Life in Details: LG Outs New Monitors, OLED and Nanocell TV's, and XBOOM Go Speakers

Monday, October 05, 2020

Just got off the web conference with the good people from LG Philippines as they showcase their latest monitors, TV’s and audio devices. I saw a LOT of things I would like especially the new wide screen monitors that I could use for gaming and watching videos.

Inkwun Heo Managing Director of LG says “We perceive them as essentials. Essentials to make our homes better. We want to see life in detail even while we stay at home under the new normal. Our new line of monitors and speakers are things you can enjoy." He even made that heart gesture that kdrama oppas usually do. :)

Vlogger, Model, Movie and TV star Mikael Daez says “This baby is made for multitasking. Megan and I have no tapings these days and everything is online. Streaming is growing, these LG Ultragear and LG Ultrawide has been absolutely amazing, no input lags, it’s a better streaming experience. I am showing my personal setup, this is what I use for editing and gaming. Customers will be able to experience that as well.“

Kyra Yambao the Product Manager for LG adds “LG does not compromize, this has good aspect ration so everything is on the screen at any given time.

Director and Film Maker Milhail Red says “Film maker mode presents cinematic experience, the exact settings directors and colorists want you to see their film. This is what happens in LG OLED TV’s. This is intended for the big screen but LG has the technology to preserve what we intend you to see, that is important for visual storytellers.”

Angelica Dumlao the LG Product. Manager says “Film makers have a vision and what directors want you to see is what is supposed to be on TV.”

Aaron Parcon the Product Manager for LG and pro basketball player LA Tenorio adds “Never miss your team play, feel like you are on the sidelines, bluetooth surround ready, that is LG OLED Sports TV. True to life, make sports realistic, this is 100 times faster than regular LED TV. I always watch NBA and PBA moves, so I could do them well. I watch it vividly, very lifelike, perfect for my fluid lifestyle, because it’s like you are there. LG makes it possible. Right now, I am enjoying my newborn baby at home, I binge watch K dramas. Before I miss a lot of details, now it is all clear. It is realistic that I really am afraid with zombies and stuff. The TV has millions of pixels, when I review games I feel like I have an advantage because I can see them all, even footwork, this is all different!”

Gaming on TV

LG OLED Self Lit Pixels make HDR gaming good with detailed pitch blackness (perfect black), ultra low latency, flawless big screen gaming. ESports is gaining traction, LG OLED TV’s are NVIDIA Gsync compatible, the chances of eye fatigue is low too. Highest response time, low input lag, and you’ll be fine as it has less blue light.

Megan Young says “Display latency, ghosting is gone, this reveals all the hidden details and is amazing. The TV is also beautiful and it lets me watch shows in one instance, and also play games and stream it as well. I’m a good support with Mikael, he keeps on beating me. It has been great because it fits my mood. I have voice activated control, *calls Mikael* and I get the controls in an instant LOL.”

LG Nanocell TV

Pure colors, now on ultra large screens, this is LG Nanocell 8k. It gives stunning visual details, you can watch movies, sports and play games.

James Deakin says “This is a game changer. It gives the real 8K, with deep learning algorithm that removes dull colors and reduce noise. LG Nanocell Real 8K comes in the right budget, get unbelievable tech without the more premium price. There is no such thing as too many TV’s, I use them as paintings at times and the gallery is amazing! I am blessed to be trusted by LG to experience the technology before the market gets it. The way they think is just hard, they enhance your lifestyle.”

Angelica adds “OLED is best, but Nanocell employs backlit tech for perfect black. If you are looking for a bargain, bang for buck, you are going to get value out of that.”

The LG XBoom Go PL5 and PL7 are portable Bluetooth speakers that give any room, big or small, an immersive surround sound experience. Go all day with 24 hour batteries on the LG XBoom Go. XBOOM has balanced deep and powerful sound boost. Crystal clear audio, surround sound with your LG TV even at home. This is life in details.

The LG UltraGear and Ultrawide makes you experience gaming better. It is also versatile, the seamless switch between gaming and watching. LG OLED TV’s give you the nicest sound quality, realistic like people on the show are there with you. LG Nanocell places a lot of value with your TV, we multitask with with the TV, you can talk to it and do so much at a lower cost. You can even use it as a stunning display of art, all visually arresting. The Nanocell TV provides that little bridge between TV to the huge leap to the OLED. The film maker mode on the OLED makes movies seen as what it is intended.

This is just a nice way to enjoy life even at these trying times. If you feel like you deserve a treat, LG has these offered on Lazada and other authorized retailers listed on the LG website.

Oh and yes, LG is also doing a lot behind the scenes as the pandemic is on its nth month. They gave away washing machines, tons of TV monitors, to help lessen the burden of our frontliners and the less fortunate. They also sent some for hospitals and organizations across the country.

Congratulations LG! Keep doing what you are doing good!


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