Miss Universe Catriona Gray for Santé Daily C

Friday, October 30, 2020

This is a great morning worth having a short discussion about the benefits of Vitamin C and keeping our health in check. 

Aside from the Santé Daily C launch, today is a testament on how Filipinos could conquer the universe and have a great ambassador to boot (which we all find adorable). They also began discussing non acidic forms of Vitamin C and how they are bringing health in the forefront for Filipinos worldwide.

Santé Chief Network Development Officer Paul Caluag says “This is something that would help everyone especially during these times. We need to increase protection and our immunity, we are excited for you to see the new Santé Daily C.”

Arlyn Corpuz their Marketing Head says “Sodium Ascorbate is Vitamin C buffered with sodium content. PH range is from 7-8. We need more of these extra Vitamin C, this is our 750mg vegetable capsules and is plant based. It reduces risk of chronic diseases, and boosts immunity.”

CEO Joey Marcelo introduced their brand miss and said “Our new ambassador is no other than the most beautiful woman in the Universe, Miss Universe Catriona Gray.”

Catriona Gray happily says “I am super excited to be part of the Santé Daily C family. I love that this is Filipino owned and a global product. We need to have that extra protection. I am sure a lot of us can relate, we need to protect ourselves and our loved ones. In the last couple of months that is what I have on top of mind. To know that you are looking after yourself and doing yourself a favor by keeping yourself healthy, I am so happy I am seeing that. It is important to do that so you can take care of the people around you. I hope I could see my friends soon, and hope a lot of people see the value of doing this, to not get sick. It was an easy choice to become an ambassador, I believe in the benefits of Vitamin C and how it doesn’t show stress. I am grateful I didn’t get sick at all these past few years, Vitamin C takes care of me and I really know the difference of taking it daily because I feel it. I can only imagine how this could also change lives, the world will appreciate the Filipino talent to the world! Thank you Santé family for believing in me, my fans and supporters, thank you even if we don’t see each other face to face and you still support me all the way! Stay safe and thank you for taking the time to hear our story.“

Joey adds “We are very excited to open this in 8 countries and make global entrepreneurs. Cat is now part of our family, we are excited to have her here with us. Thank God for technology that we are able to do this today. We all had to adjust, not just us but all our distributors especially now that we are going through the pandemic. The vaccine is not yet here so let’s make sure we strengthen our immune system. She represents the Philippines and the world. We believe we can be a champion, the Filipino can be too. We have competent research and product development team and we are the first to put up our own plant in the country. The good thing is we are doing direct selling, so our business owners will grow with us too.”

“Welcome Cat, we can now promote the Filipino product to the world. We are happy Santé is growing, together with other business owners, we will have more breakthroughs and hope people will make this part of their lifestyle. Thank you for trusting Santé. Keep on believing, let’s do more and be more!”

Now isn't that a nice day? Go get your Santé Daily C supply from leading direct sellers and business owners nationwide. Congratulations!


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