My Weekend Plans

Friday, February 27, 2009

I hope I can get to rest and enjoy this weekend!

I'm having huge problems with my Linksys Wireless Router WRT54G2 and I'll probably get to only fix it by doing some things unconventional. But before I do that I will give the older firmware a try then maybe after that first released 1.00.0 is loaded and I've checked that the symptoms of getting disconnected at first use then I won't do that anymore because it may void the warranty. I know how to do these things for obvious reasons... and I'm a geek.

Aside from that, I'm going to be a little bit busy this weekend. A long time friend just contacted me (all along I thought she was still working in a cruise ship) because she's given birth to a baby girl I think. This is not surprising to me but my bestfriend in Bahrain was frantic about it. I just brushed her off because considering her age, I think its about time she does have one. Me? Maybe later on...I'm so much enjoying my half meant single life. Hahahah.

I'll be going out with mah friends this weekend in Laguna because I haven't been dipping in pools for the longest time. I don't know how to swim but my height got that covered I think hehe. I'll be enjoying this one for sure because my crush is coming along because I invited her. ^_^ Weeeee! Maybe then we'll talk about having a baby....joke!


Memories and Friends

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I make videos for friends and I upload them every once in a while on community networks for fun. I see to it that they also would be able to see it even if it means humiliating them with our closest friends. It's just hilarious to see what they've been doing after catching a glimpse of it to the point of requesting me to take it down. Tough luck, I like putting them on the spot!

Someday they probably would thank me for it because I saved the memories and mishaps of our travels. It does not matter if it’s just a plain night of going out, swimming, eating, or on a huge event like the last picnic we went to. There was even a program we made for it and a lot of people from other organizations went too. I had a fun time with my friends from collecting these videos and I plan to show them compiled maybe a year from now to celebrate our anniversary. Would you believe that?

Earn cash from vuzu if you bring your friends and invite them to join the community. I plan to do this soon so I could take advantage of their incentives. Good thing there are established sites like them that make this hobby of mine a joy to do. I'll make sure everyone knows and then I'll have my cake and eat it too.


Sugarfree @ Eastwood City

Well, I just walked a few minutes from the office to watch Sugarfree at the Eastwood Center stage. I was enjoying their music with a 16oz Mud Pie from Dairy Queen. With all the bands in the Philippines, they seem good. I'm very hard to please of course but if the performance already gave me a few times to smile then its at par with the standards that I set. So they did pass.

I do hear their songs quite often and the vocalist was a lil funny because there were only a few of us that watched the show. He literally grabbed food from peoples table and had pizza while singing..hahah. That to me was hilarious. But to think about it, he was belting out a lot on his own songs. They were pretty high and I never heard him miss a note. If I can I'd probably post their pictures here soon. It's just that my officemate is probably taking more shots right now at the back stage and I had to go back to work you know. I only passed by heheh.. but it was fun! They were supposed to perform at 8PM but they arrived 10:30 PM so go figure out why there were only a handful of people left at the center stage. ^_^


Staying In Love

It hurts a lot!

I'm in the middle of things right now because this almost 9 month relationship of mine is on the rocks. I admit to be at fault on some degree but its a conscious effort for both of us to work on our differences and maybe sometime soon we would resolve it. I almost lost hope in love, but you know how your past experiences come rushing back when you need it? I think that happened with me and I try each day to cope with the depression, analysis of the situation and seeking a glimmer of hope that everything will soon be alright.

I met her through common friends in the Internet and I don't want to tell everybody that it's the the greatest place to look for love. For starters, I was only after steady dating and the consequences between my quest to look for that special someone ended on one fine drinking spree while out with our friends. Not really because I was under the influence of alcohol but maybe because we were both free of our inhibitions at that time. We became more serious after that and we really did fall in love. I'm starting to fix this but I probably need more time. It will all be better, I know it will. For you guys out there that think there's no hope for you to find a loved one, there are thousands of Internet dating services you can go to. Try out passion search that gives you the chance to use every medium imaginable to get hooked up on line. Maybe someday you'll be luckier than me and meet that special person that the one above made especially for you.



TURKISH Airplane Crashes in Amsterdam

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When I arrived at home after working out in the gym, I passed by the family room and saw videos of another plane crashing in Europe. According to the news, there were about 135 people on that plane. When it landed on the muddy part of the landing strip, there were 9 people who died because the fuselage of the aircraft split in half because of the impact. There are also about 50 people who got injured and are all in critical condition. This may well be another one caused by birds getting caught in the aircraft's engine but since they are not sure yet, we all may have to wait for further investigation. What's sure is that this is not caused by any terrorist activities. The fatalities are also low because there was no fire when the plane landed even if the fuel containers of the aircraft succumbed to a very hard hit on the wings.

The pilots Hasan Tahsin, Olcay Ozgur and Murat Sezer were not injured. They did not also know why this crash occured because they were about to land when this happened. They did not have time to react because everything was over in about 10 seconds. Air pockets that low maybe? There is a lot to investigate about this incident. I hope the injured people are okay. (-_-)


Experience is the Best Teacher

Search Engine Optimization has proven to be a powerful tool in order to maintain visibility in the Internet. I have long been a fan of this marketing tool because it's all what you would ask for in order to get noticed anywhere in the world. Thinking of ways to fill that gap between the ordinary consumer and the advertiser/company owners are all on the shoulders of web masters in this case. The relation between that and what results come up in search engines is vital for the success of a campaign. This is just like the matter ENRICO MADRIGRANO discussed in his company's website called MADRI Internet Marketing. There are a couple of testimonies indicated there of the thousands who made their own mistakes in real life. I can definitely relate to their experiences because I once thought that the process of search engine optimization was easy. I know that I had to do more than just plain paper work.

That is just half of the race because aside from making yourself visible all over the Internet, you need a lot of things to invest. We've got a lot to learn about web marketing. You don't want everything to be a complete waste just because you have done something poorly. The need to also re-invent or make each product be appealing to all viewers across the globe is a must because the continuing development of your services. Learning a thing or two from those who made it in the business would be nice because they have been there and done that right?


Chris Brown Gave Rihanna Gifts? O_O

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here I am at my seat wondering and thinking why Rihanna would ever accept anything from Chris Brown on her birthday. There were reported items such as a DIAMOND BRACELET, a NECKLACE and an IPOD Touch. There were also reports that said she accepted it, and she plans to even talk to him. O_O WHAAAT?! After a bludgeoned face, nose and mouth you even want to talk to him?! OMG! That's not what you call LOVE IS BLIND... for me its what you call S2P1D Love... well I guess everyone's going through that but if you already were almost dead for cryin out loud that's just not right.

Well this may be also a plot to make Rihanna to take the blame and bring Chris Brown's career back. I'm not convinced though, but if this were really true I probably ought to give Rihanna a visit and let a professional psychiatrist also look at her. Its a crime to hurt people, let alone celebrities who have lots of fans.


Too Dry Today

Is it just me or is it not raining these past few weeks? I wonder why February seems a little bit dryer that usual because normally at this time of the year we still have a couple of typhoons left before it runs out to March, April and May which usually comprise the summer months.

Will we need more water soon because it has not been raining too much? I know we had some problems a couple of years ago when we did not have that much rain and the few catch basins we have like the La Mesa Water shed were at critical levels and everybody was doing their share in conserving water by making sacrifices on rations and water regulation by the utility companies. Since they all have been privatized we do not even have any say on their prices, so I fear most when a crisis happens because we might end up paying a higher price than the usual. If we ended up dried out like the Arizona Desert then it would be a good thing if we at least lived in Scottsdale Fine Properties because its much nicer there. Go figure!


The Day I Watched the Oscars

Monday, February 23, 2009

I arrived at home this morning (Manila Time) to watch the Oscars live at Velvet TV and to sum it up, I didn't find anything amusing. Well the red carpet was nice because there were a lot of celebrities I saw that were just PERFECT...they had perfect hair, face, and clothes. The gowns were outstanding....the suits were plain as always because that's what they are for. Some looked like emperor penguins and some very smart. I did hate the musical numbers but I applaud Hugh Jackman for the effort, I didn't know he could sing and dance like that hahahah.

The host for this evening was Hugh Jackman and I still have some AUSTRALIA movie jetlag since I watched him do that. I was not disjointed by him but even if he did a pretty good job hosting, the production numbers were just a little off. Scripted, yeah it was! but looking at the budget that was used for that, it probably was worth that amount. Times are hard I know but this is one of the least watched Oscars night I heard. It probably was a better huge hit in India because of Slumdog Millionaire but not in the US because it only jumped 6% from last year and this is the third least watched one. Imagine that. As with some of the worst dressed, I love Beyonce don't get me wrong...but why wear this???

Is this some form of DREAMGIRLS CAMOUFLAGE so she blends in with the rest of the statues and the background??? Come on! WAAAA!


The Greatest Speech

I'm not claiming to be an expert but I've received a lot of recognition and awards already for public speaking, oratorical, declamatory and choral competitions. I think a lot of that's got to do with my interest in the English language. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking nation in the world so I have no doubt we do it better here.

We are even much meticulous when it comes to grammar. I even corrected some of my Literature and Language teachers in High School and College. I don't stay put when I know something is wrong with what they teach because I stay pro active at all times. This is how I learn more because I only shut up when I don't know what it means generally. If I get the logic behind it, I might even explain things more complicated that what's said in books. Imagine that, I've been doing that for more than 20 years I guess. I don't regret it because it seems effective. I taught some of my friends even if I did not finish an educational course or have a license for teaching. My IQ is at 145 the last time I checked so that probably accounts for that. But if people don't have the guts to learn public speaking from me, there are numerous online services that they can go to these days. It's easier now because people can harness the power of the Internet. Visit and check out how you can gain confidence, speak fluently and influence people. It is possible I know, because I did it already. Try it out too!


Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

There it goes again, there are hundreds of people again protesting against thye Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP). Greenpeace Volunteers from University of the Philippines (UP) and ecological groups want to put a stop to the start of negotiations to rebuild the Nuclear Power Plant that we need to survive because we are apparently nearing a power crisis. They launched another signature campaign but in my dictionary if they don't suggest something else solid to do instead of that, they should not be yapping about it at all.

190 lawmakers seem to have been in approval of the planned nuclear power plant and these groups don't even know what to suggest to fight climate change. If ever congress approves budget for the said power plant, mayber another study would be able to dispel rumors of the stability of that area. Because if the only reason not to put that up is because of imminnent danger of earthquake, soil tests should be done and some volcanic studies should be started as early as possible. Some people can get that establishment to be earthquake proofed anyway. I wouldn't want to live in the dark you know.


The Perfect Swing

I like many of you only get the chance to watch golf in local television every once in a while. I seldom go out with my Uncle who plays this particular game religiously because I don't have equipment of my own and the sport does not like me that much to put it in nice words. The rule of the game is simple and you have got to only get the golf ball into the holes with few strokes as possible. The time I went to a local golf course people was just warming up because the tournament only would start a couple of hours from the time I arrived. The driving range was almost full but we were able to hit a few balls before the actual game. Since it was not a game I played that much, I needed more time to learn it obviously.

I hit the golf balls and sometimes I miss it. Quite understandable said my Uncle but he knew if I set my mind into it, I would probably play better than him. Not to brag but even if I was a novice at that time, he did not think twice in letting me join their tournament since that is for charity. I told him that I'll try my best of course and he was proud of me because some veteran golfers there were already looking at me hitting the golf balls farther. Some of them even asked if I played professionally which I gladly brushed off since I did spill a couple of shots while at play. When it started I was really nervous because the irons and woods were new to me and my Uncle played caddy because I didn't know what to use at that time. He even was telling me what to use while playing because I almost used a putter for a long drive. That part was really hilarious because there were some of the wives and young daughters watching me too. This Golfurlaub is getting me a little bit publicized I know and it’s good that I’m getting to know more people as I play along. I shook the hand of numerous politicians from my town and the national government so I was surprised by this gesture. I played fine all in all but I could have fared better without my Uncle’s friends heckling every time I missed a shot. Golf Reisen is a good way to spend time with your family. It might have been the first time I joined a tournament that big but I’m glad that I was able to play with some of the best Philippine players for that charity event. There would be medical missions after that golf tournament because that is the sole beneficiary. Golfreisen is a website you can go to for the latest German made golf equipments and accessories. Make sure you visit them if you need help making that perfect swing a reality.


StarTek Invests $10M in the Philippines

There's a new call center in town and with the economic pressures in the US and around the world its wonderful to hear that the Philippines seems oblivious to problems because investments like these are still coming. StarTek Inc. is putting up a 10 million dollar facility to seat about 1,000 people for their new call center which is the first facility outside of North America.

StarTek initially had only 400 seats and plan to expand by the end of the year with new branches within Metro Manila and nearby provinces. They are also eying Cebu City to be their branch number 2 since they needed to go out of Makati where manpower seems to be too high of a demand because they also have other call centers nearby. They should have at least tried Eastwood City first since there are some who are bankrupt but kept on operating under a different name. If you are from this place you know who I am referring to. They should pay off their debt and give separation pay to all their employees though before they seek another job elsewhere. Good thing StarTek doesn't have that much horror stories to tell. Good luck!


More Than the Usual

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I've lived in the Philippines all my life and I wouldn't want to go into specifics because I'd rather have everybody speculate about my age. If you are talking about where to go and what to do, we do it here more than the usual.

Thousands of Filipinos live through tourism and with the 7,120 islands that our country has it is not surprising why this is so. If a person doesn't like one place here, you've got 7,119 more to choose from. Metro Manila which is my hometown would never make you run out of things to do. We've got the third largest mall in the world, the largest in Asia that would literally take you a couple of days to really get used to because of the thousands of shops you can go to. At night, the restaurants are packed with locals and expatriates that chose to live the easy going life in the Philippines. There's a travel blogging competition I'm planning to join and I would like to invite you too. Check out as web masters around the world compete in telling people about their cities. Make sure you join this sponsored contest from and be proud of your hometown. It's worth it!


Even so, Happy Birthday Rihanna!

Rihanna today is turning 21, but of course since this horrible event in her life happened it may not be so happy yet. Millions of people were appalled when they saw Rihanna's picture that was posted in TMZ's website. I too am figuring out how can a guy do this to such a god woman as Rihanna. I wish she still could get over this and find a way to put Chris Brown in jail. With bruises on her face and a bludgeoned mouth and nose, I still find it difficult to accept he's still roaming around the US when Rihanna suffered that and almost killed her. Good thing no internal bleeding happened with that severe trauma she got from that event.

Reports from her family say Rihanna remains strong and doing well. I hope they get to celebrate with the family. She deserves a huge rest and probably a consolation of getting Chris in jail for doing that. I am just worried like so many people because if this happened to her, then how about the millions of women in the world. Let me just wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIHANNA!


The Change I Need

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I have never gone to church for a couple of years. Yeah I know how silly it looks like but I have not done my obligation of going to church. It's bad I know and there are a couple of consequences that have happened because of this and I'm willing to take a huge turn because my Mom also talked me out of it.

Good things happen to good people so I need to learn a lot from my religion. I have been a Roman Catholic since birth so I would really have a shot a coming back. I need to talk about it every once in a while so I could at least keep sane from my busy work schedule. I need to also make friends with the same group of people that could get me through living devotion. I owe God a lot of things like my graduation, my family and my life so giving it back is just rightful to do. If you need someone to talk to there are Free Catholic Chat Rooms you can go to. At you would not be a stranger anymore. Make sure you pay them a visit so you can meet people of the same faith. Remember that God Loves You.


Angel Locsin is Back!

After her ordeal with Dengue fever that made a lot of people worried, Angel Locsin comes back with a sexy dance in the recent trade launch of ABS-CBN. She also is seeking support on her upcoming telenovela that is going to be shot in Korea called Only You. It's a spin off on the famous Koreanovela that was shot in Europe a few years back. They are making this particular teleserye there because they need an Asian setting than a European one and the Spring is what they are looking for in that part of the world so I'm sure more people will watch this soap.

Maybe sometime soon when I get to see her I'll go hunting her for a picture. Then I'll share it with the rest of the world like I'm a stalker heheh.