Memories and Friends

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I make videos for friends and I upload them every once in a while on community networks for fun. I see to it that they also would be able to see it even if it means humiliating them with our closest friends. It's just hilarious to see what they've been doing after catching a glimpse of it to the point of requesting me to take it down. Tough luck, I like putting them on the spot!

Someday they probably would thank me for it because I saved the memories and mishaps of our travels. It does not matter if it’s just a plain night of going out, swimming, eating, or on a huge event like the last picnic we went to. There was even a program we made for it and a lot of people from other organizations went too. I had a fun time with my friends from collecting these videos and I plan to show them compiled maybe a year from now to celebrate our anniversary. Would you believe that?

Earn cash from vuzu if you bring your friends and invite them to join the community. I plan to do this soon so I could take advantage of their incentives. Good thing there are established sites like them that make this hobby of mine a joy to do. I'll make sure everyone knows and then I'll have my cake and eat it too.


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