A United Front: Philippine National Cancer Summit 2024

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Just got off the Philippine National Cancer Summit 2024 with this year's theme "Advancing Integrated Cancer Care System for the Filipino".
The event was hosted by veteran broadcaster Ms. Jing Castañeda and attended by Dr. Ida Marie Lim the Director of PCS Cancer Commission Foundation Chair of the PNCS Program Committee, Dr Manuel Francisco Roxas the Chairman of Philippine College of Surgeons Cancer Commission Foundation, QC Mayor Joy Belmonte, DILG Secretary Benhur Abalos, Doctors, Patients and stakeholders who provide care for them. In their goal for a unified front in cancer care, discussion heavily concentrated on forming working systems for it.

Dr. Manuel Francisco Roxas who worked in policies and programs in Colo-Rectal Cancer Care says "This is the 5th time that this summit is happening and in 2020, we lobbied with different groups, patients and sectors to pass the law and policies in cancer care. It was a small gathering, and we called the Cancer Commission to celebrate the law being passed, but knew there's so much work to be done in implementation. Last year we did another in a hotel, and knew we needed to pursue more work in collaboration and empowerment against cancer. The DILG Secretary Benhur Abalos, Ted Herbosa, Mayor Joy, we need a united front, not just hospitals, and it is challenging. We hope to continue to promote cancer care to fight against it. Thank you for your dedication, this is for the lives of our fellow Filipinos. Welcome to the summit!"

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte says  "Thank you for having me at this landmark event. I am impressed by the experience gathered in this room from different sectors and government agencies. Cancer management has so many impact in different places in society. There is remarkable advancement, but it still is alarming in statistics. Lung, Breast, Colon cancers bring so much financial burden to may families. LGU's have a crucial role in making it happen, we need a counterpart local versions of the national law. We are working to make it happen in the second quarter of this year. My Mom, my family needed it too. Our goal is to make scientific processes, policies, all of these to work with the specific needs in treatment, prevention in our existing cancer care. Early detection is needed in most of these which is why we do caravans every October during Women's month. We screen them, do mammogram, and go down to communities because it is the least of their priority. We had to be radical, invest in health for women in campaigns, we need timely care and interventions. Families suffer, and as your Mayor, we will be warriors to better support your loved ones. Our city is 100 percent behind your initiatives. You are 200 percent welcome to work with us, especially the poorest of the poor. Nothing is impossible in battling the big C, welcome to Quezon City!"

Dr. Ted Herbosa wasn't around but a representative was sent and gave his statement "There is an urgent need for collaboration, a public health challenge in the country. This is the third rising cause of death, in prevalent forms, knows no age, gender, and the DOH puts this in priority programs. We lobbied for National Integrated Cancer Control Commission, a network of organizations, fund assistance and treatment. It's end to end care for this, both disease and prevention. Early screening, checkups, are now available and accessible. Just ask primary health providers for it. Let us double our efforts, as it is a collective endeavor, every life is important."

DILG Secretary Benhur Abalos says "I join the different stakeholders to discuss the DILG efforts. The Mandanas ruling gave resources to LGU's, but not all local offices are wealthy. The inclusion of Cancer as a rare disease and disability is important, the local investment plans on health including "LAB for Health" that provide laboratory work, medical exams and support from the government is being promoted in communities. This goes for smoke free policies, renal health, PhilHealth Checkup, we need minimum standards to be done in local government units. In Metro Manila, this is easy, but we need to sit down and commit to other places. I am a cancer survivor myself, I asked what I will do tomorrow and worried about my children. I had early detection, and now am cancer free. We need enough nutrition for children, to prevent growth stunting, because that starts brain development and cognition. There are cheap solutions, a lot of things can be done to prevent cancer. We started with taking care of the pregnant women, house to house, when we did baby screening, worked with private hospitals and gave nutrition first, we now have number 1 in our schools. We want to do the same with cancer."

Learning that there are people working hard to make this better for patients and health industry stakeholders, the NICCA - National Integrated Cancer Control Act Universal Healthcare Act (UHC) and the Universal Healthcare Act (UHC) will be useful tools to make our efforts be felt by those who need it. I hope this is a good start, we all have families who have in one way or another have had cancer. We hope good news would come for all that need treatment for it after this.


SINOSIKAT's Kat Agarrado Releases New Single "Heart Calling"

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Looks like the heavens are conspiring when it comes to Kat Agarrado as she attempts another shot with her music. This is still with Sinosikat, a rebuilding, a new start, stemmed by her love for music. She still never thinks about her looks (though she's quite blessed with it), and puts her efforts now in making more songs so a new generation would be able to listen to it. Sinosikat doesn't have permanent band members, it's her instincts that kick in and choose them to play with her, a different setup but works.

Kat says "My goal is to make people listen to timeless pieces, that even when we're old, there's substance, and they can still listen to it. Before I was doing rock elements, but now it's more polished, matured, the arrangements now will have horn sections. My dream is to make Sinosikat a wider audience, a younger one, to put our music in other countries. I want to do that especially when I get to network with bands and producers there, because they appreciate it but just lack exposure. Our music is world class, just like Filipinos.

She adds "I hope to also join more international festivals, and become global. I think the youth now has lots of venues to listen to music, that's good and I would like to do collaborations with artists like Lola Amour, a indie artist named Isla, there's a ton that I see on YouTube. I'm sure they have a lot to offer, fresh ideas to contribute especially for the next singles."

Here's part of the interview we did with her during the launch

Kat continued to write songs about love, about family, a bit slow but she admits just doing it at her own pace. She also does standard songs and do Filipino versions so she wouldn't get rusty. She also writes about her friends, or things she experienced during the pandemic. Though this time, she finds it divine for everything that seemed to fall into place. From Pinoy Soul Records, to Warner Music Philippines, to her own studio, this is her way to help other artists too. This is a new beginning for her, her re-introduction of Sinosikat. 

PS Heard the single just now, and I like how groovy it sounded. It's like her being hungry to do more, I would liken it to the music of international girl group "All Saints", but it's only her on vocals. Amazing!

Go stream her new single "Heart Calling" on digital platforms and get smitten with Pinoy Soul all over again. Be part of her fresh start!


National Hog Festival 2024 Slated March 1st

Friday, February 23, 2024

When there's a party in the Philippines, there's nothing better than having the coveted LECHON on the table as it symbolizes wealth and abundance like no other. Filipinos have been so creative in the kitchen, and over the years have whipped up different dishes which are now staples in every home.

This year, the National Federation of Hog Farmers, Inc. is doing a National Pig Day Celebration.To make things extra special, they are going to attempt a Guinness World Record for the most number of pork dishes to be displayed and be served to attendees and guests afterwards. This is a tall order, but definitely possible. This will happen on March 1st, and this will start off the whole 5 day festival in both Cubao in Quezon City and in Markina Convention Center.

Activities will be done at Novetel Hotel and Gateway Mall (during the first 3 days), then will culminate at the Backyard Congress in Marikina Convention Center in March 4 and 5.

According to Vice Chairman Alfred Ng of the National Federation of Hog Farmers, Inc. wants to promote the efforts of the local agricultural sector in helping achieve the food security, safety and sovereignty goals of the country. They also want this to also help in boosting the tourism industry as they get to highlight some of the country's best dishes. They also want this to be the venue for both the hog raisers and different institutions to network with some of the largest hotels and restaurants to hopefully source it sustainably and not have imported pork for much of their supplies. Quezon City is certainly the perfect venue for this as the LGU's would also want to ensure that every creative dish made is all hygienic and follows strict protocols from start to end.

Make sure to be there when it happens on March 1-5, first in Novotel then to Marikina City's Marikina Convention Center. See you there! 


World's Thinnest Foldable HONOR Magic V2 5G Now in the Philippines

The world's thinnest foldable phone is now in the Philippines. At the Enderun Tent in Taguig, HONOR Philippines launched the Honor Magic V2 5G, a well designed smartphone with a 5000mAh battery, 23GB RAM + 512 ROM and 3 cameras at 50, 50 and 20 Megapixels. It's also light, has AI Motion Sensing for those nice moving shots. Together with this is the Honor X8b, a stylish photo centric phone with a 102MP main camera. Both are designed well, and available in different colorways.
The Honor Magic V2 is best for users that love the look of sophistication, and would be a conversation starter. This is why they made it this thin.

Denis Santos the Honor PR Supervisor adds "Designed for users that care about style and substance, this Honor X8b has magic capsule, making calls, text and alarms at one spot. It's extra slim, extra light, one of the thinnest but affordable smartphones in the market. It has 108MP main camera, 5MP Wide and 2MP macro camera. The phone also has a 2x portrait camera so you can capture more natural looking portraits, and can be used for longer times because of the Risk Free PWM Dimming. With it, you can use it for work, take sharp shots, watch better with a 93.7% screen to body ratio. It also has lots of storage at 512GB, no need to delete those music files or photos you wanna keep. You can pre order this for Php 12,999 til February 23 so you can get free earbuds til that date."

The HONOR Magic V2 on the other hand was discussed by HONOR Philippines Training Head Jaynard Lamarca through the shots we did during dinner. Brand Marketing Head Joepy Libo-on on the other hand arrived in style by riding a Porsche at the venue for the special edition Honor Magic V2 RSR 5G (Porsche Design). 

The price is Php 79,999 with freebies worth 28k that includes a Harman Kardon Aura Studio 4 and Honor Watch GS3 if you pre order from Feb 21 to March 1.


My Daily Collagen Super Series Triathlon Set on March 10th

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Your best race ever is about to happen at Subic Bay this March 10, 2024. At the press conference for the My Daily Colagen Super Series, they told us how the brand has been preparing for this Triathlon by doing a few firsts.

This is going to be a new course, with some parts of it being in the actual Segara Hotel where people will also be getting their race kits from. Aside from that, they made it pretty flat and beginner friendly so they could be a good prep event for most of the Triathletes that are competing in other races. This is what Ms. Nylah Bautista (current Race Director) assured participants and they are preparing well in terms of security, medical and well placed race stops so you can hydrate well.

Triathlon Team representatives like FitPH, TriMac, LakanTri, Wednesday Tri, Team Zeru, New Bound Tri, Rockstar Triathlon, GS Coaching, TinayTri and more were there to witness the signing. Faith Garcia the Ms Aura International 2021, Doc Rob, Doc Jill and Patricia Javier and My Daily Collagen executives Oliver Sales, Ms. Ana Perez of Global Wellness Enterprises will make sure you are going to have fun with the course, but still make it challenging for you overall.

For those who don't know, this is the most well attended Triathlon event in the country with standard distances. My Daily Collagen is best for those who undergo rigorous training especially if you are exposed under the sun as it helps you retain water, even has vitamins and minerals to help you recover.

Ms. Ana says "Global Wellness Enterprises and My Daily Collagen supports activities like this because we support healthy lifestyles especially in this 2024 edition of the super series."

Oliver adds "This is our fourth edition, we held one online triathlon during the pandemic, but this will be our best race ever. It's very safe, the new running course will be fun, and we will surprise you during race day. Plus the experience."

Here's the press conference on video, please enjoy!

Make sure to register as early as now as there are only a few slots left. You may email them via superseriesph@gmail.com if you have questions. Go Run, Swim and Bike on March 10, and remember to take My Daily Collagen!


Success According to Beautéderm CEO Rhea Tan

Sunday, February 18, 2024


It was a fine afternoon to head onto Angeles Pampanga to celebrate with Beautéderm to mark the 1st year of their headquarters. Aside from that, it was also the start of the Lunar Year and Sam Milby's renewal of contract with the beauty brand. It was hosted by Beautéderm CEO Ms. Rhea Tan, and she didn't just want it to be just a party, but a moment to get to know each other. This was amongst her celebrity endorsers, the traditional and online media.

After warmly welcoming us all at her 7 storey building, she let us take refuge at one of the rooms to talk more amongst ourselves and the folks at Beaute Beanery (their house coffee shop). They had a variety of food and drinks in the joint, and it was nice to have them at the first stop. This same place also has their other brands BlancPro, BeauteHaus and A-List Avenue. Then we went to the top floor where we got to meet several of their endorsers like Carlo Aquino, DJ Jhaiho, Ms. Sylvia Sanchez, Alma Concepcion, Sunshine Garcia-Castro, Darla Sauler, Kimson Tan, the very generous Patricia Tumulak, Gillian Vicencio and the good looking Sam Milby. 

 Instead of the usual interviews, they had us play a lot of games so we got to chat and react like we didn't have walls between us. It broke the ice, and got us laughing because things weren't so serious anymore. The mood was fun and festive, and I think that's exactly what Ms. Rei wanted to happen that day. 

Though of course, we were there for work. The fancy building, the posh corners of it had some of us wonder, how was she able to become a very successful entrepreneur after all these years? Ms. Rhea said "I've been asked that question a lot of times, but really, THERE IS NO SECRET. All these things, the things I have, are all because of hard work. This event is just something we just had to do, and the overwhelming love and support you've shown by going here from Manila, that's so sweet, and later I'll be seeing some of you who will be staying. Welcome to the Beautederm Headquarters in Angeles City, we will be celebrating Chinese New Year and the first anniversary of this building. This has been built with strength, courage and love. It's really nice to look back on how we were able to make this all come true. From planning, construction and interior design, this serves as an inspiration that WE CAN ALL DO IT. You should always go for it. But just a small flex, it's so good to feel that you have your own building. Let's celebrate this moment, and the people behind it. Because of them, our consumers, our media friends, our employees, our endorsers, my franchisees, you made it all happen and I hope you value that. The year of the Wood Dragon symbolizes strength, success, and social impact. Do the things you love with strength, and make an impact. This is how Beautéderm works, we boost consumer confidence, and we give back to the community. We will continue to do that! We are celebrating 15 Beautéful Years this 2024. My heart is so full, I love you all! May success be with us always!"

Aside from Beautéderm, they serve food, drinks and premium coffee with Beauté Beanery. If you want procedures done, BeautéHaus can take care of you. If you want authentic high end brands or products, they have the A-List Avenue for that on the third floor. You may visit them today at Angeles City, Pampanga. Beautéderm is also vying for the Beauty Cosmetic Brand of the Year in the 5th VP Awards. If you're up to it, you may vote for them starting this March 5th - April 5. All their products are available in Lazada, Shopee and TikTok, so go get them if you need  some self skin care.

I hope in some way, you feel inspired after hearing her story. She used to just watch TV's from her neighbor's house, and also operated her business from her home, just look at where she is now!


JOLLIBEE Releases "30 Dates" and "To Love Again" on Valentines Day

Friday, February 16, 2024

You've probably seen the new Jollibee short films that have been released this Valentines day. I've watched it ahead of the pack as our best friend Jollibee gave us a screening a few days ago. These two films were directed by Paolo Villaluna who's got several films under his belt plus a few commercials which he has been part of prior to making this film. 

Guess what? They were there during the premiere! OMG!


Paolo is a fan of the previous Jollibee commercials and he (and his team of + Jollibee creatives)wanted a different take this year, so instead of actors, he wanted real people who had real stories to tell us what LOVE is. The first is called "30 Dates" and the second one is called "To Love Again". 

In 30 Dates, it stars 2 friends who wanted to make each other happy. The girl was having her birthday, so the guy figured what was keeping her happy... it was a Jollibee meal. So he sought to have her come to a Jollibee meal for 30 days. They dined in, took take outs, used the drive thru, and when it ended, the lady figured OMG, "I liked him already". They were just friends at first, but they developed something good over the month they've gotten to know each other. They now have a kid and more days to enjoy Jollibee again.

The second one called "To Love Again" was about a woman who married early, got a child, and got separated. After that experience, she thought she would never love a man again. During that time, a police man in training saw her and took interest in her. He really had to do the legwork and prove to her, and her family, plus a lot of naysayers that HE loves her... and her kid. He had to prove this by being consistent, and by really going out of his way to make sure that he would show how much he loves her... and her son too. Make sure to prepare a LOT of tissues because yes, this will make you cry.



 Here are the two videos, please enjoy!

So, how did you feel after watching that? :)

SPARKLE Launches New Love Teams AshCo and PrYce

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Looks like love is in the air as your favorite Kapuso Sparkle Teens takes the spotlight in their very own Sparkle Kilig Series this February. This is officially their loveteam launch, and by the looks of it, the sweetness remains real for Marco Masa and Ashley Sarmiento, plus Bryce Eusebio and Princess Aliyah. Starting today, they'll be officially known as PRYCE and ASHCO. I also wanted to make this a moment for them so I'm featuring them this Valentines day. These teens are now on a different league, as they will now reprise much of their roles together. See, GMA's Sparkle Arist management has seen their very promising careers individually... and saw how fans have reacted seeing them on screen, so basically, they're giving you what you want. From the looks of it, they're doing it right.

Marco Masa and Ashley Sarmiento have known each other for years, so this pairing as ASHCO just seem so natural. For starters, their parents are good friends and being in projects together is not new as they started doing that since they are child actors. They're also good friends which is just an amazing place to start with. They already know their nuances, they've done countless workshops and even did another prior to this pairing. Aside from that, they're going to be part of a TikTok series called SECRET NOTES. They already have amassed a lot of views since it premiered a week ago, and the last episode will be today, Valentines Day. Go watch that first!

Bryce Eusebio and Princess Aaliyah on the other hand will star on their own TikTok Kilig Series called Beyond the Game. This will premiere on the 16th and will end on the 22nd. Like the first one, it will be posted on the Sparkle Artist Center or the official GMA TikTok account. Despite being new to the industry (and this pairing), Bryce is pretty optimistic that the pairing will work. He's already had remarkable improvement showing how he acts with the pairing despite being really an introvert. Princess on the other hand finds Bryce attractive, tall and smells really good. Like even if he's two blocks away, she could tell he's arriving. They crack jokes these days and find as they continue to talk, they find comfort and refuge with each other. They want the pairing to become even better soon, and the work they did in the TikTok series would be a good start. 

Here's the whole blog conference which we covered a few days ago! Watch this for more kilig! And see @kumagcow TikTok account if you want to see them sing together!

GMA's Sparkle Artist Center knew TikTok was the best platform to reach their generation as an audience, and this partnership with TikTok Philippines would continue with more of these series soon. Go watch the first two, then wait til they come out with even more stories soon! 

Congratulations again to Marco Masa, Ashley Sarmiento, Bryce Eusebio and Princess Aaliyah for their new shows. May this be a start of big things for you and your new love teams. For sure, GMA will have future shows lined up for you!


HEART EVANGELISTA Shows You How to Use GCash

She's iconic, lovely at every angle. She's dubbed as a real life "Crazy Rich Asian", hobnobbing with the who's who of the fashion industry and a front row regular at the biggest shows... she's Love Marie Evangelista-Escudero aka Heart Evangelista.

Contrary to impressions about her, she's quite the opposite and actually knows how to manage her finances well. GCash took us to their very first GCash Spot Light, a new online talk show hosted by Boy Abunda which will be shown in GCash assets and social channels. 

GCash Spotlight

GCash will also be having Heart appear in their different commercials, all to talk about her financial progress. I'm sure there are a lot of people who think about how Heart actually affords everything, how she shops, or how fond she is for enjoying the things out in the street, the Kwek Kwek she eats and just about how she actually saves for every little thing she gets before actually buying it. 

She also uses GCash everyday, whether she dines at some of the posh restaurants in Paris or enjoy a bowl of pares in the streets of Manila, she gives them the GCash Visa card or use the QR payment option. In both cases, it gets accepted and is quite convenient. The exchange rate is also another perk, because you can pay for things without a hassle.

Heart also monitors her savings, she says Chiz sends her 50, 100 or 143 pesos just to be extra sweet. She doesn't make her hard earned money stagnant, she pays for bags then puts her artwork in it and earn from every piece she sells. She also pays for services she gets like hair and makeup, even the online store she frequents accepts GCash as payment, and since she has a lot of pets, she gets food, clothes and accessories online and it gets delivered at home. Panda of course gets first dibs. She also invests via GStocks, put money in on really good companies and even gets her travel insurance from the app. She secures her luggage, flights and emergencies in it as the GInsure Travel Insurance covers it.

Here's how it went.

Ernest Cu the Mynt Chairman and Globe Group CEO "For years now, we have made different kinds of solutions to make Filipinos lives better. We want Heart to help us to showcase the different features of GCash, because yes it's the best way to pay."

Martha Sazon the CEO of GCash says "You saw the film, and we want to welcome Heart Evangelista Escudero. The world fashion icon also co-wrote the shoot. She's that committed and invested in this campaign. Even the wardrobe, and she does really use the GCash Visa Card. In her era of spending, shopping and saving, she will be with GCash."

Heart will be appearing in more of these videos soon. You'll hear, see more of what she does with GCash, and hope you get to learn a thing or two.


Watsons Brings Luck in the Year of Wood Dragon

Sunday, February 11, 2024

It was early morning and so much fun at the Watsons branch in SM North Edsa The Block when they launched "Feel the Luch with Love and Fortune" promo for all Watsons branches in the country. It's the Lunar New Year, and they're not going to make this an ordinary day because yes, various specials, great deals will happen inside every store from today til the 18th.

During the launch, several customers got the chance to have their personal one on one talk with Master Hans Cua so they could get to know what awaits this 2024. It was a limited run and only 15 individuals were allowed to do it after purchasing Php 1,500 of products that same day.

Aside from the best price on products from Watsons, Ponds, Y.O.U, Trust, and many more qualified products, you stand to get an Angpao for every Php 1,000 purchase if you are a Watsons Club Member. Once you get one and write your wishes on a paper and hang it on the Wishing Tree, you could win for yourself 1 Million Member Points and spend it on any Watsons store across the country. Th Angpao's also contiain different vouchers which you can use to take a LOT off the actual price of selected products (sans Milk and Dispensary) on the Watsons app.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and put those well loved Watsons products on your basket and take the chance to win, use vouchers on the Year of the Wood Dragon! This is such a huge treat for Watsons customers indeed!


NADINE LUSTRE and BEA ALONZO at the OPPO Reno 11 Series Launch

Friday, February 09, 2024

The folks from OPPO just launched the OPPO Reno 11 Series 5G and together with it, are phone ambassadors Nadine Lustre and Bea Alonzo. They've also appeared the TV commercial which was shown in the event highlighting its new Portrait Expert centric features, with no less than Nadine and Bea showing how it's done.

They took the OPPO Reno 11 5g and the OPPO Reno 11 Pro 5G phones for a spin by using the 32MP telephoto lens to their advantage, which tells me you don't need a huge camera to actually take good shots. The photos above speak for itself!

The phones are available in Pearl White and Wave Green colorways. It's also quite thin, with it's Ultra Slim body, you can take it around inside your pocket with ease. It has 120Hz Ultra High refresh rate, so those movies or games can easily be seen. You can also take photos with the 112 degree ultra wide angle camera for those group photos or landscape shots you wanted to do.

The OPPO Reno 11 Pro 5G on the other hand has an 80W SuperVOOC Flash charge to make sure you don't run out of power when you need it, it only takes a few minutes to fully charge the device. It has a pretty back cover, shines in light, and weighs quite light. It also has 4K ultra clear video, so for Vlogging purposes, get the OPPO Reno 11 Pro 5G!

If a phone gets liked by Bea and Nadine, how can you say no? The price looks very attractive, the hardware specs are quite nice, so if you're looking for a new phone go get it. The OPPO Reno 11 5G costs Php 24,999 while the OPPO Reno 11 Pro 5G costs Php 31,999 which is good for mid range.


Time to Watch Liza Soberano Shine in "Lisa Frankenstein"

Thursday, February 08, 2024

Lisa Frankenstein is going to have a February 9 release in the US via Universal Pictures International and they held an advanced screening in Hollywood and a celebrity screening in the Philippines which we got to attend a few days ago. 

I'm sure a lot of Filipinos have been waiting for this as this counts as Liza's first Hollywood film, and the interesting back stories through interviews even made it even extra fascinating. During the celebrity screening, James Reid was very happy about how things turned out and how Liza Soberano is reaping the benefits of her hard work in this movie. He wasn't willing to give some details of what other plans they have for her or what Liza is actually doing after Lisa Frankenstein. He just gave us the sweet look LOL. Aside from that, he wasn't aware that Enrique Gil was attending the celebrity premiere, but when the press told him about it, he was surprised and happy too. Here's the interview we had with him before the movie:

James also went to the event with supportive girlfriend Yssa Pressman who also obliged the press with an interview about her man James.

Meanwhile, Liza Soberano attended the Hollywood premiere together with the film's stars Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse. To tell you honestly, Liza looks different in the film. Lisa Frankenstein felt well made. It reminds me of those films that La Lohan used to make, and it begs another installment because of the various twists it introduced (which may grow a following since Cole Sprouse aka Frankenstein is adorable). Liza asked Cole about the feeling she had in making this film because it was pleasant, she didn't get to be a nervous wreck working with the actors and production (some of which have been doing this for years). Cole told her it was what he felt too, and that says a lot about the people she's with in the movie.

This project had so many femme energy. Diablo Cody wrote and produced this, and even if this is Zelda Williams' directorial debut (she's Robin Williams' daughter), she got lauded by the crew and cast with her work. This also stars Carla Gugino, Joe Chrest and Henry Eikenberry (whom you might like too, I've seen him model). Liza Soberano's role was not in any way a bit role, but I don't want to spoil it. You've got to take the patience with how the story is developed because this is a slow burn, but I assure you, YOU WILL LOVE IT. It talks about family, love, romance, the 80's, great music, Moms, best friends, and fun. I felt Kahtryn Newton's role especially when she's a bit crazy (just like me). This film is out NOW in theaters nationwide, so go catch it and get tickets early.

For the naysayers that said it wouldn't happen, this proves you wrong... and I hope you watch LIZA SOBERANO shine and make her dreams come true, one film at a time!


Celebrate the Year of the Wood Dragon with Queen of Feng Shui Marites Allen!

Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Time to celebrate the Year of the Wood Dragon this 2024 with a countdown with the Queen of Feng Shui Ms. Maritess Allen!

You can do it this Friday on February 9th at 10PM at MANILA HOUSE Private Members Club in BGC Taguig. It will be done at their AVENUE DECK which is quite a nice place to do it. This costs Php 8,800.00 and will include a few activities like the Blessing and Dragon Dance (dotting of the eye), Wishing Paper which will be for putting your dreams in, a Yee Sang Salad Ceremony (Salad Toss), a very sumptuous Prosperity Meal and a countdown for the Dragon (to see it come to life!).

If you want to be part of it, you can call 09754584048 or 09209509390. You may also email them via connect@frigga.co.uk. Tickets will run out fast so make sure to reserve a table or two for prosperity and joy like no other with the Queen of Feng Shui. 

Come celebrate the Year of the Wood Dragon this 2024!


MAGIC MEN Australia is Coming to the PHILIPPINES

Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Looks like Filipinos are going to be in for a treat as Australia's very popular MAGIC MEN is coming to our shores this coming March 16 and 17 at the Newport World Resorts Theater in Pasay City.

They're off touring different cities in Australia, and now the world. This particular stop in the Philippines is produced by Trifecta Brand Lab. For those who don't know, MAGIC MEN Australia is one of the hottest acts in live entertainment. With a LOT of their hottest male performers set to land our shores, it'll certainly heat up our already sunny weather.

How? Let's just say they're ripped, carry huge guns, good looking, washboard abs laden fine men who would want to make you forget your problems for at least these two nights.

We got to talk to some of them, meet Will Parquet.

Will says "Magic Men Australia is bringing an amazing ladies night throughout the world. We're inclusive and we just want to create a fun atmosphere for everybody who wants to enjoy an amazing night out watching some guys taking some of their clothes off in the process. You can expect there will be screaming women, a lot of dancing, a lot of partying, and a lot of getting zonked with a couple of boys in the change room."

Ceazr Smith adds "All you have to do in the show is to sit back and relax, as it's the type of show where you have 8-10 Australian hunks and have the experience where women would talk about weeks or months after the show. There's going to be a lot of crowd interaction involved. You won't just be watching, you get to be in it! We usually have 45-50 women on stage at any one time and for anyone that's sitting at the back, we actually spend a lot of time with them. Nobody gets left out, everybody gets out attention."

Together with them will be Jaxon Human, Carlos Fang, Jeff, Dante and a whole lot of gorgeous men from down under. All they want you to know is that tickets will surely sell out fast, so get them at TicketWorld.com.ph now or contact Trifecta Brand Lab if you want to hire them for private shows while they are here in the country. They have confirmed that they can do that.

Show starts at 8PM but be there early so you can get cocktails (for the pre-show). There will also be available merch for those who want to have them signed and taken home. This is only for folks 18 and above, so take note. Follow Trifecta Brand Lab social channel for updates about the guys while they are in the Philippines.

Ladies, Gents, ALL are welcome! This is going to be one heck of a crazy party!


foodpanda Offers THIS MUCH in the Year of the Wood Dragon

Monday, February 05, 2024

Tikoy and more!

Chinese New Year is quite near, approximately 5 days from now. The Year of the Wood Dragon screams of power, vigor and charisma... so lucky are those who would be born in this year.

Luck is for everybody and so here goes our lovely folks from foodpanda to make sure you get the perks you need to get that celebration started. They calle it "Feast of Fortune" which comes with tons of good things so you could take 2024 with confidence, just like what the dragon represents, and Pau-Pau too.

Tikoy in Your Area

As sticky as that sounds, a staple in every Filipino CNY celebration is Tikoy. You can get one from Pandamart for as low as Php 99. I usually do my groceries online these days because they've got promos and vouchers available that would make delivery FREE and even get a few hundred pesos off the actual bill. You can also opt for other stores in the same section and get your own Pau-Pau Ang Pau with it. This is only available from February 1-11, just hearing that date makes it so auspicious!

For the Dragon Appetite

If you want to pick up the food or have it delivered, foodpanda does it all. They've got several Chinese Restaurants, food establishments that would make your celebrations easy because you never even have to cook. This is also the time to eat tons of dumplings (for more money according to Chinese folklore) which I've been doing in the past few weeks (please don't judge lol).

From Lumpia, Pansit, Lechon Macau, and the variety of noodles, you'll get not just long life, but a great meal for family and friends.

Best of all, you can get to take Php 500 off your bill on pandamart, other shops or food delivery services by using CNY500 on February 9-11, so make sure to take note! There are other deals inside the app plus subscriptions that can get you more deals at the foodpanda app!

If you want to know more, visit their site foodpanda.ph or their social channels because everything's there!

As they say during this season, Gong Xi! Gong Xi!