Miss Universe Catriona Gray for Santé Daily C

Friday, October 30, 2020

This is a great morning worth having a short discussion about the benefits of Vitamin C and keeping our health in check. 

Aside from the Santé Daily C launch, today is a testament on how Filipinos could conquer the universe and have a great ambassador to boot (which we all find adorable). They also began discussing non acidic forms of Vitamin C and how they are bringing health in the forefront for Filipinos worldwide.

Santé Chief Network Development Officer Paul Caluag says “This is something that would help everyone especially during these times. We need to increase protection and our immunity, we are excited for you to see the new Santé Daily C.”

Arlyn Corpuz their Marketing Head says “Sodium Ascorbate is Vitamin C buffered with sodium content. PH range is from 7-8. We need more of these extra Vitamin C, this is our 750mg vegetable capsules and is plant based. It reduces risk of chronic diseases, and boosts immunity.”

CEO Joey Marcelo introduced their brand miss and said “Our new ambassador is no other than the most beautiful woman in the Universe, Miss Universe Catriona Gray.”

Catriona Gray happily says “I am super excited to be part of the Santé Daily C family. I love that this is Filipino owned and a global product. We need to have that extra protection. I am sure a lot of us can relate, we need to protect ourselves and our loved ones. In the last couple of months that is what I have on top of mind. To know that you are looking after yourself and doing yourself a favor by keeping yourself healthy, I am so happy I am seeing that. It is important to do that so you can take care of the people around you. I hope I could see my friends soon, and hope a lot of people see the value of doing this, to not get sick. It was an easy choice to become an ambassador, I believe in the benefits of Vitamin C and how it doesn’t show stress. I am grateful I didn’t get sick at all these past few years, Vitamin C takes care of me and I really know the difference of taking it daily because I feel it. I can only imagine how this could also change lives, the world will appreciate the Filipino talent to the world! Thank you Santé family for believing in me, my fans and supporters, thank you even if we don’t see each other face to face and you still support me all the way! Stay safe and thank you for taking the time to hear our story.“

Joey adds “We are very excited to open this in 8 countries and make global entrepreneurs. Cat is now part of our family, we are excited to have her here with us. Thank God for technology that we are able to do this today. We all had to adjust, not just us but all our distributors especially now that we are going through the pandemic. The vaccine is not yet here so let’s make sure we strengthen our immune system. She represents the Philippines and the world. We believe we can be a champion, the Filipino can be too. We have competent research and product development team and we are the first to put up our own plant in the country. The good thing is we are doing direct selling, so our business owners will grow with us too.”

“Welcome Cat, we can now promote the Filipino product to the world. We are happy Santé is growing, together with other business owners, we will have more breakthroughs and hope people will make this part of their lifestyle. Thank you for trusting Santé. Keep on believing, let’s do more and be more!”

Now isn't that a nice day? Go get your Santé Daily C supply from leading direct sellers and business owners nationwide. Congratulations!


AIA Philam Life's Coffee Closing Project

I've had my share of horror stories with companies taking the whole lot of procedures just for a single transaction which could have just been a simple verification on a computer screen. The wasted hours, the skipping of lunch and a hot head made me furious, a lot in fact that I just decided to call it a day and leave that place. 

This morning, I got to see the light. Although we are still under GCQ, the folks at AIA PhilAm Life showed us how their company is making headway in making not just providing the apt plans, but improving procedures in a project they call AIA Philam Life's Coffee Closing Project. Gone are the days of physically meeting up at coffee shops just so you could get a policy work for you. The tons of papers, printing, photocopying and presentations while having a cup of joe beside each other should be inexistent for safety reasons. Makes sense?

AIA Philam Life's Coffee Closing Project simplified things in three-steps. With this, all it takes now is 20 minutes. From e-Submission, e-Signature and e-Payment, things get simple as everything is online. Agents utilize an AIA Philam Life iPad-based interactive Point- of-Sale (iPoS) tool. This produces a secure link for transactions, powered by Fusion, an AI-powered and award- winning digital underwriting platform which validates insurance applications. Imagine that!

Ms. Bernadette Chincuanco Head of Banking and Communications at AIA PhilAm Life says “We are very excited about this as we streamline our procedures and adapting to what our customers need at these times, I don't want to spoil it for you!"

AIA CEO Kelvin Ang says “Good to see everyone. We have challenges this pandemic and in ways it has made us see the digital capabilities and now we have to fast track and customers have asked us to quicken the process, we had to step up with innovation we recently shared and it has won us awards. Today we are able to power and enable us to do it in a faster more efficient ways for our customers. I am looking forward to catch up with everyone soon, we have a lot of cool things we're doing."

Margarita Lopez the Chief of Operations Officer of AIA Philam Life explained Coffee Closing saying “This is digital end to end and can be done in 3 steps. Submit documents, Pay and Confirm. After that they can access it in under 20 minutes. AIA PhilAm Life can send details online securely, signed digitally and get it under that amount of time. It saves us time, you get instant coverage and do it before finishing a cup of coffee. The customer portal can also be accessed from anywhere, plus an entire village of customer centric PhilAm agents to help along the way. We want our promise of protection to be available and easy to claim from us, AIA Coffee Closing was born during the pandemic, and now is available on Facebook messenger without having to go to any of our centers. We talk to clients and bring this integrated platform in an agile manner. We also use analytics to see what matters to our customers.”

Ms. Necy Santiago the Head of Customer Experience explained “Our customers feedback told us our signing process was complicated and we had to do something not complicated. We want to get them onboard and assure protection. It enabled us to work on a prototype to give them offers all within the week with a design sprint. From concept to implementation in three months, we were able to overdrive our success and give it to the customers who will enjoy them. The problems which we usually not see, we saw it and a lot of them needed help, it made us realize we need to address it and bridge the gap. We took that to heart after validation, it was easy to implement and very clear in that development period. We learned our customers was ready to help us, it is also our duty to reimagine solutions and collaborate to address matters. We got a mix of people, and our customers had given us really nice feedback making our processes even better.”

Mr. Emmanuel Mendoza the Chief Technology Officer of AIA PhilAm Life says “Bracing the concept of having necessities is one concept I heard from our events. We will continue to develop technology, analytics for the fully modern architecture to scale our productivity. It will power us with better understanding of our customers, to keep our agents educated physically and digitally; to make sure we have events for them even more in the pandemic. We are in a good position to provide not to just be there but do transformation programs and be a leader globally.” 

If you want to know more about AIA Philam Life, visit their site at philamlife.com and their social pages on FB https://www.facebook.com/AIAPhilamLife/ or their email philamlife@aia.com. You can also call them via (02)8528- 2000.


Get 25% OFF on Products at SC Johnson’s Grand Launch

Thursday, October 29, 2020

I don't recommend things that I don't personally use, so here I go doing that with real adulting products I found on Shopee. I clean up a lot these days and I do it like clockwork, and I don't do it just with substandard products because I get the ones that do work to assure my family that it's clean when it looks clean.
For the family room/Sala I make sure the piano, the tables, frames and chairs to be wiped clean by using Pledge. It gets rid of germs lying around and gives furniture that certain sheen you see in new items, I like this one a lot because it leaves that lemony fresh scent that doesn't irritate my nose. I follow up with Glade Ocean Fresh so my room and entertainment area feels like a vacation even if I'm in the comforts of my room having zoom meetings all day. I use Mr. Muscle Multi-purpose Cleaner for bathroom tiles and bowl so it remains spick and span when I take a bath, it takes care of those molds and grime that I see when it gets in untouched for a couple of days. I also spray non Baygon Multi-Insect Killer in the Kitchen at night for those pesky cockroaches that try to go back in dark nooks and crannies because I do see them mostly at that time. I have managed to stop them from spreading because these are effective, you should do the same for your home. Now for those who would want to do the same, I'm letting you in on a secret as the manufacturer SC Johnson just set up shop in the Shopee App. They are taking up to 25% OFF on products and I think the savings are worth it. Don't worry because I got you covered!

SC Johnson Official Store in Shopee


Glade Automatic Primary - Ocean Escape


FamilyGuard Disinfectant Room & Multi-Surface Spray Aerosol Fragrance Free 280ml


Baygon Multi Insect Killer Kerosene-Based - 500 ml


Mr. Muscle All Purpose Cleaner 2L - Wild Lavender

Pledge Furniture Lemon - 330 ml


True, I know you have some of these on your kitchen cabinets or down on your sink, if you happen to get low on supply, there's a Shopee app you can go to so you could order it online. If going out of the house isn't your thing, they deliver to your doorstep and all you got to do is download it off Google Play or the App Store. You can start here!

You can take care of your family with these products, you just got to have it. I know, I did! :)


Good Investments Like BRIA

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

2020 has not been good to us and with the advent of the pandemic lasting longer, we might have have to weather this out til next year.

The world still in uncertainty. A lot of filipinos don't know what to do at these times. Securing our future prove a lot difficult. But these days are opportune times to invest, more so in real estate. Filipinos would rather have long-term security, and that includes having homes. BRIA has always been a good place to start because it doesn't just provide the actual house, but a community with nice amenities, access to schools, churches, malls, groceries and multitude of establishments needed to live comfortably especially for families.

Getting a unit or two from BRIA homes would be a nice investment. Red Rosales their current President says "A well built and affordable house and lot unit will last through years and will increase its value over time. It remains to be what Filipinos aspire for to live in secure and safe community."

This is why they also encourage investing in a BRIA Home now. They are also providing a lot of their resources to cater to customers even at these times. This includes their online assets which they do 24/7. This is part of their duties with their Enhanced Property Management Group as Maintenance and Engineering are important functions which should never be left out. At only Php 2,994 per month, they can get a BRIA Homes unit and can be done through flexible payment schemes such as Pag-IBIG housing loans or bank financing. Their motto is Affordability (Mura) + Quality (Dekalidad) = a Beautiful BRIA Home for Every Filipino which is what they are doing now.

It's a really nice idea, and if you decide to get one today you'll be surprised at how much people would love living in BRIA homes, you might not want renting out the place and just live in it. It wouldn't be a surprise. Take action, it would be a good investment.

Win 100K with Colgate's #SmileAndGoForYourDreams Promo

Looks like Colgate is upping up the ante with it's latest, fun packaged toothpaste variant that's also very inspiring. Just take one look at this Spicy Fresh Limited Edition box and you'll get why it's pretty special. Brush your teeth three times a day with a more intense kick as this one feels a lot different. You'll get the clean, fresh breath you've always wanted and a spicy minty feel after using it. Aside from that, the pandemic has gotten our lives affected and we always do this with our friends and family, a simple word of encouragement, a little nudge, can go a long way. 

These new boxes have words like "Laban Lang!', "You're Awesome!", and "Kaya Mo Yan!" which would definitely set the mood while you're cleaning up. Imagine starting your day with that, you're bound to have more positive thoughts and later on, be a source of good vibes for people you meet in the street, in the office or even at home.

Oh and if that ain't enough, Colgate is throwing in Php 100,000 worth of Sodexo GC's which you can win just by following a few steps. 

You can buy the products here on their official Shopee store:

Colgate Fresh Confidence Smile and Go For Your Dreams! Limited Edition Spicy Fresh Toothpaste 60g


Colgate Plax Smile and Go For Your Dreams! Limited Edition Peppermint Fresh Mouthwash 60ml


This is easy, and quite nice to have as part of your toiletries. It's also nice to try out new stuff so you won't get bored with the same flavor. Oh yes, you can also win that much just by following a few steps, so head on to the Colgate Palmolive official Shopee store and download the Shopee app on Google Play and the App Store. I've been shopping for other items and I might get to add more of these in my cart for sure!

Kris Aquino says so!


ASUS PH Launches ZenBook 13 and VivoBook S14

Monday, October 26, 2020

New beginnings in the new normal, ASUS Philippines got back on track with the new laptop computers they recently launched in the country. 

Two things, the ASUS ZenBook 13 and the new ASUS VivoBook S14. These new laptop computers are in different price points, catering to different audiences and looks wise, your personal fashion statement has been accounted. They made it in very attractive, shiny colorways which makes it look premium, classy, but never forgets to do the job. During the launch a few days ago, ASUS Country Head George Su told the press and the online public about how they continue to search for the incredible and have had milestones during these past few months even while the pandemic was happening. Aside from that, ASUS also told us about how successful their efforts were in helping several local government units, hospitals, centers so they could have access to ASUS laptop computers and do jobs like contact tracing, documentation of patients and clerical work with it. They donated units for them and obviously, it has done wonders for the communities. I am so impressed how they thought of ways they could help even in troubled times, they should be lauded for that.

The event also introduced two new brand ambassadors, host and radio DJ Jaz Reyes and the Filipino heartthrob who did quite good in Indonesia Teejay Marquez. Jaz showcased the ZenBook 13 which she felt was a good fit for young ones who are into beginning their professional lives or into computing and content creation. Teejay on the other hand told us about the VivoBook S14 and how it can do so much more than just work and play. Teejay also teased about a laptop giveaway he is doing on his Tiktok account, it's called #BeIncredibleChallenge of which he'll come out with mechanics come November, so stay tuned for that!

Here's a little preview of that event on video. Check this out!

This is just the start, we hope to get our hands on these laptop computers soon and tell you all about how good it is in real life. You may also check out the full event on the ASUS Official Facebook page if you want to know more!

We're going to hear more stuff from ASUS soon! 


Check Out Oliver Sullano's Hottest TikTok Dance Tutorials

You might be lost baby girl but dance phenom Oliver Sullano can teach you a few tricks to make your Tiktok journey a bit easy as he whips out the greatest hits and do the choreography of it, or maybe, do his own spin, oh yes he can! He's only 18 years old but the level of tutorials he's made garnered him tons of views as other creators and dance fanatics follow his easy to do versions or marvel at how he does choreography with it on the very best popular app.

He doesn't dwell on the negative comments he seldom gets on the platform. Instead, he takes time reading the nice ones, which makes him eager to do more original stuff. He's also gives advice to new creators to keep them going. His goal is to inspire others and seeing their happiness makes him do even better on his next videos.

Go download the Tiktok App today and do the same things he's doing, then evolve to your own artistry like he does. It is available in Google Play and iOS, just search for it as it's a nice day to dance!

To get you started, follow this one:

See how it feels after a few rounds? Go get those endorphins out! 


The Good with the Tecno POVA Gaming Phone

Sunday, October 25, 2020

I've been using the Tecno POVA these past few weeks and it's been quite a nice experience. It's been Tecno's gaming phone and it hasn't failed me on COD which relatively uses ridiculously high graphics, yet it didn't get the device hot like in some pricey phones I've used in the past. Mind you, this isn't in the mid range priced level of smartphones and if you think about it, it would have been okay to see it with lower spec parts on it, but they didn't shortchange in the MediaTek Helio G80 Chipset it uses. It also uses a 6000mAh battery which can last you the whole day. Now imagine how many hours of gaming that would be right? Well, let's just say I do play a couple of rounds of COD with it and use social media on a regular basis but still have more YouTube time with it at night. 

This also costs Php 6,999 which means it is way cheaper than what you think. For what it's worth, you can play games, use it for work or educational purposes and perhaps a few hours of entertainment while you are stuck at home. I took the liberty to unbox it for you, here you go!

Now I wanted to actually see what how the cameras would fare because amongst all its features, that's the thing I am a little worried about, but it did quite fair in real life, no actually, I even see it better at night time video shots than more pricey ones I've tried recently. 

Again, this is my experience with the Tecno POVA. For the price, I felt it was worth it. If you're interested, go to the Shopee app and try and get one if it isn't sold out yet. I'm seeing it run out quite quickly. Must be something good with it, I bet people are going to buy this because of how it handles games. 

It's a good deal!


The Search for the Sound of Seven Thousand Christmas Songs

LA, Gretchen and Iman. Photo from Gretchen Ho's FB page.

It was an awesome night of music as the people from up and coming music label 7K showcased their talents and introduced a new show called “The Search for the Sound of Seven Thousand Christmas Songs.” They're no stranger to making music but doing this so they would be able to discover more talent and good Christmas music in the country is such a noble act.

For those who don't know, “The Search for the Sound of Seven Thousand Christmas Songs" is an online reality show in the search for talent and music that embodies how hopeful we are as Filipinos in this time of pandemic. Last October 16, we have had the chance to listen to legendary Jett Pangan (whom I listen to when I was a kid) and Gretchen Ho who gave much inspiration to us, the artists who plan to join and the other talents of 7K who were there that evening.

7K Sounds founder and artist LA Santos will be hosting the show together with Gretchen Ho and vlogger Iman Franchesca. They will also be joined by singer-songwriter and former frontwoman of General Luna Nicole Asensio. They will be also sharing their experiences so viewers, not just contestants, would be able to learn a thing or two about the music industry. The show ill be aired every Friday at 7PM on the official 7K Sounds Facebook Page. So if you are looking for a avenue to get into the music scene, “The Search for the Sound of Seven Thousand Christmas Songs" might be a good place to start.

The music label 7K Sounds wishes to get talent from across the country, they also do music production and distribution. They also ventured into creating online content and events, if you're interested in joining the competition, they listed the requirements here.

Good luck, and don't f it up!


FamiLIGTAS: Stand Against Gender-Based Violence

Friday, October 23, 2020

Speaking out and speaking your mind these days can get you red tagged, abused, violated, which is such a sad state in the country.

They can either be women, children, the elderly or part of the LGBTQ community, but they all experience supposed violence in one form or another. The problem is, most of these incidents come unreported or never gets surfaced more so during the pandemic. The psycho social, economic and mental state attribute to its worsening, but is should never be a reason or excuse ro why it should happen.

This afternoon, I got to join a press conference hosted by the one and onlyMs. Karen Davila about “FamiLIGTAS” which is a campaign against Gender-Based Violence spearheaded by RTI International, USAID Philippines and supported by government and NGO’s, as to also learn more about the situation in the country. 

Ms. Michelle Lang Alli the Director of US AID Philippines says “Your support against Gender violence requires more. It has affected 2.5 Million people nationwide including women, children, the elderly and LGBTQ sector. The pandemic has affected us all, but there is no excuse for gender based violence. We need to make available our programs for equality, to reduce GBV and its harmful effects socially and the marginalized. Recent surveys 2 in 5 women never sought help from violence, and the PNP has recorded 19.5 incidents per day in the Philippines. By forming new and enriching existing partnerships, we can help change policies, raise the volume with GBV so they can have better options now, to keep our homes and community safe, thank you!”

Lolito Tacardon of POPCOM says “This is an important campaign and it currently, homes are places for perpetrators for violence, in imbalance for the basis of gender, it affects the victim, the children, even in this pandemic. The good news is we can break that, take it out of our culture, save people from oppressive violence. We have a joint statement to support vigilance and protect families from any forms of violence. We harness our website, to encourage our followers about GBV. We recognize the raise in pregnancies of minors, to move institutions and have access to facilities of care. Our strongest weapon is our belief that we can break this cycle of violence, we will provide the platform for every Filipino woman and child, Popcom will support to further empower families.”

Dr. Carolyn of UP adds  “We commit to explain and carry out this campaign effectively. You can call on us anytime, even if we are bashed right now.”

Dana Aduna from Luna’s Collective says “Quarantine data shows Violence against Women and Children have gone down, but this doesn’t mean it is happening. It has been difficult to report crimes since everyone is in isolation. Gender inequality exists, between intimate partners, and inequalities can be related to social class, religion, women can be oppressed, some interlocking forms of violence. Seeking help, it shows 34%  do not seek help or talk to anyone at all. Luna’s Collective wants to be involved to make people talk about psychosocial support, legal, health services and is volunteer powered. Our core belief is that everyone should be comfortable about our bodies, make the community informed and live fully. We understand that gender and power relations should not dictate class and importance in society. We are at our homes with a huge amount of time and if is in a violent setup, we have women come to us, not just first timers, even repeat instances. We remind them it is not their fault, but again this is not an excuse for violence. Similar with men, women or children, even LGBTQ experience it. We need to build a support system in order to stop this.“

Patrizia Garcia adds “GBV happens and so does its effects on mental health. This cause is very close to my heart, we can encourage them to help, our communities.”

Our share of the burden is to support victims of violence, help them get the help they need, and give them access so they won’t experience this at all.  Even at these times, there should not be any instance where GBV Is justified. The state also has a role to protect these rights, which is the right thing to do. Economic, Physical, Psychological, all Gender Based violence should have no place in a progressive society. 

To know more about the cause or if you need help, visit their Facebook page at Familigtas PH as everything is there.


A Full Online December MMFF this 2020

MMFF is the annual festival that is held every year and this Christmas, MMDA and their partners would want to end it with a happy note. There are other opportunities and platforms so they partnered up with Globe and make it possible for them to pursue showcasing our movies to a worldiwde audience via Upstream and pay via GCash for the tickets in G Movies. 

Danilo Lim the MMDA Chairman says “The MMFF is part of Christmas, a tradition and in this pandemic we will never let it not happen. We got 5 outfits who sent their plans and Globe is the most attractive one. The plan is not just to make the Filipino homes happy, but bring this worldwide! What we have been doing will now be virtually done, from premieres, launches, with health protocols observed. We can watch these films at home, to present these movies online.”

Ernest Cu the Chairman of Globe says “We almost didn’t experience this year’s MMFF as audiences await their favorite artists to appear on screen. Movie houses may not be the best place to gather and in Globe we try our very best to provide solutions, to recreate the Christmas we love digitally with our partner Upstream so millions of Pinoys around the world can access it virtually, and access it on Video on Demand. We also are fighting online piracy, illegal streaming and copying of content, but on our campaign we try to educate more. To not affect the livelihood of content creators, film makers and their families, to lose that and not be able to put out good quality films today. We are one of the first companies to promote great Filipino films to the global audience through GMovies. We thank the MMDA and we hope to bring more cheers to Filipino homes and keep the spirit of the holidays alive. Globe has always been able to deliver like GCash in the market, it will also have gaming, goods through the app itself. Using our technology of Gcash, GMovies and Upstream, we can now watch in our homes bringing solution to Filipinos for their everyday needs. The MMFF is important to not deprive our industry of an outlet, a medium to also earn a living. We try to bring also our film makers to a global stage, to make them thrive and grow. We can bring the Filipino content to the likes of South Korea, it all starts with a dream!”

Quark Henares says “You will now be able to watch through Upstream all the content til the MMFF season. To signify the signing of these documents, we raise our mobile phones on screen to officially start it.”

“G Movies now has a new feature, the new platform initially just offer tickets. This pandemic, we offer new ways to access content by using a few taps starting November 14, we partner with Globe, Upstream and MMDA to make this possible. We spent with the Upstream team to discover content, make this seamless and easy to use. We will also be using Gcash for payments to make it more accessible to the public. Potentially to pay everything over the counter.”

Dondon Monteverde says “We are happy that amidst the uncertainty, we opened up this venture to connect with Globe’s infrastructure to now be able to stream it here in the Philippines and abroad! This is a big deal to entertain our audience, this platform was made for content producers. To bring it abroad. For those who are excited we are bringing this to you, we hope for your support in the continuance of MMFF 2020, right at your own homes. Right now we are attacking things differently, with the strong infrastructure of Globe our material is already going out to our audience. We are taking it a step at a time, to bring it all to Filipinos.” 

According to the MMDA “We have 4 official entries per script but deadline has been extended to finalize everything mid November. The price of tickets will be 250 pesos and the whole family can watch in one device without going out in the cinemas. Also, there will be a virtual parade of stars so you won’t miss anything at all. So guys, are you ready for the new December MMFF 2020? 

This will be good!


Shopee Endorsed by Kris Aquino

Thursday, October 22, 2020

I had my heart on my sleeve when I saw a silhouette quite familiar to me... but remained a mystery to some of my blogger and media friends one morning. I am sure they wouldn't be able to guess who this is, but at that time I already had a pretty good hunch. The holidays are of an important part of the Filipinos lives and Shopee is launching 11.11 and 12.12 in a big way. They got the one with the huge personality, the one that got us all in the edge of our seats when she opens her mouth, she's a source of happiness and a ball of fun, speaks of truth, classy, with an impressive command of English and hell of a lot tactless at times, much like me, and I love her for that. She is no other than Kris Aquino.

The mother of Kuya Josh and Bimby is now the official endorser of Shopee. What I felt during this time was an OMG floating on top of my head. I couldn't believe they got the queen of all media doing the best job this season, but in hindsight, I couldn't blame them at all. I was excited, to say the least, to see her doing what she does the best, and she hosted the online media conference's games to give us a taste of what's going to happen this November and the Christmas season. 

11.11 and 12.12 was also explained to us briefly by the Shopee Country Head Martin Yu. In a nutshell, Shopee is growing and so is the trust of the Filipino consumer with their app. They showcased how they have given access to e-commerce to everyone and will continue to do so in the coming years. Now that everything is online, they even got necessities like groceries in the app making it easier for consumers to repeatedly use the platform and make it part of their daily lives. Making sure also that it is safer, from shopping, shipping to receiving the packages and I can attest to its convenience (oh I always Shopee). Ms. Kris also told us of her different purchases during quarantine which includes all pink items, pink surgical masks, knick knacks and a lot of other items in the same color shade (not surprised, it's why I love her!). During 11.11 and 12.12, they will have FREE Shipping Days, a Flash Sale Day (Nov 4), ShopeePay Day (Nov 5), Games Day (Nov 9), and my favorite Voucher Day (on November 10th). Not only that, they'll be having special brand sales which includes top ones in the country, they made it bigger for you because Shopee is a huge partner.

Kris also told us that there will be several opportunities to also help. Organizations and charity institutions will have direct channels on the app where consumers can directly help so it would be easy for them to do so. It will include Digital Charity Sales, Co-Branded Livestream with Brand donations and an in-app donation drive which I find so endearing. Imagine, they took time and effort to do this so they could help causes which are also close to Kris Aquino's heart, which is such a noble cause. They call it Shopee Bayanihan Pamaskong Pambata.

Kris will also have participation not just in the commercials, but also in a big 11.11 Christmas Special which will happen on November 11th in Wowowin. They will also be having a whopping Php 1 Million worth of Daily Cash Prize in the 11.11 and 12.12 Christmas Millionaire special which will happen soon, so stay tuned for that!

By the way, we got first dibs on the new Shopee commercial and all I can say is, that Kris Aquino you miss will be so much fun to see. I don't want to spoil it for you, but all her iconic acts will be involved in it. Shopee also promises there will be more in store for you this 11.11 and 12.12, and I can't wait for you to find out more about it. Make sure you download the app on Google Play or the App Store. 

Kris also said not to call her Ms. Kris anymore, as it is one of her pet peeves. She also says "Shopee came in when I was in one of the lowest point in my life and I am thankful for the trust they've given me!"

Congratulations Kris! I am so happy for you and your whole family!

Check this out!