Beko Takes Hygiene Seriously

Monday, October 12, 2020

Even in the nicest homes, we often see how appliances are becoming smarter. But really, are they forgetting things? These days, with the pandemic affecting the greater population of the country, things take quite a good turn in making sure those microbes don't get to our food, our clothes and just about every single item in our house to keep us safe always. This is where Beko comes in. As Europe’s leading home appliance brand, they have developed Hygiene Shield technology on a thong of household products made in response to emerging consumer needs, especially at times where unnatural virus spreads around and cleanliness is a priority.  

Currently, their portfolio has seven pieces that have built in disinfection functions to make sure you're safe.  Hygiene Shield capable appliances has the power to kill more than 99% of bacteria and viruses (including coronavirus) which you don't see much in other appliance makers. Mind you, Beko has done research across 31 countries all revealing primary concerns of consumers is hygiene. 

The special line takes inspiration from nature and uses steam and heat to enable consumers to achieve above standard hygiene results at home. Their technologies are being independently tested by Airmid Health Group, a well respected biomedical research organization. The HygieneShield washing machines and refrigerators has shown 99% bacteria and virus reduction on these appliances and expect other tests for the other appliances to be finalized by November, more so expecting the same results. This would be good news for those living in the new normal, that doesn't go away with just having clean white counters.

The UV cleaning cabinet can take care of your Keys, phones, wallets, packaged goods from supermarkets, plastic bags, baby bottles and toys. All done in a 20-40-minute cycle, it can be cleaned with no damage to objects. It is also easy to use. The refrigerator with disinfection drawer takes care of the food items. It can eliminate more than 99% of bacteria and viruses in around 40 minutes. It has a separate disinfection drawer above the crisper which eliminates viruses, bacteria and germs using UV light technology. 

They also have a Tumble dryer with UV light technology which eliminates bacteria and viruses and provides disinfection for your laundry in a safe and convenient way. It can do up to six dry pieces of clothing and can sanitize up to 5 kg of washed laundry. They also have Hygiene Shield in their washing machine and washer dryer units. It uses a smart algorithm, an additional heater channel and fan system that fills the drum with hot air to keep the laundry at 60°C to thoroughly sanitize your clothes even without water. It saves you money in the long run and saves the planet from chemicals and using too much water.

Beko also has Built-in ovens with saturated steam and heat. Aside from cooking, it can disinfect items like metal bowls and glass products.

The HygieneShield dishwasher use steam and additional hot rinsing functions to make sure every dish is spick and span. The Hygiene Intense function provides an additional rinsing step to further increase the levels of cleaning on it. This has been independently tested by Rhine Waal University, that accounts for something right?

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