What Happens in National Taco Day? TACO BELL Answers!

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Taco Bell has been my comfort food haven and even though I abhore eating alone, I do it in their store in Gateway Mall in Quezon City. I just couldn't resist the Crunchy Taco, the Half Pound Burrito and Quesadilla which I love from their menu. I take a bunk chair and enjoy them, I order more if I have family and friends over. 

I love Taco Bell ever since they got here in the Philippines, I also saw them in Jeffree Star videos who I'm subscribed to on YouTube. In fact, I can tell I'm secretly obsessed with it. I get when I can, and darn love every bite I take, even the chips count. Now enough about me, I've got really good news for you. 

This weekend (specifically October 4th) is declared the National Taco Day. This means, our love Taco Bell is going to dish out new offerings just for you (and me hey!). To enjoy our favorite tacos at home, they are launching the new DIY TACO KIT so we can make our very own tacos, the way we want it, right at the comforts of our home. You can order it via GrabFood, FoodPanda or their hotline 8911-1111 in selected areas. They are also keen on making your order experience really special as they take your SHELL-ebration to the next level by taking out Php59 off delivery fees from October 1st to the 7th, for a minimum purchase of only Php599. That's only the tip of the iceberg lettuce, because it's National Taco Day on the 4th, loyal fans who use the National Taco Day frame on their profile pictures can get FREE TACO on any of their branches for a minimum purchase of Php300. That's a good deal right there.

Here's how I made my Tacos 🐮♥️

It came with instructions! :)

They prepared all the ingredients, all cooked, freshly chopped, the sauces too.

Took a short minute to heat this in the pan

Then got the ground beef in the base

Put in a dollop of sour cream in the center

Then a mound of chopped iceberg lettuce

Topped it off with Tomatoes and Cheese just for kicks. It was darn tasty!

Then of course there's a crunchy version!

Heat them up a minute in the toaster

Do the same toppings, even more Beef in my taco

Oh don't forget to spice it up with THE hot sauce

It just makes everything better 😊

Taco Bell Marketing Manager Ms. Angela Cruz says "The National Taco Day is the most precious holiday for us at Taco Bell and we want to share this fun event with our most loyal customers. We hope to see our taco lovers out there safe in our stores or right at the comforts of their home, to be reminded how FantasTACO their favorite food is."

You can check out the Taco Bell Facebook page and their other social media channels about this offer. You want comfort food at these times, and they know it. I made mine just the way I want it, you can do the same too! :)

*Bites off two tacos at the same time*


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