A Full Online December MMFF this 2020

Friday, October 23, 2020

MMFF is the annual festival that is held every year and this Christmas, MMDA and their partners would want to end it with a happy note. There are other opportunities and platforms so they partnered up with Globe and make it possible for them to pursue showcasing our movies to a worldiwde audience via Upstream and pay via GCash for the tickets in G Movies. 

Danilo Lim the MMDA Chairman says “The MMFF is part of Christmas, a tradition and in this pandemic we will never let it not happen. We got 5 outfits who sent their plans and Globe is the most attractive one. The plan is not just to make the Filipino homes happy, but bring this worldwide! What we have been doing will now be virtually done, from premieres, launches, with health protocols observed. We can watch these films at home, to present these movies online.”

Ernest Cu the Chairman of Globe says “We almost didn’t experience this year’s MMFF as audiences await their favorite artists to appear on screen. Movie houses may not be the best place to gather and in Globe we try our very best to provide solutions, to recreate the Christmas we love digitally with our partner Upstream so millions of Pinoys around the world can access it virtually, and access it on Video on Demand. We also are fighting online piracy, illegal streaming and copying of content, but on our campaign we try to educate more. To not affect the livelihood of content creators, film makers and their families, to lose that and not be able to put out good quality films today. We are one of the first companies to promote great Filipino films to the global audience through GMovies. We thank the MMDA and we hope to bring more cheers to Filipino homes and keep the spirit of the holidays alive. Globe has always been able to deliver like GCash in the market, it will also have gaming, goods through the app itself. Using our technology of Gcash, GMovies and Upstream, we can now watch in our homes bringing solution to Filipinos for their everyday needs. The MMFF is important to not deprive our industry of an outlet, a medium to also earn a living. We try to bring also our film makers to a global stage, to make them thrive and grow. We can bring the Filipino content to the likes of South Korea, it all starts with a dream!”

Quark Henares says “You will now be able to watch through Upstream all the content til the MMFF season. To signify the signing of these documents, we raise our mobile phones on screen to officially start it.”

“G Movies now has a new feature, the new platform initially just offer tickets. This pandemic, we offer new ways to access content by using a few taps starting November 14, we partner with Globe, Upstream and MMDA to make this possible. We spent with the Upstream team to discover content, make this seamless and easy to use. We will also be using Gcash for payments to make it more accessible to the public. Potentially to pay everything over the counter.”

Dondon Monteverde says “We are happy that amidst the uncertainty, we opened up this venture to connect with Globe’s infrastructure to now be able to stream it here in the Philippines and abroad! This is a big deal to entertain our audience, this platform was made for content producers. To bring it abroad. For those who are excited we are bringing this to you, we hope for your support in the continuance of MMFF 2020, right at your own homes. Right now we are attacking things differently, with the strong infrastructure of Globe our material is already going out to our audience. We are taking it a step at a time, to bring it all to Filipinos.” 

According to the MMDA “We have 4 official entries per script but deadline has been extended to finalize everything mid November. The price of tickets will be 250 pesos and the whole family can watch in one device without going out in the cinemas. Also, there will be a virtual parade of stars so you won’t miss anything at all. So guys, are you ready for the new December MMFF 2020? 

This will be good!


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