SPARKLE Launches New Love Teams AshCo and PrYce

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Looks like love is in the air as your favorite Kapuso Sparkle Teens takes the spotlight in their very own Sparkle Kilig Series this February. This is officially their loveteam launch, and by the looks of it, the sweetness remains real for Marco Masa and Ashley Sarmiento, plus Bryce Eusebio and Princess Aliyah. Starting today, they'll be officially known as PRYCE and ASHCO. I also wanted to make this a moment for them so I'm featuring them this Valentines day. These teens are now on a different league, as they will now reprise much of their roles together. See, GMA's Sparkle Arist management has seen their very promising careers individually... and saw how fans have reacted seeing them on screen, so basically, they're giving you what you want. From the looks of it, they're doing it right.

Marco Masa and Ashley Sarmiento have known each other for years, so this pairing as ASHCO just seem so natural. For starters, their parents are good friends and being in projects together is not new as they started doing that since they are child actors. They're also good friends which is just an amazing place to start with. They already know their nuances, they've done countless workshops and even did another prior to this pairing. Aside from that, they're going to be part of a TikTok series called SECRET NOTES. They already have amassed a lot of views since it premiered a week ago, and the last episode will be today, Valentines Day. Go watch that first!

Bryce Eusebio and Princess Aaliyah on the other hand will star on their own TikTok Kilig Series called Beyond the Game. This will premiere on the 16th and will end on the 22nd. Like the first one, it will be posted on the Sparkle Artist Center or the official GMA TikTok account. Despite being new to the industry (and this pairing), Bryce is pretty optimistic that the pairing will work. He's already had remarkable improvement showing how he acts with the pairing despite being really an introvert. Princess on the other hand finds Bryce attractive, tall and smells really good. Like even if he's two blocks away, she could tell he's arriving. They crack jokes these days and find as they continue to talk, they find comfort and refuge with each other. They want the pairing to become even better soon, and the work they did in the TikTok series would be a good start. 

Here's the whole blog conference which we covered a few days ago! Watch this for more kilig! And see @kumagcow TikTok account if you want to see them sing together!

GMA's Sparkle Artist Center knew TikTok was the best platform to reach their generation as an audience, and this partnership with TikTok Philippines would continue with more of these series soon. Go watch the first two, then wait til they come out with even more stories soon! 

Congratulations again to Marco Masa, Ashley Sarmiento, Bryce Eusebio and Princess Aaliyah for their new shows. May this be a start of big things for you and your new love teams. For sure, GMA will have future shows lined up for you!


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