MAGIC MEN Australia is Coming to the PHILIPPINES

Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Looks like Filipinos are going to be in for a treat as Australia's very popular MAGIC MEN is coming to our shores this coming March 16 and 17 at the Newport World Resorts Theater in Pasay City.

They're off touring different cities in Australia, and now the world. This particular stop in the Philippines is produced by Trifecta Brand Lab. For those who don't know, MAGIC MEN Australia is one of the hottest acts in live entertainment. With a LOT of their hottest male performers set to land our shores, it'll certainly heat up our already sunny weather.

How? Let's just say they're ripped, carry huge guns, good looking, washboard abs laden fine men who would want to make you forget your problems for at least these two nights.

We got to talk to some of them, meet Will Parquet.

Will says "Magic Men Australia is bringing an amazing ladies night throughout the world. We're inclusive and we just want to create a fun atmosphere for everybody who wants to enjoy an amazing night out watching some guys taking some of their clothes off in the process. You can expect there will be screaming women, a lot of dancing, a lot of partying, and a lot of getting zonked with a couple of boys in the change room."

Ceazr Smith adds "All you have to do in the show is to sit back and relax, as it's the type of show where you have 8-10 Australian hunks and have the experience where women would talk about weeks or months after the show. There's going to be a lot of crowd interaction involved. You won't just be watching, you get to be in it! We usually have 45-50 women on stage at any one time and for anyone that's sitting at the back, we actually spend a lot of time with them. Nobody gets left out, everybody gets out attention."

Together with them will be Jaxon Human, Carlos Fang, Jeff, Dante and a whole lot of gorgeous men from down under. All they want you to know is that tickets will surely sell out fast, so get them at now or contact Trifecta Brand Lab if you want to hire them for private shows while they are here in the country. They have confirmed that they can do that.

Show starts at 8PM but be there early so you can get cocktails (for the pre-show). There will also be available merch for those who want to have them signed and taken home. This is only for folks 18 and above, so take note. Follow Trifecta Brand Lab social channel for updates about the guys while they are in the Philippines.

Ladies, Gents, ALL are welcome! This is going to be one heck of a crazy party!


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