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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I've been a fan of Japanese cartoons since I was a kid. The likes of MAZINGER Z, VOLTRON, VOLTES 5, ASTROBOY, and a lot of other robots to that effect. If my mind serves me right then it never really left me. My inner OTAKUS stayed, and the list just got overwhelmingly longer.

Today, I still have in my possession a couple of tapes and a huge Video CD collection of Dragon Ball Z. With the likes of GOKOU, GOHAN, TRUNKS, VEGETTA, BULMA, BRAWLEY and other super non human villains filling up the story, I never cease to watch them even on re runs in free television. That's not also half of the list because I have some NARUTO and NARUTO SHIPPUDEN episodes that are still in the works. Talking about these things would only have normal people wonder how weird I am in some sense but like any fanatic I am dedicated to the art drawn from the orient. Japanese people in most cases have drawn them quite opposite with what their normal bodily features are. The big eyes, huge chests, the loud colors of every part of their body and costumes all astound viewers from all over the world. Getting together with people of the same interest is hard. You often have to go to ANIME conventions, COSPLAYS and costume parties to talk to someone that is on the same level of comprehension as we have. Not anymore, because we have an Anime Chat Room available for us at Join people from around the world and have your interests continue to grow with your own kind. Don't get left behind!


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