Good Investments Like BRIA

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

2020 has not been good to us and with the advent of the pandemic lasting longer, we might have have to weather this out til next year.

The world still in uncertainty. A lot of filipinos don't know what to do at these times. Securing our future prove a lot difficult. But these days are opportune times to invest, more so in real estate. Filipinos would rather have long-term security, and that includes having homes. BRIA has always been a good place to start because it doesn't just provide the actual house, but a community with nice amenities, access to schools, churches, malls, groceries and multitude of establishments needed to live comfortably especially for families.

Getting a unit or two from BRIA homes would be a nice investment. Red Rosales their current President says "A well built and affordable house and lot unit will last through years and will increase its value over time. It remains to be what Filipinos aspire for to live in secure and safe community."

This is why they also encourage investing in a BRIA Home now. They are also providing a lot of their resources to cater to customers even at these times. This includes their online assets which they do 24/7. This is part of their duties with their Enhanced Property Management Group as Maintenance and Engineering are important functions which should never be left out. At only Php 2,994 per month, they can get a BRIA Homes unit and can be done through flexible payment schemes such as Pag-IBIG housing loans or bank financing. Their motto is Affordability (Mura) + Quality (Dekalidad) = a Beautiful BRIA Home for Every Filipino which is what they are doing now.

It's a really nice idea, and if you decide to get one today you'll be surprised at how much people would love living in BRIA homes, you might not want renting out the place and just live in it. It wouldn't be a surprise. Take action, it would be a good investment.

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