Chris Brown Gave Rihanna Gifts? O_O

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here I am at my seat wondering and thinking why Rihanna would ever accept anything from Chris Brown on her birthday. There were reported items such as a DIAMOND BRACELET, a NECKLACE and an IPOD Touch. There were also reports that said she accepted it, and she plans to even talk to him. O_O WHAAAT?! After a bludgeoned face, nose and mouth you even want to talk to him?! OMG! That's not what you call LOVE IS BLIND... for me its what you call S2P1D Love... well I guess everyone's going through that but if you already were almost dead for cryin out loud that's just not right.

Well this may be also a plot to make Rihanna to take the blame and bring Chris Brown's career back. I'm not convinced though, but if this were really true I probably ought to give Rihanna a visit and let a professional psychiatrist also look at her. Its a crime to hurt people, let alone celebrities who have lots of fans.


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