for a second monitor and felt it would be best to get a ACE Smart TV instead so I could use it for other things aside from just work related stuff. Imagine from 7,599 pesos I got it purchased for 5,431 pesos sans Shopee coins and vouchers so I even took out a chunk of change for it. That's an unbelievable price for a 32 inch TV, and yes it exists. I couldn't believe they sell it at that price til it arrived at my home.

I unboxed it, put the brackets for it and setup the box in a few minutes. The only thing I wished I did was buy a bracket so I could stick it to a wall and watch from there. I was also thinking of putting it in the shower so I could watch those lovely MTV shows and bring the party to me LOL.

With a 720p display, 50 watt power consumption, 4 Gig ROM, 512 MB RAM, USB 2.0 ports, and can read media such as MP4, JPEG you'll love this even more! It's a SMART TV that has a VGA port, HDMI, AV and Audio Output on the back,  measures 74 x 44 x 48.3 cm plus an unbelievable 28% discount, there is just no reason not to get one.

If you want to get it, their official store is here:

ACE Philippines Official Shopee Store

The actual ACE Ze19 Smart TV 32" is here:

ACE Ze19 Smart TV 32"

Now I have my room equipped with an ACE Smart TV that I can use as a second monitor, to also mirror my phone, and television when I need to watch TV. This convenience is something that I got from Shopee which you can download here. It works on Android and iOS, and I also pay via digital wallet which I convert to Shopee Pay so I can have more savings via vouchers. I forgot when I even paid in full cash in this app because I always get discounts. Not even joking!

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