Win 100K with Colgate's #SmileAndGoForYourDreams Promo

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Looks like Colgate is upping up the ante with it's latest, fun packaged toothpaste variant that's also very inspiring. Just take one look at this Spicy Fresh Limited Edition box and you'll get why it's pretty special. Brush your teeth three times a day with a more intense kick as this one feels a lot different. You'll get the clean, fresh breath you've always wanted and a spicy minty feel after using it. Aside from that, the pandemic has gotten our lives affected and we always do this with our friends and family, a simple word of encouragement, a little nudge, can go a long way. 

These new boxes have words like "Laban Lang!', "You're Awesome!", and "Kaya Mo Yan!" which would definitely set the mood while you're cleaning up. Imagine starting your day with that, you're bound to have more positive thoughts and later on, be a source of good vibes for people you meet in the street, in the office or even at home.

Oh and if that ain't enough, Colgate is throwing in Php 100,000 worth of Sodexo GC's which you can win just by following a few steps. 

You can buy the products here on their official Shopee store:

Colgate Fresh Confidence Smile and Go For Your Dreams! Limited Edition Spicy Fresh Toothpaste 60g

Colgate Plax Smile and Go For Your Dreams! Limited Edition Peppermint Fresh Mouthwash 60ml!-Promo-Limited-Edition-Peppermint-Fresh-Mouthwash-240ml-i.45237836.4251754002

This is easy, and quite nice to have as part of your toiletries. It's also nice to try out new stuff so you won't get bored with the same flavor. Oh yes, you can also win that much just by following a few steps, so head on to the Colgate Palmolive official Shopee store and download the Shopee app on Google Play and the App Store. I've been shopping for other items and I might get to add more of these in my cart for sure!

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