Success According to Beautéderm CEO Rhea Tan

Sunday, February 18, 2024


It was a fine afternoon to head onto Angeles Pampanga to celebrate with Beautéderm to mark the 1st year of their headquarters. Aside from that, it was also the start of the Lunar Year and Sam Milby's renewal of contract with the beauty brand. It was hosted by Beautéderm CEO Ms. Rhea Tan, and she didn't just want it to be just a party, but a moment to get to know each other. This was amongst her celebrity endorsers, the traditional and online media.

After warmly welcoming us all at her 7 storey building, she let us take refuge at one of the rooms to talk more amongst ourselves and the folks at Beaute Beanery (their house coffee shop). They had a variety of food and drinks in the joint, and it was nice to have them at the first stop. This same place also has their other brands BlancPro, BeauteHaus and A-List Avenue. Then we went to the top floor where we got to meet several of their endorsers like Carlo Aquino, DJ Jhaiho, Ms. Sylvia Sanchez, Alma Concepcion, Sunshine Garcia-Castro, Darla Sauler, Kimson Tan, the very generous Patricia Tumulak, Gillian Vicencio and the good looking Sam Milby. 

 Instead of the usual interviews, they had us play a lot of games so we got to chat and react like we didn't have walls between us. It broke the ice, and got us laughing because things weren't so serious anymore. The mood was fun and festive, and I think that's exactly what Ms. Rei wanted to happen that day. 

Though of course, we were there for work. The fancy building, the posh corners of it had some of us wonder, how was she able to become a very successful entrepreneur after all these years? Ms. Rhea said "I've been asked that question a lot of times, but really, THERE IS NO SECRET. All these things, the things I have, are all because of hard work. This event is just something we just had to do, and the overwhelming love and support you've shown by going here from Manila, that's so sweet, and later I'll be seeing some of you who will be staying. Welcome to the Beautederm Headquarters in Angeles City, we will be celebrating Chinese New Year and the first anniversary of this building. This has been built with strength, courage and love. It's really nice to look back on how we were able to make this all come true. From planning, construction and interior design, this serves as an inspiration that WE CAN ALL DO IT. You should always go for it. But just a small flex, it's so good to feel that you have your own building. Let's celebrate this moment, and the people behind it. Because of them, our consumers, our media friends, our employees, our endorsers, my franchisees, you made it all happen and I hope you value that. The year of the Wood Dragon symbolizes strength, success, and social impact. Do the things you love with strength, and make an impact. This is how Beautéderm works, we boost consumer confidence, and we give back to the community. We will continue to do that! We are celebrating 15 Beautéful Years this 2024. My heart is so full, I love you all! May success be with us always!"

Aside from Beautéderm, they serve food, drinks and premium coffee with Beauté Beanery. If you want procedures done, BeautéHaus can take care of you. If you want authentic high end brands or products, they have the A-List Avenue for that on the third floor. You may visit them today at Angeles City, Pampanga. Beautéderm is also vying for the Beauty Cosmetic Brand of the Year in the 5th VP Awards. If you're up to it, you may vote for them starting this March 5th - April 5. All their products are available in Lazada, Shopee and TikTok, so go get them if you need  some self skin care.

I hope in some way, you feel inspired after hearing her story. She used to just watch TV's from her neighbor's house, and also operated her business from her home, just look at where she is now!


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