Re-opening The Economy with “Ingat Angat” Campaign

Thursday, October 08, 2020

You can join jumpstart the economy and it starts with this mega campaign by both public and private sector, they call this INGAT ANGAT. Honestly, I can't get over seeing different competing brands in one campaign and how they set aside pride and business to help the Philippines back on its feet.

This is a critical time for the government and private companies to get together amidst the pandemic. This is their initiative. Business has been greatly impacted, people are slowly opening up again, Filipinos are resilient and hopefully business is slowly gonna go back to normal.

Sec. Ramon Lopez DTI says “This is done in Bayanihan spirit. This has damaged our country, we feel it is difficult to bring back consumer confidence but it is important to have safety and economic movement at this time. This will help shift focus in balancing health and economy, a balancing act, manage the risk and help the revival of the economy. We continue to buy local, to rally everyone to go back to the new normal, still have health protocols, and DTI will be there to help and support this cause. Buy local!”

IATF Against Covid-19 Head Carlito Galvez Jr. says “This is our third phase, the government is keen on opening up our businesses. We need an equilibrium of both health and economy, to make it safe for everyone to conduct business and sustain our economic recovery. We need to work as a team, to lower our active COVID cases, to ensure we fully recover 100%. To increase capacity on public vehicles, doing it to ensure safe transport of our workers and earn sustainable incomes. The cases are declining in NCR but we should never let our guard down, we need to work together even further. Ingat tayong lahat!”

Sec. Harry Roque says “The Filipino Spirit of Bayanihan is there. We have medical equipment, testing, donations poured by private sector. Ingat Angat is important to inform people we must not leave in fear, and the President is appearing in advertisements and support the cause. This Monday we will have a cabinet meeting, to talk about how to save people from poverty. To allow the economy to recover, with safety in place. We need to open and improve the transport sector. Thank you to the private sector’s help! Mabuhay po tayong lahat!

Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala “Good morning! We have very tireless organizers. In the worst crisis, we saw everyone work together. The virus is the enemy, we need to work on health and the economy. Thank you to the Secretary for bringing the private and public sector together. The private sector has found our citizens who have confidence, moving together to create it with others. Together we shall revitalize our country together, to help us all move forward, to restart the economy. It is a pleasure to work with you all. The strong partnership between the public and private sector is important and we support you all, thank you!”

George Royeca of Angkas “Buhay or Hanapbuhay, this pandemic has cost a lot for our economy. Businesses have closed down, thus Taskforce T3 to test, trace and treat to become a stronger and resilient Philippines. The goal is simple, to equip government to reduce the risks, building facilities and increase capacity. We all should be cautious, recognize how to live with the virus, rebuild but keep safe. Teach Filipinos to co exist with the virus and get our lives back on track. Thank you for your undying help. This time, we need to Teach, trust and Transform.”

Margot Torres the SVP For Marketing of McDonalds says “Thank you to our partners from government, thank you for making time for this. I am excited Taskforce T3’s campaign and the help of different brands, even competing ones by volunteering their time and expertise to make sure our message comes across. We all want a resilient Philippines and the need for consumer confidence is essential. Recently, the government launched their campaign, by tomorrow we are launching this one. This is to address the need for consumer confidence, to make learned helplessness to empowered vigilance. Brands will serve as backdrop to real message, should not be a multi brand preso, or a hardsell branded effort. They should be inspired of the Filipino resilience and cautious optimism to move forward with our lives. We have produced 3 industries, restaurants, mobility, shopping and leisure. All brands will share these online videos and materials, in all their assets. This will be in multiple screens on October 9.”

Melvin Mangada “The campaign is going far from being fearful and anxious, to remind everyone we will get through this too. We will be vigilant and safe. To jumpstart the economy with consumer confidence. The ad test results show strong emotional connection, Ingat Angat will be launching this video. The campaign is not just about the most loved brands. We needed to thank them for allowing us. Eat out and keep safe. Go out and do what they need to do, but keep safe. Encourage people do things they like to do outside, safely too. We already have ready social cards where competing brands are in one post, we also have radio ads, partnered with Viber to have downloadables so companies can put these on banners, billboards, mall presence, celebrity videos, use #ingatangat on all posts. Thank you to all our partners who made this all possible.”

The entire world is facing this challenge, what sets the Filipinos apart is our resilience, when we all come together. These efforts to battle the pandemic is a call to restart the economy but not undermine health protocols to keep us all safe. Visit, FB and YT who will host the videos, viber for information dissemination and engagement platform for the campaign too. This is a campaign that will continue until needed.

Ingat Angat, Tayong Lahat!

/* Please be informed, quotes may have been edited for brevity.


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